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@fenkellpayroll Reveals Details of New Album in Interview With Fake Shore Drive



Payroll Giovanni is on top of the world right now. A new deal with Def Jam Records preceeded the release of Big Bossin Vol. 2, perhaps his biggest project to date. With newfound success comes wonder and interest from new fans, of which he has many. The great staff over at Fake Shore Drive sat down with Payroll for a thorough, well-put together interview about a number of pressing topics, ultimately adding to our collective understanding of his character, mythos, and the way that he moves.  Here are some of the most important bits from the conversation.


On his new deal with Def Jam Records and the creation of’ ‘Big Bossin Vol. 1’

Really, it was my guy Steve-O [Steve Carless]. He was with us when we had the deal with Jeezy, and he just always saw something in me and liked what me and Cardo was doing. And when we put out Big Bossin Vol. 1, I ain’t gonna lie, I wasn’t even expecting to get that kind of feedback like it did. It was a new sound for me, it was really just messing around experimenting, and it ended up having this cult following. To the point were people are writing me like “We want Big Bossin Vol. 2!

What exactly is Big. Bossin Vol. 2

Big Bossin 1 was like the middle stage of hustling. You know, like you getting a couple dollars. Now Big Bossin Vol. 2 is like that next level and what comes with it — the bad and the good. The consequences behind your choices and everything not being as glamorous. I’m really touching on that.

Payroll’s definition of a boss

Being iced up or popping bottles in the club, that has nothing to do with being a boss. It’s really just putting people in position so they can be a boss. You feeding families that you never even met. Taking care of someone that’s taking care of someone is a boss to me.

On Detroit music sounding the same

I mean, Detroit has its own unique sound. You know how you can hear something from Cali and be like “that sounds like some Cali shit” or hear something from Atlanta and be like “thats some Atlanta shit.” Detroit has its own sound.

The impact of Roc’s death on him

That shit came from left field and it’s just a dark time right now. Big Bossin 2 was recored way before this happened, so I didn’t get to touch on it on this album. But he’s actually on the album. But on the new music coming I’ve touched on it a lot.

Check out the full interview here.


Meet Princeofthegram: LA’s Most Sought After Nightlife Photographer




Princeofthegram is currently working as Trey Songz’s private photographer and recently started an Only Fans management company with Trey Songz.

Princeofthegram is an East Coast native from Brockton, Massachusetts, currently living in Los Angeles. He got his start in the nightlife industry as a club promoter in 2018 and would take his camera with him at night as a “hobby,” and the rest was history. He started taking his craft seriously and fully started pursuing his vocation, visual arts. 

He started gaining the attention of the Los Angeles nightlife circuit as he began networking and owning his style. He booked his first paid job at Playhouse the following year. Then Penthouse Club, and after that, the business just kept coming in. As time went on, Princeofthegram became the most sought nightlife photographer in Los Angeles. Princeofthegram would then shoot for some of the most iconic venues such as Penthouse Day club, Le Jardin, 1 Oak, Argyle, Playhouse, Bootsey Bellows, Crazy Girls, Ace of Diamonds, and several more clubs. 

Currently, Princeofthegram has been working on expanding his portfolio and clientele. Most recently, he’s been shooting with Trey Songz as Trey’s photographer. Additionally, he and Trey Songz run an Only Fans management company called, Angels and Angles. Princeofthegram has said that “working one on one with him is like a childhood dream come true for [him].” 

He also said he has plans to work with “model clients by growing their brands through content creation.” In the future, Princeofthegram wants to focus on “creating publication photos for Vogue, Maxim, Playboy or magazines of this caliber.” 

With the rate Princeofthegram has been rising, it is only a matter of time before his name plastered all over the most prominent companies, artists, and influencers. 

His most notable work includes shooting Pop Smoke in the studio before his untimely passing, assisting in directing Yung Bleu’s music video “2 AM in Houston,” and working with a plethora of entertainers like King Combs, Tory Lanez, and Dom Kennedy

Be sure to stay on the lookout for who Princeofthegram is working with next! It could be your favorite artist. His Social Media accounts are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, all the same handle, @princeofthegram, with Instagram being his most used. 

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MiAsia Symone Streetz 94.5 ATL New Prominent Voice



Make way for the new voice gracing Atlanta’s airwaves on Streetz 94.5 on The fly Guy DC show from 6pm to 10pm, MiAsia Symone! Bringing her own flavor to the show, you can catch her hosting her very own segment called the “94-Second Scoop.” She discusses all things entertainment from news, city updates, and sports updates. Although MiAsia has found her lane in radio, the beginning stages were not easy. When she first started, the expectations were high of her and she had to find her rhythm, she says “all great things take practice and to become great, you have to keep doing it over and over.”

She may be the new voice on Streetz but she is not new to the game. For the past six years, MiAsia has dedicated her life to entertainment and sports. When asked her who her top two favorite teams were she said hands down the Hawks and the Clippers. As far as her biggest inspirations in the hosting world, she explained that Lala Anthony and Terrence J are two of her favorite hosts she looks up to. When it comes to MiAsias work ethic many people will say that she one day will become the next Lala & Terrance J because of her ambition and drive. When everybody is sleeping, she is still at work and one step ahead.

Currently, MiAsia is in the works of partnering with Kalisha Perera, a TV/radio personality, to start an indie platform that will help up-and-coming independent artists get the exposure they need. When she is not on air, she runs her online shoe boutique House Of Heels Atl, which she started during the pandemic. The sky is the limit for MiAsia. Her ultimate goal is to make her dad proud who she lost to cancer in 2019. She is unquestionably emerging in her industry and destined for success. 

Instagram: @miasiasymone

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Ben Thompson is a 19 Year Old Marketing Guru




Social media has become a big part of our daily lives, especially for Generation Z. Ben Thompson has found a way to make a living off of it.

Thompson started his own management business, managing influencers social media pages, including the likes of producer Rojas On The Beat, entrepreneur Ponce Deleioun, and musician Sean Kingston.

His social clout came from building up meme pages that had hundreds of thousands of followers. The content had a lot of range but he mastered sharing content from a young age.

Thompson explained that he was in a giant networking group on Twitter that shared each other’s content, or “retweet for retweet,” which is when you retweet another page’s post, and they retweet yours, a skill used to gain more traction from a wider variety of audiences, and therefore more followers.

Now at 19, he is able to work to help deliver strong marketing techniques to models, athletes, and other influencers. Without a big homie or help from the music scene, he is killing it.

“I’m on a person’s account for like 15 to 20 minutes a day, and I comment under hashtags related to their niche,” Thompson said. “For example, I do this one guy who has a food truck out in California, a wing truck, and I’ll go under #foods, #spicyhotfoods, or #wings, and I’ll comment on photos all day for him. And that builds his impressions, his analytics up, his profile views up, his likes and comments up. All that.”

Thompson has around 15-25 clients, and makes around $4,500 a month.

Not bad for a 19-year-old kid. Thompson said he hopes to someday make a brand for himself, be more than the person behind the scenes. He would also like to maybe start his own marketing company.

Thompson said he has also begun managing artists, including what he said is a well-known artist from Connecticut, and even helps promote record labels and colleges.

Look out for Ben Thompson to make some more moves in the upcoming year. The pandemic has not slowed him down and he looks to prove his worth in 2021.

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