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Roya1 Is Setting The Tone For What To Expect This Summer With ‘Nasty’ EP



In a recent interview with producer and artist Roya1, the music architect talks about his latest EP titled NASTY, his ambitions to grow beyond The Bay, his musical beginnings and more.

Featured by publications such as Thizzler, a multi-cultural media outlet and thought leader from The Bay, over quarter million subscribers on his You Tube handle, to placements with established acts such as rapper Mozzy – Bay Area bred music man Roya1 or YR Beats to some, is steadily becoming a force to reckon with in the game.

“I was born in Fresno CA but I mostly grew up in the Bay area between Pittsburg CA and Richmond CA practically my whole upbringing. I was about 15 years old when I even considered the thought about making music” he tells us.

Growing up in a middle-income home, the progressive producer “in love with sounds” as he describes, intimating his influences stem from growing up listening to R&B, Neo Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop personally inspiring him and his sound palette.

Not only did music generally help him carve his craft out, he shares music has sufficiently served him being a tool for therapy, a hobby that helped keep him out of trouble, and acted as a safe space for him to dwell in.

“I’m obsessed with sounds when it comes to music, competing with myself is one of the things that keep me inspired as well as finding new good music” he shares. “Music kept me out of trouble a lot of the time growing up, it’s my therapy and my safe place ‘til this day.

 In the wake of his self-realization at just age 15, he has honed his skills gradually and has scored multiple accolades across the board including producing underground hits such as Bankroll Raedoe’s “559 Baby” that recently surpassed 1 million views on You Tube alone.

Such milestones are riling him up, helping his notable beat tag gain further traction and notoriety, simultaneously granting him credibility as a music producer in a competitive industry such as the music business. But much like mainstream names like Kanye, like Pierre Bourne, like dare we say Russ, or olders in Pharrell or Dre – he is more than that. He is a jack of all trades; recording & vocals engineer among a plethora of roles, and with relative success behind the boards he will introduce himself as an artist through his latest project Nasty EP — out now.

 “This project is about embracing the sensual side of things; love, passion and pleasure” he elaborates.

“I just wanted to show the real me with this project, I plan to get a lot of female fans from this.”

Roya1 admittedly concedes he is a flirt, and this vulnerability is a side he finds comfort in sharing in his art on this project, so we should expect a lot of soft, fuzzy, honest and sexually pleasant music as a concrete direction.

As he embarks on this transcending journey, Roya1 also notes there has been a stark growth to his craftsmanship as far as production, and the goal is to continue extensively applying himself into “musician” levels.

“The simple fact that I’ve evolved into making beats, engineering vocals, and getting into acoustics etc I wanna set the bar of being a one man versatile musician”

Check out ‘Nasty’ below.

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New Music Releases: Cheflodeezy and Marcy Chin – “Rough Sex”






The story of Cheflodeezy is a testament to the strength of taking life by the reins and having the will and determination to change one’s life for the better. Born in Jamaica, Cheflodeezy moved to the Miami area at the age of 9. Despite finding his passion for music in high school, he found himself homeless and with multiple arrests following his graduation. By the time he was 21, he took charge of his own fate and enrolled in a culinary school, that being what and where he owes his stage name. He would visit the recording studio in between catering gigs before ultimately signing with the Miami record label Artekal. Taking influences from Miami rap and Jamaican dancehall, Cheflodeezy has exploded in popularity, with his last single “Ecstacy” garnering over 300,000 streams on Spotify. As of the moment, he is currently working on a one-of-a-kind project for his audience; a dual album debut, one album for each of the aforementioned genres of his heritage.

Cheflodeezy’s newest track “Rough Sex” is a stark change in style from his previous music, featuring seductive and erotic beats, as well as lyrics that colorfully portray the song’s subject matter. The song’s beats were initially given to Cheflodeezy by 23-year-old Grammy-Nominated music producer Benjii Yang during the pandemic. After experimenting with the material and recording “Rough Sex” by himself, he and the team at Artekal reached out to fellow Jamaican dancehall artist and international sensation Marcy Chin to collaborate on the remix of the original track. Together, they perform with incredible chemistry, and convey to the audience their deepest and darkest desires, with no restraint on how vividly they paint the picture with their lyrics.

