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Interview: Slim Mason Is On The Rise And Wants You To Know It



At 4ShoMag, we’re always looking to connect with the hottest artists in Detroit. This time, we’ve been fortunate to have a conversation with Slim Mason, one of the city’s most energetic up-and-comers looking to make a name for himself in the lucrative rap scene. Check out our exclusive interview below.

Who is Slim Mason?
Slim Mason is just a bipolar, hungry, young ass monster that’s ready to take over his city. I’m bringing Detroit into a new era and wave because my generation (Mid 90s-Mid 00s), which is the next generation, needs a voice. Because most of the niggas popping in the city is late 80s-early 90s baby’s, like Sada and Tee and them. They holding the house up before I tear that bitch down…

How did you get into rap?
I mean I’m from the east side of 8 mile and of course Eminem is the first rapper I saw that came from where I’m from. He lived on Dresden Street, which is 2 blocks from where I lived (Hamburg Street) so I was like if he could do this, I knew I could too because we came from the same place. He’s the biggest motivation for me and the main reason I been wanting to do this since I was 4, when my dad snuck me in the Bel-Air movie theater and I saw 8 mile when it came out. I STILL watch that movie when it comes on TV.

What’s the Detroit rap scene like in your experience?
It’s cool for the current generation which Dz, Sada, and Grizzley but my generation (the next generation) needs someone for OUR scene so I’m the one that’s gonna step up, it’s a huge challenge but I LOVE challenges because when you accomplish that shit, it’s the greatest feeling on earth

How important is expending energy when you record? Do you make sure your records are lively?
I make sure it’s live as fuck. I bring hype ass energy when I’m in the booth fasho. The studio is literally my favorite place to go because I get away from all my problems and spit my problems on the mic. It’s a “Therapy Funhouse,” that’s what I be calling it.

What do you hope to bring to the music industry?
Fun. 100% fun. Like rappers in the city right now is so serious, I HATE that. Like loosen the fuck up and turn up nigga. That’s where I come in and THAT’S why I’m different from any other artist from Detroit because I can out-energize a kid half my age but out-rap someone twice my age..and that’s RARE…

What’s one thing you would change about the Detroit rap scene?
Like I just said, make Detroit fun again, like I feel like ALL generations cabnfuck with me because who can seriously hate a young ass nigga having fun and doing what he always loves doing as a career..right no one..

Do you like being an underground prospect or are you ready to make the jump to the next level? Why?
I’ve been ready since I came out of my mama. Like I feel like I’m MEANT to do what I do, not just a “Rapper”, or a “Hip-Hop Musician” but as an overall artist in general, because I literally love and do all types of music, like R&B and Rock and shit. That’s another thing that’s different about me from other “Detroit Rappers”, I’m ‘All-Around’ and versatile as hell, one track I can spit a hot ass ‘16’ (BARS), one track, I’m yelling shit over a hard ass distorted beat, one track I can be singing to your bitch on some young Chris Brown shit, man you never know with depends how I feel in the studio that day…

What’s your recording process like?
I write songs pretty much everyday, so I already got lyrics and I go in the studio and form the beat, cause I Co-produce all my songs, and I just go off the beat I’m hearing in my head, or sometimes I be voice recording on my phone of the sound of the beat that’s in my head. I got like 40 beats or even MORE on that bitch right now, no cap..

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
Keep making noise on the Internet til I get that ONE break and when I do see an opportunity that possibly can make me blow even more, I’m gonna take that bitch fasho. ANY opportunity that’s reachable, I’m GRABBING that bitch with no heso…

Give us a good closing statement.
This is Slim Mason, if you never heard of me, now you do, and your Great-great-great-great-great-great grandkids will too…I’m gonna take over Detroit whether anybody likes it or no not, I’m coming nonstop at WHOEVER is on top, whether that’s Grizzley, Sada, Dz, Bandgang, Damedot, Cash Kidd, WHOEVER, I’m gonna take over the city and be on top sooner than later. Why? Because I’m the next big thing thing and ‘if I say something I mean it’…AIYHAH!

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Meet bilingual HipHop Artist HULKSICKO!



HULKSICKO!’s interest in music began during his high school in his hometown of Bronx, NY. After an injury and surgey led him to put a pause on a promising basketball career, the Bronx native decided to dedicate his training towards music. HULKSICKO! recorded his first song in the summer of 2017. He recalls watching videos on how to use auto-tune for an hour and by the end of the night he had created a very rudimentary track. He chuckles stating, “It was trash.” The independent artist stayed the course and persisted to create for 3 more years before finally finding his sound. His musical style and sound is very unique in that it is inspired by a combination of the trials and triumphs of an East Coast upbringing. “Most of my music is melodic and uptempo, which I think is dictated by the beats I choose. In terms of lyrics they can go right or left depending on how I’m feeling, and where I’m at. I like to tell people about parts of my life even if they can’t relate to it, because the real fans are going to relate. Those are the types of fans I want around my music.”

