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Twin Rapper Duo Kenron on Dreaming and Achieving Big



Ron Roze and Kino, the twin artists from Baltimore that make up rapper duo Kenron, have come a long way since they first took an interest in turning their passion for music into a career. While music was always both a source of joy and coping mechanism for the twins in childhood, Kenron only just started making music in December of last year. Now, they have almost 10k streams on Spotify and 2 hit music videos with over 190k views on Youtube, seeing one of those records, “Getaway”, become viral on TikTok.

With 2 albums—including their first, “In My Feelings”, set to be released tomorrow—and new visuals on the way, they continue to inspire their audiences with their music and careers and hope to give back to their families and community in the process. 24HipHop had the chance to speak with Kenron about their sound, goals, and passion for music— everything that makes them next up in the music world. Read our conversation with the twin rapper duo below! 

Describe your sound and musical style. 

Our style of music is melodic and has a reggae type of rhythm and beat style most of the time. This [is] what our fans have told us. We found it ironic because our family is Jamaican. We guess it’s in our blood.

Where does your musical inspiration derive from?

Growing up, we never really had fun like all the other kids. Our mother struggled in the home during the week after she moved us to Baltimore County. She used to play Michael Jackson when he performed on TV, and we would always get so excited, dancing, singing, and running around the house. Our mom used to come home stressed everyday, but our spirits were lifted when we watched Michael Jackson. And on the weekends when we would visit our father and grandmother, we saw violence, mental health issues, and depression. Due to mental health issues and street ties, we experienced and saw a lot of pain and hurt every day. All we saw was sadness and anger in the people that we loved dearly. We studied and understood this pain, and used it to inspire our father. We used to sit in the car for hours listening to Tupac, Jeezy, Dipset, and The Lox with our father while he reminisced on his hardships. Seeing the effect music had on our father emotionally, we started writing music together just to rap it to our father. It would always make him cry and give him joy and inspiration. Eventually, making music for our father’s happiness became our passion because it was a way for us to express ourselves in ways we didn’t know how with a conversation. Music pretty much became our coping mechanism.

When were you really moved to be involved in music?

Seeing our mom be so independent while living in a room the size of a closet hurt us. That’s when we really became ambitious. We said we’d raise money to get a laptop and start recording music on a Macbook. We used Garageband. We realized we needed more money to make it in the music industry, so we made an agreement in 2014 to graduate college to get the funds to take care of our family and pursue music. 4 months after graduation, we hit 195k on our song “Getaway” in December of 2020 and met many big names in the industry. That’s 6 years of having a passion and a promise, and we’re actually fulfilling that promise. We meant what we said and we’re going to accomplish it.

What are some of your favorite highlights/memories that you have from being in the industry?

When we did our second performance in a club, it was a movie. People we didn’t know were singing our song, women [were] screaming, it felt like we were superstars already. Older women [were] telling us their children listen to our songs everyday. Children [were] running up to us in the mall to take pictures. Definitely a great feeling. The last few months have been a rough ride, but we’ve had some great moments. We got to travel a lot, and went to events hosted by Carlos Brown called “Real Network Promotions”, [where] we got connected with good people in the industry and got to speak with and meet some big names. Big shouts out to Carlos. We’ve also been shooting videos in California, traveling with our brothers, and most importantly, learning from a lot of our mistakes. But the best moments so far are after we achieve any accomplishment in music. We see our mom get inspired that we may actually be someone one day. Nothing tops that glimmer of hope we can provide for her and our siblings.

What community events have you contributed to/in?

We used to contribute with the Growing Griots years ago, a program dedicated to the youth of Baltimore city. It was all about learning how to conduct yourself as a Black man and inspire the youth through storytelling. We also used to be involved with mentor programs to help the youth with guidance in school. We also used to have foster children live with us to give them some guidance. All we do is try and help people for the better.

What do you represent? 

We represent being misfits. We struggled with many hardships and insecurities that ended up sparking a level of ambition to prove something to ourselves— starting at the bottom, being the laughing stock at schools for wearing the same clothes for three years, being awkward, not being able to read or write properly in elementary school, teachers telling us we wouldn’t be anything in life, family doubting our dreams, and seeing every father figure we looked up to die, get locked up, or become junkies and alcoholics in front of our eyes. All the people we looked up to were illusions, so now we’re on our own trying to figure out who we are and how we fit into this world. Being misunderstood all of our lives is a part of who we are, and we’re sure most people in the world feel that way too… We are the roses that grew from the concrete. 

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music?

If music is your primary passion, go for it! Stay true to yourself and sound, be unique, and block out all the negativity that comes with it, whether it’s from friends, family, or strangers. People will be negative towards your music and passion, but just be fearless and stay out the mix. It’s your life. Do what makes your heart and soul happy. If you’re not passionate, don’t try it. It’s a dirty game and it’s tough. We’ve gotten snaked a few times already. Fearless people can make it in this industry, but only with passion. Passion creates a purpose in your life, so no matter what, it must be pursued.

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

Our slogan is “Grind now, shine later”, and for good reason. We represent the hard times, and showing that you may have to struggle and sacrifice now in order to enjoy and get what you want in life. This represents our life and message to others. All our life, we’ve been grinding. We’ve had some fun moments, but we’re still not shining. The shining part is what we’re chasing.

