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These Were The Best Projects From August



There were a whopping seventeen rap projects to come out in August of this year. That’s a lot of bangers. So many of them were good too – from the batshit craziness of Travis Scott’s Astroworld to the gangbanging heaviness of Stay Dangerous. Whittling down our favorite picks – not the obvious ones too – was hard, but we came together and did it. Here’s what we got.


Amine proves he’s more than “Caroline” with the release of his follow up project ONEPOINTFIVE. Instead of being nothing but teenage angst trapped in a mid-20s body, Amine repurposed this aesthetic into something new and exciting. And by that, I mean it to be exciting by being the opposite of what he’s typically known for – which is being exciting in the first place. ONEPOINTFIVE is dark and gloomy with bombastic beats,. Large, sexy beats too, with lush scenery built into their backbones. From front to back, the album is a masterpiece.

Life’s A Trip by Trippie Redd


Trippie Redd is far from a one-trick pony. Life’s A Trip, his debut studio album, chronicles his experiments across different subgenres of rap. He’s a mad scientist, tinkering with his formula in the lab. He delivers his crooning that has gotten him to where he is today, but he also spits with commanding force – chiefly on “Missing My Idols,” one of the album’s highlights. The world’s in for much more Trippie very soon.

Everything Must Go Vol. 1

T-Pain’s new project is full of his attempts to recreate his Golden sound. 9 times out of 10, he succeeds. There’s enough baby-making music here to play a commercial for condom use in between every four songs. The missteps come when Pain tries to rap. It just flat out doesn’t work. When he sticks to the voice runs, that’s when he has his best success.

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Tookey Teams Up With Dolly In Fire New Track “Patek”



Tookey is a Chicago native who raps about her life and is not afraid to tell it like it is. The passion she has for music came from her parents as they were both HouseHead DJs. Music has always been a huge part of her life but it wasn’t until about three years ago when she fully pursue her dreams and becoming an artist. 

Tookey’s style is what separates her form the rest. In her newest track “Patek,” she teams up with independent artist Dolly where they talk their talk about their drip, jewelry, and lifestyle. In the visual, the duo is seen going bar for bar while not worrying about the time. The visual is to out now so sure to check it out below!

Instagram: toookeyy

YouTube: toookeyy

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Ariel J. is a name and sound we will become very familiar with inside 2021. After she caught our attention with her buzzworthy single “Enough,” the emerging new singer/songwriter capitalizes on the attention with the release of her anticipated single “Excited.” Featuring fellow rising star Charayana J, the new single is the first official release under her new deal with Young Intelligent LLC. 

Produced by Lug Soda •BMP : 123, “Excited” is a smooth love song about appreciating the beauty of her muse. It’s about the addictive symptoms that come with discovering new love. Ariel J takes us through all the emotions that draw the pleasure of being around the one we love from both a physical and mental point of view. Over the soothing Jazz-esqe production, Ariel admires her love interest’s undeniable features like lips, hypnotizing stare and seductive v-cut that intoxicate her every time. “Excited” is the perfect song for any time of the day or night with your lover while showcasing Ariel J. rarity as an emerging artist in today’s R&B. Making you a newly discovered fan of the rising star from the first listen, instantly.

The song comes as support, appreciation and pride for the LGBTQ community. A community she champions daily through the music, “I hope that my music starts necessary conversations around the way LGBTQ+ people are presented in media, treated as individuals, and understood as a whole.”

She continues: “Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, they’re so many layers to what we feel and are often unable to express. I try to make songs that bridge the gap when it comes to understanding our human experience, highlighting the fact that we’re much more alike than we are different.”

A brief history on Ariel J., the Mississippi native began creating music at nine-year-old. Growing up in church, Ariel’s passion for music became extremely persistent as she got older. She established a grassroots fanbase early on in her career through cover songs. A practice she still promotes til this day with covering chart-topping singles by several of today’s biggest names in R&B. Among the covers, Ariel J. released intriguing originals that showcased her tremendous range and songwriting abilities like “We Deserve Better,” “Layers” and “A Song For You.” It’s merely a matter of time before Ariel J. is synonymous with one of the best songwriters in the business along with being one of the best new entertainers. 

Definitely, a refreshing new sound needed on the charts right now. She’s the total package. Her popularity only continues to grow via word of mouth and social media. Producing catchy singles, undeniable beauty, and enormous co-signs from fans and collaborators. 

Ariel J. is ready to further her career in 2021 with an anticipated debut project(s) release expected late in the year. “I have an EP on the way called ‘LET ME BE.’ It’s a very personal project– a glimpse into my home life, my dating life, my journey as a person and as an artist. Can’t wait to share it,” said Ariel J.

Lately, the fearless talent has been very vocal about how she plans to fill the void missing in today’s music industry, stating, “There aren’t enough songs centered around love, unity, and understanding. I want to help usher these kinds of messages into mainstream media.”

Upcoming projects, more covers, and other intangibles. Now is the perfect origin point to get familiar with Ariel J and what’s next. To stay up-to-date on everything Ariel J., follow the rising talent on social media. 

Stream Ariel J’s new single below and check out the lyric visual here.

(April 28, 2021) The thrill of discovery and attraction is universal. The when, where, how, why and who don’t really matter. When that connection happens. When two people are simpatico. When they vibe, then they just vibe. And you get excited. That is the message that Mississippi native and singer songwriter Ariel J. delivers on her latest single “Excited.”

The cut is a sweet ballad, made all the sweeter through Ariel J.’s intimate and sensual delivery that draws the listener to the description of every aspect of her lover’s mannerisms, touch and the cut of her body, and how that love is so overpowering that it compels you to give every inch of yourself to that person.

“Excited” is a song that reminds us that love is love and that attraction transcends all of the cultural and political limitations and barriers that society has erected. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Ariel J. says that she hopes to use her music to champion that that community and causes. “Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, they’re so many layers to what we feel and are often unable to express. I try to make songs that bridge the gap when it comes to understanding our human experience, highlighting the fact that we’re much more alike than we are different.”

Check out “Excited” 

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Young M. A. Delivers New Summer Banger “Don Diva” ft. Rubi Rose And Produced by JayUncut



Sony Producer JayUncut is back at it again! The Atlanta native has teamed up with Young M.A. and Rubi Rose on their fire new track, “Don Diva.” Throughout the track, we are blessed with the high-energy beat that JayUncut delivers which takes the track to a whole new level while we hear Young M. A. go bar for bar stating:

“Ain’t no need to get the pistol, I’m already packin’ (Grr)

Slim John, but she carryin’ a paddywagon (Ooh)

She from the A, I said, “What’s good”, she said, “What’s hattnin’, hattnin’?” hattnin’, hattnin’?)”

Rubi Rose tells it like it is and goes on to say:

“Ride around like a boss (Yeah), Rubi Rose in that Rolls (Yeah)

I’ma bad bitch (Yeah), I ain’t no Busta Rhymes”

Along with releasing the track, they even dropped a cinematic visual to go along with it. The visual already has over 250,000 views and counting. The track landed a spot on Young M. A.’s newest project “Off The Yak” which is out today! Be sure to check out the visual below!

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