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How Important Sound Is As A Rapper



”Yo? Are you ready to record?”

You nod your head excitedly and head over to the recording booth. The song that you wrote on your iPhone last night in between Full House episodes is the one that’s going to get you into the discussion for XXL 2019. You read through it over and over before you went to bed and decided to avoid looking at it in the morning: you want to go in the booth fresh, ready to destroy it. You walk into the booth and look through the slim window, giving the man behind the controls the thumbs up. As crisp drums shoot through the earphones you have on, you grab the mic and wait to come in when the time is right.

Only you wait. Wait some more. You hesitate and wait again, for the next go round. Only it never comes. You realize that you don’t know your sound.

We are in the midst of a generation of very intelligent artists. There are wordsmiths that can string together incredibly complex ballads that will send a listener to grab the dictionary off the nearest shelf. Since traditional hip-hop listeners believe that this is all it takes to be successful, why isn’t everyone hopping on private jets?

Since there are so many people capable of doing the same thing, what separates stars from regulars is their sound. How they craft everything else besides lyrics. An aesthetic that leaves the listener literally anxious for more. Sound. It’s so powerful that people who reinvent a failing one are able to dramatically improve their careers with the snap of a finger.

Why doesn’t everyone have sound?

When you step into the booth and record a song, rather haphazardly, you’ve created a sound. It may not be a good one, but it’s going to stick with you. When you record the next song, that previously established sound (whether good or bad) sticks with the listener and could potentially persuade them not to listen to it. That’s why its important to create a sound that people will want to listen to over and over again.

Do you know how to find it? There’s no magical trick. You need to experiment and find what works best for you. Try to be as unique as possible. Have you ever listened to Divine Council? Their in-house producer ICYTWAT has created an instantly recognizable sound that has propelled the group to the stratosphere. Think of this when you craft your sound; create one that resonates with people to keep them hungry.

Once you find your sound, don’t be afraid to change it if it isn’t receiving the reception that you want. That’s what keeps aspiring artists from achieving the success that they so desperately desire: a stubborn fascination with the sound that they know. It stems from fear of the unknown. But every listener in the history of the world respects artists more who experiment with new ideas instead of keeping with older ones.

As you begin to write-no-begin to think of writing a song, think about the sound behind it. Think about how you can change and warp it by experimenting with different ideas. Once you do this and find the sound that works for you as well as your audience, you’ll be on your way to sold out shows at Coachella.

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Adam Ness Impresses With Silky New Single “Houzkatz” Featuring Durand Bernarr




When it comes to the silky-smooth sounds of Neo Soul, there are no finer artists than Adam Ness. Raised in Detroit but now based in Chicago, he is the epitome of a fully-formed talent who is intricate, refined and simply sublime. He’s back with new music, and this time he delivered “Houzkatz” with talented R&B artist Durand Bernarr. The song is a masterpiece and puts Ness’ talents on full display.

Benefitting from an education in Gospel, the lush sounds that tug at the emotional heart strings gave him the building blocks to pursue a career that is delivering music of the highest quality. Touching people on both a spiritual and musical level, he has uniquely developed a style that sits comfortably alongside artists like Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Maxwell and the eternally brilliant Erykah Badu.

Lush harmonies, deep grooves, inspirational lyrics and fresh perspectives await the audience as Adam delivers on every single promise he has ever made. Destroying stereotypical storylines with his sumptuous songs, he is building on his first critically acclaimed album released in 2019 titled ‘Sagittarius Volume 1’.

Completing the emotional circle, ‘Sagittarius Volume 2’ is about Adam’s journey through young adulthood and a testament to an artist led by the flames of desire. Meticulously crafted with exquisite touches, the album is a clear example of why he sells out venues in Chicago and beyond.

With nearly a million plays on Spotify alone, audiences are beginning to take serious note of Adam Ness as his music is undeniably spreading the positive message the world needs right now. His humility and burning desire to share a message of love, peace and hope transcends the every day challenges that people endure. There is so much beauty in his work that it is hard to imagine a future without it.

“It’s ok to be yourself and get the things you’re deserving of. Being soft doesn’t diminish your power. It elevates and inspires.”

Be sure to check out “Houzkatz” below.

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Atlanta Artist DavidTheTragic Unleashes New Visual Titled “ALLERGY”



DavidTheTragic has proven himself to be one of the most diligent and original stylists in Atlanta ever since he broke through the underground in early 2019. Since then, he has released three tapes, “Fit In,” “Bender,” and “How It Feel,” which all act as evidence for his improving and expanding abilities as an emcee. David manages to stand out in the hip-hop mecca by being a keen expressionist who uses articulate lyricism and gruff flows to paint lofty portraits of his psyche. He resides in a similar introspective lane as Kenny Mason, Ovrcast, Jelani Imani, and Mavi. His newest single + video, “ALLERGY,” is yet another testament to DavidTheTragic’s originality and masterful rapping ability. It’s clear that no one else sounds like him or flows like him right now. The video, directed by Brendan Mcgregor, matches the aesthetic of David’s recent videos for singles “Money First” and “Lori.” It shifts from scenes of intense color correction to David on a roof or in an alley shaking his dreads and talking his shit. The track is a two and a half minute frenzy of clever bars: “I was on a year long bender / These n***as my son like Simba / She like when I hit from the fender…Underground like Master Splinter…Egotistical I suppose / I just move with the highs and lows…I ain’t hatin’ on a n***a that look like me / Please hit me with zeros I ain’t doin’ no shit for clout or IG.” It sounds as if David hopped in the booth then splatter painted the beat with everything that was on his mind at the time. 

DavidTheTragic – Instagram & Twitter

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Professional Sports Agent Sal Jobe Takes Athletes To New Heights With Next Level Collective




Sal Jobe, who is a novelist, actor, and professional sports agent, who was born and bred in East London, has gone a long way from the youthful passion-fueled athlete who played football all through school and competed in numerous competitions. He became acutely aware of the difficulties that come with not having an agent throughout the course of his athletic career.

“I had the physical ability and mental capacity to rise through the ranks, but something was missing. Later on, I realized that I needed someone who could pull strings and support me in my bid to be the best,” shared Sal Jobe.

This well-respected expert is now representing some of the greatest names in the business, driven by the desire to serve as a pillar for others. Sal Jobe, the CEO of Next Level Collective, a fast-growing organization that helps the world’s most elite athletes achieve greater heights, has earned a reputation for going above and beyond in connecting individuals under his wing with the chances they require.

It’s no wonder that Sal Jobe draws inspiration from well-known figures who have helped hopefuls achieve success. He’s looked up to powerhouses like Will Smith, Eric Thomas, and Michael Jordan from the start, not just because they’ve all overcome adversity and come out on top, but also because of how they’ve used their clout to help others.

Sal Jobe has steered a lengthy list of doers in the correct way thus far, and he continues to win the respect of countless sportsmen. His skills, as well as the fact that he is aware of the realities faced by athletes all over the world, have helped him create a respected reputation in the field. Furthermore, by his personal tale of perseverance in the face of adversity, he was able to gain the trust and respect of a large number of people.

Sal Jobe may be anticipated to do much more in the future years as he solidifies his reputation. Sal Jobe hopes to pave the way to success for more athletes and self-starters by establishing new agencies and publishing books that shed light on what it takes to achieve one’s goals. Regardless of the nature of his future endeavors, one thing will remain constant: the reminder that life’s difficulties may come and go, but they will not stay indefinitely.

Keep up with him on Instagram @saljobeofficial.

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