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Independent Artist Vae Day Drops New Single “C Webb”.



Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Vae Day is an independent artist that is motivated and dedicated to his career. Known for his versatile flow and creativity, the up-and-coming artist admits his favorite part about being a musician is the creative freedom he explores while working on new music.

Starting his career nearly 6 years ago in his cousin’s home studio, Vae Day recalls enduring dark times and explains the reason why he began writing his own music was to cope with his mental health.

“I started making music in 2015 after I tore my ACL.” He admits, “It was an outlet I needed to carry me out of depression.”

Now, the independent artist doesn’t set goals when it comes to his music. Going by the motto, “The Sky Is The Limit”, Vae Day pushes himself to be the best and believes you can do anything you set your mind to.

“I’ve had plenty of jobs but none of them stuck with me.” He admits, “This music shit is something that kept my head up during rough times it’s something I’m actually really good at. Music saved my life.”

Since the start of his career, Vae Day has released 3 albums and has collaborated with several up-and-coming artists. His music has also been featured on Say Cheese and No Jumper. Recently, the independent artist dropped his single “C Webb” and confirmed there is new music on the way!

For music updates and more follow Vae Day on social media- @cloutlord_vae

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Artist To Watch

Atlanta-Based Rapper OGPD Is Up Next With His EP “1050”



For rapper OGPD, purpose and drive mean everything. That’s what propelled his debut in the world of rap and hip-hop back in 2018, and now, the Atlanta-based artist hopes to be a bona fide example of what happens when one chases their dreams, sentiments synthesized in his recently-released EP, “1050”. 

“On God Purpose Driven”, the phrase behind his name, encompasses more than who OGPD is as an artist; it’s an ode to his principles. “I’m a self-motivated, driven person,” he says. “You’ve always got to have a purpose, and if you don’t know what it is, you’ve got to find that and chase it.” For OGPD, that’s always been his practice. Now, he’s building with intention. 

The uptown Bronx-raised rapper kindled his love for music young, sitting in on his father’s at-home mixing sessions. Growing up and seeing his father, a respected DJ surrounded by figures in music like Heavy D, The Locs, and Diddy, marked the beginnings of his turn toward the world of music-making. 

But OGPD didn’t start off on the mic. “I didn’t start creating hip hop music till 2010,” he recalls. “I started as an engineer, learning from a couple Grammy engineers till around 2018.” His love for music ablaze, OGPD began to observe the climate of the rap game. The independent artist made his move to Atlanta in 2014, charged with inspiration from the city’s music scene and sounds. “I felt like I did everything rappers were doing,” he notes. “I was getting money, dressing a certain way to where everybody thought I rapped. My homie Broadway kept tryna get me to f-ck with it.” Sooner or later, it just felt meant to be, and that year, he made his rap debut with the recording of his first single. 

OGPD reflects on his roots and upbringing as he works to inspire his audience. “Just coming from the Bronx and living on 241st, you see so much sh-t from drugs. People dying, gang banging, and everybody tryna grind and get to it,” he says. “I saw 3 people get shot and murdered on my block in broad day. That sh-t made me think about ways to get out because this sh-t can’t be normal, but not on something to where I leave and don’t come back.” His purpose goes beyond his craft; it lies in his ultimate intent to give back. “It’s more of a way to impact people, and kids like me who don’t think there’s a way out.” Citing his father and music moguls like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Diddy, and Nipsey Hussle as his biggest influences, the artist has focused his sights not only on developing his artistry, but becoming a beacon of hope for others. Through it all, his motivations remain clear. “My family, my homies, and my hood, 241st and White Plains Road.”

With the release of his EP “1050” in January, OGPD has sunk into the unique angles with which he approaches his music, as well as the Caribbean-influenced melodies he attributes to his upbringing. The new project, steered by its 3 lead singles “Flooded”, “Whenever”, and “Dolce Gabbana” and now available on all streaming platforms, involves the artist stepping into and embracing all of his star qualities. Teasing another project in July and a visual to accompany one of its tracks, it is clear he is just getting started. “I make music to vibe to, to party to, and to motivate the hustlers and the people that are getting to it,” he states. “Y’all seeing the next big dope artist outta Atlanta.” 

You can stream “1050” on all platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Pandora. Look out for OGPD’s latest videos on his Youtube channel, and keep up-to-date on all his upcoming work by following his Instagram, @_ogpd_! 