Director Steven Barnard perfectly captures the essence of the track in its accompanying visuals. Shot in a remote location in the Californian desert, the music video for “Rough Sex” follows Cheflodeezy and Marcy Chin to a seemingly abandoned gas station, where they stop to presumably let their innermost fantasies play out. The visuals interchange between the duo singing outdoors and becoming intimate inside the gas station store. Even though the song may appear to be celebrating this style of love-making, the music video makes it clear that there is a level of shame between the artists for acting on their primal desires, such as prominently displaying a neon cross on the wall while they perform inside. It raises the question of how far we should let ourselves go to satisfy our sexual itches.

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Artist To Watch: Jay Jullio Drop New Music ‘Bookbag Kid’



Jay Jullio is saying goodbye to 2023 with the release of his single ‘Bookbag Kid.’ With him having taken a pause on music to focus on his mental and physical health, it is exciting to have him back in the mix. 

Releasing new music was a very personal journey for Jay because he was hyper focused on caring for himself. When asked about his music pause, he said, “I took a long break from music… [and now this is] me being healed enough to be verbal about things that held me back and my comfortability as an artist.” In today’s world, so much is happening that we all forget about healing and making peace with ourselves. Jay sets the example of striving to heal and create something meaningful out of it. He says he wants people “to get the full experience of ME every time I deliver.” Without a doubt, Jay is delivering the whole package. 

With Jay finding comfort in himself, he created this piece of art for himself. He says this single means more to him than any other work he has put out– he feels he is re-introducing himself. ‘Bookbag Kid’ is a transformative record that tells his story by reflecting on his struggles and where he is now. Jay is here to remind himself and his fans that although we all go through tough times, our stories are unique. That is what makes us who we are. 

‘Bookbag Kid’ is just the beginning of this next chapter for Jay Jullio. The Detroit-native plans to release more new music in 2024 and continue to personally evolve. Keep an eye out for more new music, listen to Jay Julio’s new release ‘Bookbag Kid’ and follow him on social media @jayjullio

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Getting To Know Power Book IV: Force Actor And Musician Kay Eye




Kay Eye

Chicago-based multi-talented artist Kay Eye (@kayeye3rd) is making waves in both the music and acting industries with the release of his “Power Pak (EP)” and his role in the hit series “Power Book IV: Force.” He’s known for his character Greyskull, and is a fan-favorite among the season. This release marks a significant step in Kay Eye’s artistic journey, showcasing his versatility and determination to excel in both fields.

Kay Eye’s “Power Pak (EP),” is a 3-song EP accompanied by visuals for each track. The EP is a reflection of Kay Eye’s personal growth as an artist and a nod to his inclusion in 50 Cent’s Power Universe. Kay Eye explains, “Even though it wasn’t made to be a soundtrack to Power Book IV: Force, I did purposely pull 3 songs from my catalog that I felt exemplified me stepping into my ‘Power,’ so to speak, as an artist.”

Describing his sound as “unorthodox” and “unbounded by genre,” Kay Eye’s music offers a unique blend of sharp lyrical raps infused with melodies that resonate with listeners. When asked which song he would want people to hear first from his repertoire, he mentioned “Hades,” a raw and authentic track that offers a glimpse into his mind and experiences. This song’s authenticity led to its inclusion on the NBA 2K22 soundtrack, marking a significant milestone in Kay Eye’s music career.

On the acting front, Kay Eye has fulfilled a lifelong dream with his role in “Power Book IV: Force,” which premiered on September 1st, 2023. Reflecting on his passion for acting, he said, “I draw a huge part of my influence and inspiration from everyday life,” which is evident in his performances.

Looking ahead, Kay Eye has ambitious goals for both his music and acting careers. He aims to go down as a recognized top 50 rapper of all time, provide at least one classic album/project to the culture, and learn to play the piano and guitar. In the acting realm, he aspires to become an A-list actor, and win prestigious awards such as the Oscar, Emmy, and Tony.

Kay Eye’s music and acting journey has already achieved significant milestones, such as landing songs on the NBA 2K22 soundtrack and securing a role in “Power Book IV: Force.” His dedication and commitment to his craft have propelled him forward, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

As Kay Eye continues to explore new horizons, he invites fans to join him on his artistic journey. He wants his music to inspire listeners to achieve their greatest potential and encourages everyone to step into their power and win.

To stay updated with Kay Eye and his upcoming projects, follow him on social media:

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