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Albums To Check Out This Week



Gather around the campfire for a quick breakdown of this week’s hottest hip-hop albums, many coming as a surprise because that’s the thing to do now. Tune in below:

Squidtastic by SahBabii

SahBabii had one of the hottest songs of the summer with “Watery.” He carries this smooth smile into all of his music – past releases “Purple Ape” and “Pull Up With A Stick'” also channel an almost eerie level of calm into their proceedings. Now, to follow up with the success of “Watery,” SahBabii has released a new project called Squidtastic. Well worth a download, even if you’re only a fan of traditional rap.

Fxck Everybody 2 by Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta went viral just recently with a dream-like recording of him performing in his house while dozens of beautiful women clad in lingerie danced in the background. Now that the world has renewed its interest in his mesmerizing aesthetic and one-of-a-kind raps, now marks the perfect time to release a new project. It’s now available and looks to be one of the year’s best.

Return of the Trill by Bun B

It’s always good to hear from Bun. Five long years have passed since his last project Trill OG: The Epilogue and he’s been sparsely available. It looks like that’s changed with the release of his new project Return of the Trill. Bun is 45 years old and still pushing out new music. That’s a feat that many can’t replicate.


Fire In The Clouds by Currensy

Aside from Lil B, Currensy is perhaps the most hard-working rapper in the music business. He’s nearly seventy projects of quality stoner raps that have made him one of rap’s unsung heroes. To add to that collection is Fire In The Clouds, the latest that looks to establish himself during the changing of rap’s guard as well as offer a blueprint to what he can do in the future.

Kamikaze by Eminem

Oh yay, new Eminem. Aside from the homophobia and cheap shots, most of the reception for Kamikaze has been positive. Also, if you want to hear a weird choice for a Tay Keith beat, check out this album.


Yung Roamin Signs To Uncut Music Group With Sony Music Producer JayUncut



Yung Roamin is proving that you should never give up on your dreams! Learning how to make beats back in 2016, the Ohio Native was serious about his career from the start. Yung Roamin knew that it would take hard work and dedication to make his dreams a reality.

“I started getting visions at such an early age, asking myself what I can do and how my life can turn out if I really worked hard on it pursue it” Roamin admits, “I was like man I aint about to work a 9.5 job, like everyone else I am meant to do something big and impact people’s lives, so realizing what I could do really fueled me in high school and went with it.”

However, once he graduated from high school he was forced to make the decision to either go to college or continue to chase his true passion. He admits the small but big decision put him under a lot of pressure from his family who wanted him to pursue a higher education. Yung Roamin decided it would be best for him to follow his dreams but shares that the road to success hasn’t always been the easiest.

“I went from working one job everyday bussing tables in high school to having to work two jobs in the food industry, shit was tough, and I had moments where I felt so down and in fear of what I was doing was right but I kept going.” He recalled, “Later down the road I had a struggle with mental health and just wasn’t myself and couldn’t work so my family thought I should go to college. That was the lowest point of my life I had no vision of the future but felt a presence of no safety and had a lot of love and support.”

After taking time to focus on his mental health and spirituality, Yung Roamin was ready to jump back into the music business. Making anywhere from 6 to 10 beats a day and networking in the industry, the independent artist was finally seeing the results of his hard work. Landing his first big break with up-and-coming artist Rubi Rose for her single “He In His Feelings”, he was relieved and knew everything would fall into place!

The future is looking bright for Yung Roamin! Ready to build his empire, independent artist is looking forward to connecting and collaborating with some of the hottest entertainers in the music industry. Already working with hip-hop artists such as Rubi Rose and Dej Loaf, the best is yet to come from the YUNG producer. In fact, he recently signed to Uncut Music Group with Sony Music Producer JayUncut and confirms he’s already working on his next project.

Follow Yung Roamin (@Yungroaminofficial) On Social Media For Music Updates and MORE!!!

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TOBi Releases “Family Matters” Feat. Flo Milli




Buzzing Brampton raised/Lagos, Nigeria born TOBi today announces the release of “Family Matters” joined by his label mate Flo Milli.

Listen Here:

Comments TOBi on the new version: “This one was made on a short trip to London. This life is complex. I wrote it from the perspective of a working man trying to get it all for his loved ones but still faced with daily vices and inner struggles.  Temptations. To have Flo Milli on the record too is a dope connection: and her bars fit perfectly for the track.”

Last month, TOBi performed “Family Matters” live on Vevo DSCVR: Watch it HERE.

The original version of “Family Matters” is featured on TOBi’s critically-acclaimed project ELEMENTS, Vol 1,“ which is nominated for two 2021 Juno Awards including Rap Recording of the Year” and Contemporary R&B Recording of the Year” for “Holiday.”

TOBi also just released a limited edition magazine, a passion project, to serve as a visual accompaniment to ELEMENTS, Vol 1.  As editor in chief, TOBi interviewed ten talented creatives and voices from around the globe. All editorial images for ELEMENTS, Vol.1 were shot on iPhone 12 by Mark Clennon & Makeda Sanford. The magazine explores and highlights the extraordinary stories of each creator, sharing their personal experiences and anecdotes.

