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Lists: 5 Oddball Facts About Detroit’s Biggest Rappers



Big Sean, Dej Loaf, Kash Doll, Team Eastside Peezy, Tee Grizzley

Everybody’s got a story. In Detroit, these stories are quirky and original to the point that you’ll be surprised at some of the things you can find. We looked at the stories of some of our biggest stars and discovered some information that’ll surprise you. From Kash Doll to Dej Loaf, the city is populated by some very interesting characters. Take a look at some oddball facts about some of our biggest artists.


Kash Doll’s $40,000 Night

Kash Doll’s very open about her pre-rap career: she was an exotic dancer at Spinx Showgirls in Detroit, MI. She made a ton of money dancing in a not so typical fashion – she rapped more than actually danced. In an interview with The Fader, she revealed that her sets usually consisted of her walking back and forth on stage, reciting songs instead of focusing on moving her body. Her famous $26,000 night that she openly discusses was on one of these nights. In addition to that money though, she made more off the stage. The $26,000 figure that she talks about came from floor money only. At the door and the bar is where she racked up over $13,000 more. She said that the money was so high from the ground that it came up to her shin.


Big Sean’s First Ode to Detroit Was Produced By A Superstar Producer Before His Time

One of Detroit’s biggest artists who constantly brings light to his city is Big Sean. Over the course of his lengthy career, he’s crafted numerous odes to the city by providing realistic depictions of life there. In 2010, on his Finally Famous Vol. 3 mixtape, he released the largely under-the-radar “Hometown,” produced by Eliseo of Treal and, surprisingly, Metro Boomin – at the time, only 16 years old. Who would have guessed that Boomin would go on to become one of the biggest producers of this generation


Tee Grizzley Read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad

Due to some crimes that Tee Grizzley’s not afraid to discuss in interviews, the 23-year-old rapper served a jail sentence that gave him time to get his head in a number of books. One of them was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Dad company and real estate investor. The book serves as an entry point to financial understanding and gives detailed information on how to develop a millionaire mindset. It’s a recommended read by a number of self-improvement blogs and millionaires who cite the book as what gave them the start they need.


Eastside Peezy Isn’t A Fan of Plastic Surgery on Women

Nowadays, going under the plastic surgeon’s knife is something that people don’t hesitate to do. It’s become so commonplace in society that bodies modified by surgery have become the standard that natural bodies are judged again. Women often go under the knife to get their breasts or butts enhanced, usually sucking fat out of an area to enhance them. Implants also go in either area. Peezy, of Team Eastside, is a unique individual: he doesn’t like fake butts and never will. While he’s admitted to dealing with them in the past, he doesn’t prefer them.


Dej Loaf Was A Janitor At A Chrysler Car Plant

In 2014, Dej Loaf’s “Try Me” dominated air waves with its silky smoothness, Carribean influence, and bouncy vocals that made it a smash hit. The song catapulted her into stardom, landing her a deal with Columbia Records. Just a few months before the song took off, she worked as a janitor at a Chrysler plant in Detroit’s suburbs. She hated the job, but she kept it because it paid for studio time to record music. Eventually, she quit because, in the end, it just wasn’t worth it.


CHIEF KEEF PERFORMING FINALLY RICH Added to The Smokers Club Fest 4/30




As if the lineup wasn’t stacked already, The Smokers Club Fest continues to give the people what they want by adding Chief Keef who will be performing his debut album “Finally Rich”. This festival already perfectly encapsulated the much lauded “Blog Era” of rap which took place from 2008-2014, but now has the final infinity stone inserted into the gauntlet in the form of Sosa. 

The Smoker’s Club Fest takes over Glen Helen Amphitheater on Saturday, April 30, 2022. Celebrating hip hop as one of the leading forces in paving the way for cannabis culture becoming mainstream, the festival lineup includes Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Schoolboy Q, Wiz Khalifa, A&AP Ferg, 2 Chainz, Dom Kennedy, Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, Yung Lean, Wale, Curren$y, Danny Brown, Rico Nasty, Earl Sweatshirt, Sofaygo, Pierre Bourne, Sahbabii, Cochise, Lucki, Yeat, AB-Soul, Jay Rock, Berner, Zack Fox, The Alchemist, Clams Casino, Mick Jenkins, Reason, Smoke DZA, Casey Veggies, Domo Genesis, The Underachievers, The Cool Kids, Kirko Bangz, Pac Div, Kreayshawn, Ken Car$on, Bktherula, Babyxsosa, Zeelooperz, Coco & Clair Clair, Tisakorean, Destroy Lonely, Sid, Shyne, Bad Neighbors, Sparoh Homicide, Meechie, Abby, Jasmine, Belis, Eryn, Yayo, Dacartune, Slayter, Nymlo, McFly, Lul Bob, and Stinje.

