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Revisiting: Finally Famous Vol. 3 by Big Sean



Big Sean Finally Famous 3

In 2010, Big Sean’s star power was rising rapidly. He hadn’t yet released “My Last” so he wasn’t the household name that we know today, but he had a large core of fans who were deeply rooted in his handful of releases. A quick release of a mixtape trailer shortly before it dropped had fans amped for when it’d finally come out. Upon release, people eagerly devoured it. Critics praised it for its originality and lyrical content while fans were also happy to just have some new music from Sean. The tape had a large part in ushering in the Big Sean era of rap music, introducing his signature flow and rap style to a new audience, and inspired a generation of Detroit rappers to take up the mantle as the city’s savior when he passes the bar.

The project has withstood the test of time well with it still widely being considered his best work. Today, we revisit some of the standout tracks that made the mixtape amazing. Be prepared to head on over to LiveMixtapes and download it. You won’t regret it.

Final Hour

From the moment the beat drops, Big Sean declares himself a new figure in rap’s dangerous game. It’s an amazing intro that gives us a glimpse into Sean’s powerful personality.


Big Sean loves Detroit, and Detroit loves him back. This ode to the beauty of his Hometown appeared on FF3, before he blew up. He owes it all to the city and he knows it. By professing his love, he cemented himself in Detroit history.

Too Fake (feat. Chiddy Bang)

This might be one of the more underrated tracks on the whole project. The relatively easy-going nature set by the beat, Sean’s verse, and the featured artists, went against what rap music was at around the time. It made for a great listen that inspired some of the music following its release.

Supa Dupa Lemonade

Who could forget the infamous “Supa Dupa Lemonade” that inspired rappers with its signature rap style? Big Sean went in over Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” beat so hard that the song became his own. There were so many quotable lines spit here that just about every bar circulated on Twitter feeds for months after the project’s release.

Ambiguous (feat. Mike Posner and Clinton Sparks)

Big Sean collaborated with Mike Posner and Clinton Sparks for the soundtrack to 2010 and 2011 kickbacks. This slow and mellow jam introduced a new audience to Big Sean and Mike Posner, with the latter going on a brief run in relevancy before simmering down.

Artist To Watch

Alex Mali Unveils Her Sensual and Confident Sound in “DinnerTime”




Alex Mali

Alex Mali (@mainlymali), a soulful artist hailing from Brooklyn, NY, is setting the tone with her unique blend of Dancehall R&B/Pop. Her latest single “DinnerTime,” (out today) is a song that emerged from the theme of self-confidence and empowerment and serves as a tantalizing taste of her upcoming debut album.

The title itself, “DinnerTime,” hints at a playful exploration of sensuality and self-confidence, as Alex expertly crafts catchy puns and wordplay throughout the track. With a sensual and poetic approach, she implies wanting to skip dinner and wanting to be the main course instead. Alex Mali explores the concept of women comparing themselves to “a snack” or “a meal,” delving into her own perspective and redefining what it means to be sexy. Through the song, she creates a sensual atmosphere that is both bold and delicate, showcasing her unique storytelling ability.

Alex Mali finds passion and solace in the power of music. It served as a grounding force during her struggle with depression in her first year of college and continues to be a source of comfort and expression. Through her music, she aims to provide a safe space for listeners to navigate their own emotions and find solace.

When it comes to her sound, Alex Mali describes it as Dancehall R&B/Pop, representing her Jamaican and Trinidadian roots. Her fusion of genres creates a distinct and authentic sonic experience that reflects her upbringing and influences.

One of the proudest moments in Alex Mali’s music career so far was being sampled by Dancehall artist Kranium. Being recognized and sampled by an artist she grew up listening to was a surreal and gratifying experience, highlighting her early success in the industry.

Alex Mali’s message to her fans and listeners is to embrace the journey of self-discovery, finding beauty in every phase, setback, and triumph. She urges her audience to appreciate their own evolution, trusting the process and staying resilient through the highs and lows of life.

“Finding yourself is a journey and you should allow yourself the grace to find the beauty in every phase, every setback and every triumph,” Alex Mali says. “Go through those emotions with confidence in knowing that all will be as it’s meant to be because you have appreciated the evolution and trusted the process. Keep going.”

To stay updated on Alex Mali’s musical journey, follow her on Instagram (@mainlymali), Twitter (@mainlymali), and YouTube (Alex Mali). Prepare to indulge in the enticing sounds and empowering messages of this rising artist.

Stream “DinnerTime” below:



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Los Cabos Premier Jazz Experience, “The Life Luxe Experience”, Announces New Date and Exciting Additions




The black, female-owned jazz experience, The Life Luxe Experience, has just announced, November 2-6, 2023 as the new date for their annual event held in the relaxing city of Los Cabos, Mexico. The Life Luxe Experience has always created its weekend event based on the needs and desires of its guests, many who, despite a desire to attend, found the dates in conflict with important personal milestones.

We believe that what makes the Life Luxe Experience different from other jazz events is our special connection with our guests“, said CEO and Co-Founder Dianna Clarkson. “Our experiences are curated based on our knowledge of who our guests are and through listening to their feedback. Many guests have told us that they will come to a Life Luxe Experience no matter when it is held. however, after scheduling the event in May, we received lots of feedback that they preferred coming to Los Cabos in November. With that in mind, we made the decision to move the 2023 event back to our November date and we plan to keep it there for years to come“.

The Life Luxe Experience is an upscale and urbane event created to celebrate the best of culture, cuisine, and creativity while highlighting the universal influence of jazz. After receiving feedback about the current talent steering away from their traditionally jazz-focused lineup, they have decided to go back to their roots by highlighting the best acts in jazz and soul. This bucket list-worthy event offers the ultimate getaway by pairing an upscale, international destination with 5-star accommodations, fine haute cuisine, top-shelf libations, breathtaking golf, spa, health and wellness workshops, curated experiences around Los Cabos.

Stop time in its tracks and indulge yourself in a weekend complete with all of the necessary luxuries and experiences needed to delight your senses and fill your soul.

Learn more about The Life Luxe Experience and the LuxeUp custom packages offered for guests here:

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Perfect Distro is the Ideal Option for Independent Artists at Every Level




Founded in 2021 by John Nichols, Perfect Distro has become one of the fastest-rising distribution companies in the industry. Nichols has a bevy of experience distributing music after partnering with musical heavyweights like QC, Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Alamo Records, Think It’s A Game Records, Freebandz, 300 ENT, Young Money Records, and many more. His success led him to become one of the industry’s go-to for mixtape streaming, marketing, and advertising.

His most significant accomplishments include Lil Wayne’s ‘Sorry 4 Tha Wait 2, Meek Mill’s DC4, and most notably, Lil Baby’s hit smash, “Freestyle.” To date, Nichols has helped facilitate over 1,000 project releases. After a two-year hiatus, he is back with his latest endeavor in partnership with Vydia. Perfect Distro has accrued over 50 artists and influencers to the roster since opening in 2022. Not only do they collect and distribute music, but the company also focuses on music business education. Creatives can use the platform to collect YouTube revenue, and the same for social media. They have hosted countless showcases and look to keep their foot on the gas in the upcoming years.

Perfect Distro distributes content to all Digital Service Platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, JPay, iHeart Radio & many more. Look out for more from the distribution giant shortly.

Learn more at Perfect Distro’s website.

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