TOBi offers about making ELEMENTS, Vol 1., the magazine: “To be able to collaborate with creatives from all over the world in the middle of a pandemic was amazing. The fact that we were able to pull all this off from our homes was remarkable. It shows how creativity surpasses limited time and resources. Photographers (Mark and Makeda) shot all the photos on  iPhone 12 and were deliberate, thinking of ideas on the fly throughout the project. Getting to connect and work with them through FaceTime was motivating and inspiring and using iPhone offered a really personal perspective. I definitely wanted everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their respective spaces. Everyone’s been working from home, so we brought the shoot to their spaces. I did my photo shoot in the studio where I’m working on my new album, so it felt comfortable, natural and intimate for me.”

Comments photographer Mark Clennon: “During these times, iPhone allowed me to meet and collaborate with amazing creatives from around the world on this project. Working alongside so many amazing people just reminds me that human connection is the main ingredient for creating compelling work, no matter the circumstances.”

Read the digital edition of ELEMENTS, Vol. 1, The Magazine here

His musical project ELEMENTS, Vol. 1 was released in fall 2020, heralded by the critics, combining hip-hop, R&B, soul, grime & Afrobeats. The project features some of TOBi’s favorite producers & musicians worldwide and embodies the sounds and music that have influenced his artistry.

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Interview: Meet Rising Artist SK1NANDBONEZ




SK1NANDBONEZ is an independent artist to keep watch for. He’s been making a name for himself and buzzing as of lately with the release of his recent project ‘The Delta Way 2.’ In addition to building momentum with previous singles such as “Make It Home,” ft. Roc Nation’s Kalan.FrFr, SK1NANDBONEZ is definitely on the come up and lets his music speak for himself.

The Delta Way 2 is a follow-up album from his 2019 debut project, The Delta Way and features brand new songs such as “Telfar Bag,” and “Distant.” There was also a visual that was released for “Make It Home” which positioned SK1NANDBONEZ as someone who is able to capture audiences both visually and sonically. He’s definitely an artist who has a lot of talent and potential, and he’s here to stay.

Keep reading to learn more about SK1NANDBONEZ and his journey in music through a recent interview.

What is your artist name? What is your real name? How did you get your artist name?

My name is Bobby but I go by SK1NANDBONEZ. I had a couple different names I tried to go by, but nothing really stuck like that one. That name really came from being skinny all my life, everybody used to call me Stix and Skinny Bones but … I was like that’s lowkey corny I need something smooth that stands out a little bit. That’s basically how I came up with the name.

At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a career in music?

Music was always something I had a passion for and wanted to do.  My mama got raps I was writing in the 4th grade put up with all my other little arts and crafts from growing up, I used to get cussed out because of it sometimes. She would say, “You can memorize those raps, you better memorize them spelling words!” I started doing freestyles in the car and other little social media challenges and was getting a nice following from that but I didn’t really start taking it seriously until the people around me really sat me down and told me like, “you really hard and got the potential to take it to the next level.”

Has your upbringing played a role in shaping who you are and defining your sound today? If so, how?

I feel like it did play a role in making me the way I am and my sound, because my mama had me when she was young so we really grew up together in a sense. And my mama cool as hell, she didn’t really shelter me but she didn’t play either. She allowed me to live and learn from my own mistakes and hers but she also disciplined me when it was needed. She was a single young mama and my pops was locked up during different periods of my life when I feel like young boys need their fathers the most. Our relationship is good though, that’s my dog and now that I’m older and see how the system is set up, I understand more so I don’t hold that against him. I probably come off as arrogant or cocky sometimes but thats because I really taught myself everything, I put in the hours and the work, I was recording myself running back and forth from the booth to the computer, I hopped on youtube and started teaching myself how to engineer. I know how good I am. I sacrificed a lot, I invested so much money — even missed meals to get to where I’m at now and I’m still not where I wanna be. So that’s why some say I have an arrogant/cocky sound because I know how good I am, I’m hungry, and I’m still having fun with it.

How would you describe your sound to readers who may not be familiar with you?

I have a harmonizing melodic rap sound. I listen to a lot of oldies and R&B, so thats where a lot of my melodies come from and as far as rap I grew up on Tupac, Scarface, Biggie so they influence my sound. And I used to stay up watching battle rappers and Freestylers like Reed Dollaz, NH, Meek, and all of them and they would all say clever things to make you rewind it like hold up … So they had a big influence on me as well.

What ultimately inspired you to dedicate yourself to a music career?

I did a freestyle to Tyga song “Taste” and it went viral on twitter and Tyga even saw it and we talked through DMs for a second but I didn’t really have any music. I only had my freestyles, so the convo was short but he followed me. After that, a couple other artists from the city that weren’t really big worldwide, but big where I’m from started showing love so I was like I could really do this, I know I can make it work .

What’s one reason you are passionate about music and what inspires you?

I feel like it’s in me because it came so natural. I don’t really come from a music family but I have family members who were and still are in the music industry and have had some success with it. I honestly can’t explain why I’m so passionate about it. Sometimes when I’m in the real world I feel out of place but when I go in [the booth] and record, I feel like I’m home, like I belong there. What inspires me most though is when people tell me how much they can relate or how my music got them through something — because life is hard and everybody goes through things. Some people handle it better than others though, but when people tell me my music helped them get through a rough time it makes me feel good.

Be on the lookout for more visuals from SK1NANDBONEZ’s latest project, The Delta Way 2, and follow him on Instagram @sk1nandbonez.

Check out SK1NANDBONEZ and Kalan.FrFr’s visual for their track “Make It Home” below. 

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