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Sean Cole Unleashes Compelling Video For “Ma Drip”




“Ma Drip,” from Sean Cole’s latest project, Timeless, is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Minnesota-based rapper, Sean Cole, is making waves with his catchy lyrics and melodic sound. The rapper sound is known for that late-night vibe type of sound, reminiscent of Drake while rapping about real things, such as his “upbringing, his struggles, his success, his journey, and ultimately” making a better life for his family.

Sean’s latest project is full of bops that will definitely get you moving around and bobbing your head. The twelve-track project is full of catchy punchlines and a hell of a rhythm. The project does not disappoint one bit. 

The visual for “Ma Drip” has officially been released, and it’s everything fans can be excited about. Watch it below.

The Cash Money AP-produced track showcases Sean Cole quite literally “drippin” in money throughout the video. Flexing his chains and his outfit as he makes his way through the scenes.

Highlighting some standout anthem tracks from the project, “Ma Drip,” No Assist,” and “Squad,” featuring OG Maco, are all banging songs with memorable lyrics and an impeccable cadence. His other standout track, “Tap Out,” has a chiller sound but is still an anthem regardless and something that you can vibe out. 

Sean Cole’s sound on the project is fun and versatile. He showcases his authenticity, which can be seen by his musical influences “Mel Davis, Jay Z, Kanye West, Musiq Soulchild, and Marvin Gaye.” Their originality and zest have certainly played a role in shaping Sean Cole’s melodic sound. 

“You know my music represents the people who have big dreams, to the people who do not have the opportunity to get their voice heard,” Sean Cole says. “Through my music, they can finally feel represented, like their voice matters.” 

Sean’s message is evident in his music, continuously talking about his life and struggles and just trying to make it for his family’s sake, and mother who is still in Libera, and make them as proud as possible. He makes music so people can relate to his story and the struggles he has faced. 

Make sure to check out the “Ma Drip” visual and follow Sean Cole on IG @SeanColeOfficial.

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BurnaMaleik Is Here To Stay With New Visual Project ‘U Evol I’




St. Louis rapper Burna Maleik takes pride in his versatility and the diversity of his sound, be on the lookout for his new project, U Evol I, out everywhere now!

Brandon Maleik Hawkins, known by his artist name, BurnaMaleik, is a St. Louis artist making a name for himself with his versatile sound and lyrical wordplay. With his ability to adapt to any beat, whether that be R&B, traditional hip-hop, or trap, BurnaMaleik can acclimate to any sound and make it his own. He’s a unique artist to be on the lookout for because his diverse sound is what makes him different than his peers.

Starting his journey in music at the very young age of 10 but not seriously starting pursuing it until he was in his 20s, BurnaMaleik claims his upbringing has influenced his music and sound growing up. He says his parents are responsible for his versatility and diverse sound because they exposed him to different artists and genres. “From Luther Vandross to the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,” the variation of melody is what BurnaMaleik says influenced him and his relationship with music. 

“I pride myself on the variety of sounds I make as an artist,” he said in a recent interview. “When the record comes on, you know it’s BurnaMaleik, and no matter what style of rap you prefer, BurnaMaleik will have at least one record you enjoy.”

His love for music and his fans keeps him motivated and gives him the tenacity to keep doing better. Burna wants his fans to take away that his music has both the fun-trap beat and the conscious flow on the same track, and that you do not need to limit yourself and with one or the other because the two can exist simultaneously. 

Burna feels there is no “need to take away substance to make hit records” and that you can have the hard beat with a conscious flow at the same time. He hopes his audience understands that they too can make songs with lyrical content and a message over a fun-beat. 

His newest project, U Evol I, has an overall Trap-Soul album feel, with the versatility and lyrical malice that audiences have come to expect from BurnaMaleik. U Evol I is Burna’s first official EP in his discography. The project is a visual and conceptual album and gives you a visual representation of light to darkness, from the albums’ start to finish. 

The visual project is an extension of his music, as each song takes you deeper and deeper into this sensual world and the dangers of love and trust created by BurnaMaleik. The visual takes place in a hotel room, where the scene goes from light to dark, or happy and sexual to mysterious and sinister. The energy changes as time passes in the hotel room, making for an incredible narrative and idea for a video. BurnaMaliek’s visual highlights a different aspect of the song. BurnaMaliek expands and illustrates each lyric of his song onto the screen up until the ultimate climax of his story, the demise of love and his partner being collateral damage. 

The project is creatively impressive and is available on all streaming platforms. In the meantime, also stay in touch with BurnaMaleik via his IG @burnamaleik

Check out his latest visual album, U EVOLI, below.

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