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@OpeVisualz Wants To Change The Video Production Industry




An artist can tell a story through their lyrics. With the help of an innovative video director, they can push that narrative further and create an unforgettable visual experience for their audience. Kayode Opeifa Jr, best known by his director name OpeVisualz, craves to innovate further and push boundaries in film directing. Born in Nigeria, OpeVisualz moved to the windy city of Chicago at 3 months old. OpeVisualz found his footing in directing when he was studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Connecticut. Starting his creative career as a freelance photographer, borrowing camera equipment to work on his craft. He was quickly able to secure high profile artist, modeling agencies, and university bookings. His Made in America festival recap featured Cardi B, Travis Scott, Juice World, and Lil Uzi Vert.

OpeVisualz is Different

What differentiates OpeVisualz from others is his branding and his work ethic. He began to develop video editing skills from working on and reediting already mastered videos he found online. Once confident in his abilities, he could leverage his editing work to purchase his own camera and equipment to start curating work of his own.  Influenced by many great film directors, he singled out Hype Williams for piquing his interest in music videos from a young age and Dave Meyers and Christian Breslauer as he got into the intricacies of his work. This influence can be seen in incorporating cinematic elements into his videos with a touch of commercial appeal. OpeVisualz is known for his music video sequencing and creative color grading skills. He understands how important and intricate sequencing is when it comes to the videos he produces. He loves to invoke nostalgia and playing with emotion in his work, which he finds keeps his viewers drawn in.

As a rising film director, OpeVisualz finds his inspiration within his clients and sees his clients’ level of confidence when it comes to their videos.

“I love the reactions I receive when presenting the work to clients. It’s also fulfilling to be able to help produce content to solve a problem that they have. My entire business model is structured around customer satisfaction,” he said, “All my experiences thus far suggest that I should continue doing what I’m doing.”

In the process, OpeVisualz was able to curate “Final Focus Films,” his own label for talented creatives. This collective includes graphic designers, cinematographers, editors, colorists, producers, directors, artists, marketers, casting directors, models, and makeup artists. He finds that putting people in specialized roles can put out high-level content and give a great customer experience. As a result, they offer customers to merchandise, film production, model casting, digital marketing, and digital assets such as tutorials and presets.

As for what’s on the way for the budding director, more creative pieces with a nostalgic element to each, he has projects on the way with JuS, AmaruCloud, and ANoyd and commercial projects. For now, check out his YouTube playlist featuring some of his best work.

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Professional Sports Agent Sal Jobe Takes Athletes To New Heights With Next Level Collective




Sal Jobe, who is a novelist, actor, and professional sports agent, who was born and bred in East London, has gone a long way from the youthful passion-fueled athlete who played football all through school and competed in numerous competitions. He became acutely aware of the difficulties that come with not having an agent throughout the course of his athletic career.

“I had the physical ability and mental capacity to rise through the ranks, but something was missing. Later on, I realized that I needed someone who could pull strings and support me in my bid to be the best,” shared Sal Jobe.

This well-respected expert is now representing some of the greatest names in the business, driven by the desire to serve as a pillar for others. Sal Jobe, the CEO of Next Level Collective, a fast-growing organization that helps the world’s most elite athletes achieve greater heights, has earned a reputation for going above and beyond in connecting individuals under his wing with the chances they require.

It’s no wonder that Sal Jobe draws inspiration from well-known figures who have helped hopefuls achieve success. He’s looked up to powerhouses like Will Smith, Eric Thomas, and Michael Jordan from the start, not just because they’ve all overcome adversity and come out on top, but also because of how they’ve used their clout to help others.

Sal Jobe has steered a lengthy list of doers in the correct way thus far, and he continues to win the respect of countless sportsmen. His skills, as well as the fact that he is aware of the realities faced by athletes all over the world, have helped him create a respected reputation in the field. Furthermore, by his personal tale of perseverance in the face of adversity, he was able to gain the trust and respect of a large number of people.

Sal Jobe may be anticipated to do much more in the future years as he solidifies his reputation. Sal Jobe hopes to pave the way to success for more athletes and self-starters by establishing new agencies and publishing books that shed light on what it takes to achieve one’s goals. Regardless of the nature of his future endeavors, one thing will remain constant: the reminder that life’s difficulties may come and go, but they will not stay indefinitely.

Keep up with him on Instagram @saljobeofficial.

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$tevoxcv Returns With New Single, “HYPNOTIZED” Feat. David Meli



Hot on the heels of the release of the Afro-infused rap song, “Long,” Emerging London rapper, $tevoxcv has returned with a brand-new single featuring David Meli. On the chill rap record, both artists reflect on the influence of a bewitching lady on them. Introduced by smooth riffs, the production by Beatzbydb matches the rhythm in Stevoxcv’s witty, raunchy, and braggadocious verses. David Meli adds his tantalizing touch to the record through the enchanting hook powered by his silky voice which has the potential to reel listeners in. “Hypnotized” is a mellow single fit for a breezy summer drive.


Speaking on the single and the creative process of composing it, $tevoxcv says, “Hypnotized is a summer time feel-good song and having already done a song with Meli which was never released, soon as I laid out the verses, I knew who I wanted on the hook. I sent it off to Meli in the afternoon and he sent me back the hook by night on the same day. After giving it a listen, I realized we had just created a dope summertime record.”


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Rising Artist Nokki Cabrera Announces ‘Trap Salsa’ Debut EP Arriving July 15




Delivering music that’s the best of both worlds, Nokki Cabrera is here to claim her title as the ‘Princess of Trap Salsa.’ Rising artist Nokki Cabrera is getting ready to release her debut EP Trap Salsa, which will be out July 15th, 2021 on all platforms. The upcoming project includes 6 tracks that showcase her range, talent, and creativity as an artist, as well as show the world what she’s capable of. For Cabrera, her inspiration and motivation for making music is about making people feel confident and empowered, and Trap Salsa does exactly that.

Trap Salsa is about love, optimism, living your life to the fullest, seeing the beauty in things, and never taking anything for granted,” said Nokki Cabrera. “When people listen to this project, I pray they feel confident, embraced, and loved. I want people to feel light and to want to express themselves in positive ways.”

Trap Salsa sees the Tampa, Florida native leaning into her Cuban roots and newfound artistry. Her sound combines traditional salsa music with heavily influenced American trap music as the base. ‘Trap’ resembles her American side, while ‘Salsa’ resembles her Cuban side. The upcoming project demonstrates Cabrera’s ability to thrive as a singer while staying true to her roots and creating a sound that is fun, energetic, and inspired by her childhood.

“As a child, my parents would play all sorts of Latin music in the house, since Spanish is their first language,” Cabrera said. “I’m a first-generation Cuban American so I wanted my music to represent that as well.”

Having built her own organic fanbase on TikTok and Instagram, Nokki Cabrera is now here to show the world what she’s capable of. She’s ready to manifest the singing and performing career she’s always envisioned as a child. With the upcoming release of her debut project ‘Trap Salsa,’ audiences are in for a ride.

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