Stay tuned for Kenron’s first project “In My Feelings” to be released tomorrow with a new visual! You can stream and watch Kenron’s music and videos on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube, and keep up with them and their work by following their Facebook and Instagrams @Kenron_Roze and @Kenron_Kino!

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Ryck Jane Sets The Tone With “No Problems” + “You Gone Learn Today”




Ryck Jane

The first thing we see in Neesin Williams’s vibrant video for “You Gone Learn Today” is Ryck Jane’s earrings. They’re hard to miss — and they also might’ve been a challenge to wear. The two matching accessories that dangle from the rapper’s lobes appear to be made of solid gold. But the most notable thing about them is what they signify. They’re L.A. logos: twin declarations of allegiance to the city and scene that made her.

Even without the earrings, fans would know exactly where Ryck Jane was from. It’s not just her California drawl, the left coast pattern of her cadences, or the hard Los Angeleno funk that forms the bedrock of her irresistible recordings. It’s also in her dedication to glamour and her scrupulous attention to every detail of presentation. Jane knows exactly how to showcase her fierce individuality. She may be a new artist, but she handles herself like a showbiz veteran. She believes that she was born to inhabit the spotlight — and single after single, she demonstrates that her confidence isn’t misplaced.

“You Gone Learn Today” is her boldest declaration of autonomy yet. On the track, Ryck Jane raps about the inevitability of her rise and underscores her theme with a performance that’s relentless, colorful, and loaded with personality. Call it a message to the nonbelievers — who are getting harder and harder to find. The production backs up her boasts: the track is muscular and hypnotic, decorated with a thick, serpentine bass synthesizer lead, skittering beats, a thumping kick drum, and chanted backing vocals. The deep musicality of the track arrangement is a reminder that long before Ryck Jane found fame as an independent rapper, she’d distinguished herself as a trumpeter.

That horn shows up on “No Problems. The track is a centerpiece of Jane Got A Gun, the rapper’s scalding 2023 album. It’s slinkier and more subtle than the rambunctious “You Gone Learn Today,” but as the video makes clear, it’s another message to the world that Ryck James can’t be stopped. Just like the “You Gone Learn Today” video clip, “No Problems” is a showcase for the artist’s unique, and unerring sense of style.  It’s all here, and it’s all wild, and worn with the self-possession of a queen.

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LunchMoney Lewis Follows Up With New Single “Rain Or Shine”



Still riding “High” off his recent collaboration with Dylan Chambers and ‘Best Melodic Rap Performance’ GRAMMY win for Lil Durk’s “All My Life” featuring J. Cole earlier this year, Miami musician LunchMoney Lewis delivers “Rain or Shine.” Co-produced by JulianBeatz & BRIANXWHITE, “Rain or Shine” is a record about believing things will get better even when everything feels hopeless. In current times where there is so much pain in the world, Lewis wrote the Hip-Hop / R&B-influenced track to help us overcome life’s hurdles with love.

“In light of everything going on in the world, I’ve been in a very tough place creatively about what I wanna write about. Seeing so many innocent lives taken pushed me to make something that gives people hope in some fashion, rain or shine. We will continue to push love and love only, even in the face of darkness,” states the talented triple threat about the inspiration behind his latest leak.

Best known for his work with Dr. Luke as a producer, LunchMoney Lewis first broke into wide recognition as a rapper after appearing on the song “Trini Dem Girls” from Nicki Minaj’s 2014 album ‘The Pinkprint.’ He also co-wrote Jessie J’s single “Burnin’ Up” from her album ‘Sweet Talker,’ and Fifth Harmony’s single “Bo$$” from the album ‘Reflection.’ In 2015, he released his debut single as a solo artist, “Bills”, which peaked at 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number one on the ARIA Charts.

Stream “Rain or Shine” after the jump via Lunchbox Records and watch the official music video for “High” | HERE.

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Bella Dose Drops New Single “Auga”



After kicking off the US dates for their ‘L-Pop’ tour powered by Live Nation in San Diego at The House of Blues over the weekend, Bella Dose cools things down with a new Nitido en el Nintendo & Clayton Williamonce produced single appropriately titled “Agua.” The Florida native quartet once again enlisted the starpower of Shakira who added to the visibility of the release by joining them in a collaborative post on Instagram where they recreated their viral choreography to the GRAMMY Award-winning artist’s Cardi B assisted cut “Puntería.”

In an exclusive press statement to Medium Creative Agency about how the track was born, the Miami musicians revealed: “We made this song in about three hours, right before our San Francisco show while on tour. We wanted to make a fun, upbeat song that mixed our American and Latin culture; hence the Merengue and EDM fusion.”

Bella Dose, which consists of Brianna Leah Curiel, Melany Vanessa Rivera, Jennifer Hernandez, and Thais Rodriguez, is the world’s first bilingual, Latin girl-group. Originating in MIA, all four members sing, dance, and write in both English and Spanish. The girls embody many Latin flavors with heritages from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Chile. They’re ready to take on the world with their charisma, chemistry, and passion for the art of music.

Stay hydrated as they continue their hot streak by pressing play on “Agua” below via International Hub Records / EMPIRE and buy tickets to the ‘L-Pop‘ tour in a city near you | HERE.

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