Follow the Smoker’s Club Fest on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Tickets For Sale at

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Best of Instagram: @cree.ikuko




Cree Ikuko is a biracial beauty who’s racy photoshoots have taken Instagram and Tumblr by storm. Her art, always tasteful – she refrains from shooting nude – has an elegant quality about it, making each release of hers something that people look forward to like sports games. In addition to being a rising model, she also is a poet, songwriter, and recently, gotten into vlogging. She’s a multi-threat with a high probability for continued success, so checking out her Instagram account for our Best of Instagram series is a must. Check out our pics below.

Perfection, Unbridled

At first glance, this picture is nothing but a simple selfie that’s both stunning and mysterious. But taking a closer look shows the many working parts that make this one of our favorite pictures on Instagram so far. From the curly hair to the smug look on her face, the reveal of just enough cleavage to intrigue viewers, and the color contrasts of the shirt that make it one of the most interesting tops currently out on the market, Cree knows how to make a statement.

Beach Body

When it comes to beach bodies, Cree might have the ultimate one. Her bathing suit is endlessly inviting, almost teasing us in what it hides. She knows that she fills it out to perfection – it’s up to us to refrain from salivating like hungry dogs.

Bathroom Stall Selfies

Since when has a bathroom selfie ever made it into our best of Instagram list? Cree provides an exception: her careless pose borders on perfect. Between her casual face and the way her dress clings to her body like a bodysuit, nothing can go wrong with this picture.

Car selfies

It’s become a thing now that we can’t deny: Cree breaks all selfie rules with her careless, yet elegant photos. A casual car trip turns into an aesthetically pleasing visual memory that we’re glad to have come across on Instagram.

String Chronicles

String bathing suits are her thing and we’re glad to see that she has more than one. The turquoise color acts as a delicate contrast from her bronze skin that makes it all the more intriguing to view. The fact that most of her face is covered in shadow goes a long way in making this photo mysterious.

Killer Nurse

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s only right that she’d find a costume to scare people into a heart attack. This costume will cause a heart attack, but not out of fright.

Halloween Preparations

Out of both Halloween costumes, this one would be scarier. It’s almost the more inviting of the two, with cleavage that looks dangerously close to popping out. The red hair also helps the picture to look scary. Be on the lookout on Halloween to see her in this.

Cree Lannister

There’s a very Game Of Thrones feel to this post in particular. Although she’s sitting in a white armchair that’s the stark opposite of the foreboding Iron Throne in Westeros, the self-confidence evident in the post along with the pose invoke Cersei Lannister comparisons. We bet that Cree’s much nicer and more approachable than the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Lists: 4 Virginia Artists You Should Get Familiar With





Virginia’s a state that sits on the East Coast of the United States but draws inspiration from the best of the country’s current Hip Hop trends. D.R.A.M.’s the latest artist to break out of the state, but there’s a ton of talent that sits ready to unveil itself in due time. The influence of Virginia legends Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and The Clipse is evident in the outlandish nature of many of its artists’ styles and has drawn a spotlight to the state as of late. Guessing who’s going to blow up next is anyone’s guess.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest artists in the state. Whether they’re actually good or not is up to your discretion – they’ve captured the interests of people at a national level, so go figure. But if you’re not up to date on what’s happening in the Commonwealth State, take a gander at who’s who below.

Young Crazy

Back in 2013 when Crazy released “Get Dumb,” it quickly went viral because of its guttural look into life in Norfolk. Since then, Crazy has consistently released the type of music that his growing base of fans want to hear. He’s worked with legendary producer Timbaland as well as opened up for Young Thug at NSU, promoted to main act when Thugger never showed up.  He also recently connected with 40 VAN for a performance in Texas.

He’s poised for a quick takeoff sooner than later. It’s important to know that his success didn’t happen overnight – he’s been about this for a while now. Take a listen to some of his music and become a fan.

Standouts: “Lessons” and “Painter Clique”

Treez Lowkey

When you think of atmospheric trap music in Virginia, Treez should be the first name you think of. He’s been on the scene for years, acting as a mysterious force that drops acclaimed projects that seem to come out of nowhere. He recently connected with the A$AP Mob and has become a member of A$AP Rocky’s AWGE collective. The future is bright for young Treez.


Standouts: “Watch” and “Not At All”


There aren’t many rappers nowadays that play live instruments on stage. A defining part of Masego’s persona is that he’s a master saxophone player – and it’s not an act. The release of his breakout hit “Girls That Dance” made him an overnight celebrity, serving as a culmination of years of hard work in the college circuit. Now, he amongst relocating to Los Angeles to perfect his sound, he’s been spotted with DJ Jazzy Jeff and J Cole.

Standouts: “Navajo” and “Send Yo Rita”

Levi Carter

Have you ever heard of “Galaxy Trap?” It’s a genre that Levi Carter has created and perfected. His artistry has gotten him a deal with Roc Nation and he continues to release music, albeit slowly. He’s a breath of fresh air in the rap scene, with hard-hitting bars that pave the way for some serious growth potential. We can’t wait to see where he goes.


Standouts: “You Not Gang” and “Dear Mama”

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