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Music Video Highlights – Cory J “Play It Cool”



Look no further than West Oakland, CA for Cory J who’s bringing the heat all summer. Cory J is back with his highly-anticipated visual “Play It Cool,” which is out now on YouTube. The melodic track reminds us that

“This song is about that one shorty you got and everyone wants what y’all have,” Cory J says in a recent interview. “The homegirls wish they had it. Haters hating but, it’s no need to ‘play it cool’ you still better ‘act up.’”

Cory J of West Oakland, California, continues his outstanding run of songs with “Play It Cool,” with the new buttery visual.

Cory examines being in an almost poisonous relationship when two loves are completely and entirely focused on one another without interruptions, although he is aware that there are distractions.

“I was always interested in music,” Cory J said. I played multiple instruments and being a person who always had an open mind, I allowed my self to be immersed in so many different genre’s of music early. That played a role in my influences today and is why my sound is so unique.”

The music is somberly enticing, the percussion are just so, his gently vocals lie passionately on top of the music, and it all adds up to a well-knit all-around tune to drive to late at night or light candles to on a night in.

Start the night off with this one and check out the new visual below. In addition, keep reading to learn more about Cory J, his early beginnings in music, some of his inspirations, and more.

Read more of his interview below.

What’s your artist name and how did you get your artist name?

My artist name is Cory J. My real name is J’den (pronounced jayden) Smith. My artist came naturally as it’s my actual middle name.

When did you decide to actually pursue a career in music?

2020 was the year I decided to actively pursue music.

What’s the reason you got into music and what inspired that?

I was always interested in music. I played multiple instruments and being a person who always had an open mind, I allowed my self to be immersed in so many different genre’s of music early. That played a role in my influences today and is why my sound is so unique.

What keeps you busy and creative outside of music? Do you have any hobbies?

Outside of music, I sleep, eat, and relax. Ain’t nothing else going on but music on this side. Before music I had just graduated from high school wit a 3.8 and was enrolled in college to become an agricultural engineer.

Who would you say are some of your musical influences if you had to pick a few?

I can’t even give a straight answer here because the influences come in bunches. You got Jay Z, 3 stack, Smino, Mick Jenkins and Kanye West on one end but, then you got MJ, Musiq Soulchild, Bryson Tiller, and so many others.

What are some of your main goals in pursuing a music career?

My goal is to simply have people enjoy my art as much as I do.

What was the inspiration behind “Play It Cool?”

The inspiration behind “Play It Cool” was actually a flashback moment I reminisce about.

What’s the song about in your own words?

This song is about that one shorty you got and everyone wants what yall have. The homegirls wish they had it. Haters hating but, its no need to “play it cool” you still better “act up…”

What are you proud of so far in your career and tell us one thing you’re happy about?

So far I’m proud of the effort. It’s going to take a lot more than this but I’m happy with the way my team had been moving with me.

What’s next for you and what can audiences look forward to from Cory J musically?

Hit after hit! Next up is more music. Really want to expand the catalog and share this music with people.

If you’re not familiar with Cory J by now, now’s the time. Make sure to keep up with him on social media @juscoryj

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Lil Yachty Traverses Previous Lanes With ‘Let’s Start Here.’ & Premieres Video “sAy sOMETHINg”




Lil Yachty continues to grow his legacy as a creative maverick with Let’s Start Here. (Quality Control Music/Motown Records). The Grammy nominated artist who’s known for challenging the status quo and disregarding expectations on his artistry does just that on this new album. 

For many months of 2021-2022 the acclaimed musician poured himself into a full band experience in the studio day and night with stints ranging from El Paso to Brooklyn. A deep, introspective and expansive Psychedelic Alternative album “Let’s Start Here” came to life Executive Produced by SADPONY. His longtime love of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and multiple psychedelic journeys influenced this ambitious and intimate album. The work will be enjoyed today on January 27th worldwide.

This ambitious and realized album serves as an introduction to a new era of craftsmanship. 

Listen to Lil Yachty’s new album Let’s Start Here., here.

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27Delly Expands His Sound On New ‘Wake Up’ EP 




27Delly never ceases to amaze with his ability to trailblaze a new path. His latest EP, Wake Up, is a smooth ride into the mind of one of Harlem’s youngest stars. Delly has found a way to create moments with his charm and musical talent for years. This time, he decided to do a complete 180 and make a project full of melodies and R&B-leaning tunes. With six tracks, 27Delly was able to satisfy his fans with a 13-minute audio adventure to show a more polished side of the youthful multi-hyphenate. 

Every track on the album presents a new arena for 27Delly to play at the highest level. The project starts with an impressive OTP-produced smash entitled “Hit The Town.” The upbeat bass-heavy banger is a familiar sound for long-time 27Delly fans. Then shortly after, the project leads into Delly’s Billboard-approved track, “Gimmie That.” The Caribbean-themed record is an ode to Delly’s West Indian influences. Tracks like “High Road” and the TRAVI-assisted “Lambo On Fire” help keep the EP’s flow strong. 

27Delly’s involvement in the web3, web2, and crypto space has been heralded over the last year or so. His last single was serviced as an NFT, available now via Glass XYZ. There’s no limit to where Delly’s brain can go. He’s open to any idea that can promote growth. Fans never know what to expect from Delly sonically; they learn to expect greatness. Thankfully, the Harlem-bred MC is just getting started on his creative journey.

Turn off your alarm clock and press play on Wake Up HERE via 300’s Sparta Distribution today!

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OTR Records Partners W/ Queens Rapper Cream Da Villain




Surging Los Angeles based label OTR Records known for housing acts such as Pacman Da Gunman, Swifty Blue and rising San Diego star 22Gfay has partnered with its first east coast artist, Queens rapper Cream Da Villain. The Dominican born, retired graffiti artist was heavily influenced by G-Unit and 50 Cent growing up and now looks to be yet another Queens rapper to make a lasting impact in the music industry. 

Cream has been hoarding songs in preparation of a special moment such as this partnership with OTR Records. He plans on releasing three volumes of his new mixtape series “Standing on Business” within the next calendar year. The first to be released within the next sixty days. 

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