Find out more about HULKSICKO! In the interview below:

Q: What inspired your artist name?
A: My name was something that I was given/came up with. It’s two words, the first part HULK comes from a joke my teammates would make cause I would still lift even after basketball practice was over. The second part SICKO I came up with my bro Noah, and I just ran with it. I had to add the exclamation so that people could feel me.

Q: Do you have any other special talents?
A: Another talent I have is that I speak Chinese. I visited China twice and went to 10 different cities while there and lived there for a whole month at one point. The fact that I speak Chinese influences some of the harmonies that I think of while making music. A lot of my early fans thought I used to live in China because of the fact that I spoke it so wel!

Q: What impacted your decision to pursue music?
A: I chose music cause it allowed me to express myself. I didnt’t necessarily know how to voice what I felt because I didn’t have people to talk to about it. Same way when I was young and angry, I would listen to music to help get me out of certain moods. It aint always work and sometimes the lyrics in the songs made it worse but that’s how I knew music was impactful.

Q: What got you noticed?
A: I don’t think that I got noticed for my music right away but for what I was trying to do with it at first. I was heavily pushing the idea that I wanted to live in China and make music there and a lot of people who didn’t understand music gravitated towards it because it was something they had never seen before.

You can check out his music on Spotify, Apple Music and all the major platforms. You can check out his music videos on Youtube!

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June Poole Is Young, Swaggy, And Sexy



When it comes to music June Poole is definitely the next artist up! Originally from the Bay Area June has a swag unlike any other artist and there is no denying that this young man has major sex appeal! He is young, swaggy, and sexy! All the ladies love him! Recently, he decided to move to Los Angeles to where he feels he needs to be to further his career. Many of us have been paitiently waiting and the wait is almost over, June finally announced that he will be releasing the music video to his latest single titled ‘Red Flags’. Stay Tuned!

Stay connected with June Poole on his social media linked below to be up to date on upcoming projects and events! Learn more about him and his journey with the QA below!

Instagram: @jpooole

Youtube: June Poole

Q: Who or what inspires your music? 

A: Drake, PND and Chris Brown because of their music and I also look up to them as well. I’ve actually been compared to Chris Brown before, as well as Jeremiah. 

Q: What made you start taking your music career more seriously? 

A: It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I started putting my all into my music. I just decided to stop playing around and go for it! It just hit me one day that life is too short so why not spend it doing and going after something you love, which is music for me. 

Q: What is one of your biggest accomplishments so far? 

A: Opening for the migos back in October at a homecoming event!

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: The music video for my latest single “Red Flags” and getting adjusted to my recent move to Los Angeles. I moved here for more opportunities in the music industry. I’m currently taking dance lessons, vocal lessons and working on my overall stage performance as well. 

Stream “Red Flags” NOW!

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Lil Rottie is Destined for Greatness in New Video, “Destiny”



Up and coming artist, Lil Rottie just released the visuals to his latest single, “Destiny”, now live on YouTube. 

It was a highly anticipated project since originally dropping the song in November this year. 

The Nevada-based rapper uses the video to depict a story on how he took a risk to leave his current situation, to chase after his dreams in the city of Las Vegas. 

Just a year ago, Rottie made the decision to take his music seriously and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a global superstar. “I was tired of working for another person  and clocking in to a 9-5 to make minimum wage. One day while I was drenching in sweat from walking all day for work, I came to my senses that I couldn’t do it anymore. It was at the moment where I had to realize my worth and prepare for what my next journey would be. November 2020 was the last month I worked. After that, I went and chased my dreams. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m on the way. It took a lot of blood sweat and tears to get where I am today.”, said Lil Rottie in a recent interview. 

In the video, you see Rottie walking relentlessly through a hot desert somewhere in Nevada. As he walks with nowhere to go, he picks up items off the floor that gradually transform his image. He is then seen in a fresh outfit, rocking chains and finally jumping into a Lamborghini, to enter Las Vegas – a city where the artist is currently pursuing his dream. The storyline is an example of how the hard-working rapper is known for doing whatever it takes to reach his goal. “I’m known for my own flow and sound. As well as my crazy work ethic. What got me noticed was me just being on my grind. Everyday promoting my music, making new content, signing up for any small opening I could do to promote myself. I hosted parties, got people to share my music and just worked my way up top until I finally was noticed.” 

The “Her Bag” rapper, speaks on what trials and tribulations he has endured to get to where he’s at, along with naming those who have motivated him throughout his journey. “My mother is my motivation. I saw my mother work all her life to make sure me and my sister never ever had to worry about anything. She worked two jobs non-stop. This is why I go so hard and put so much pain into my music.”

This year, Lil Rottie plans on focusing on going global and would like to let his listeners know that it only takes a dream and passion to make it a reality. “ A message I have to the audience is to chase your dreams. If you have an idea, bring that vision to life. You can do anything. Be big on yourself.”

Watch the video now on

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