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Empire Jewelers: The Industry’s Best In The Business



Empire Jewelers has taken the jewelry game to a whole new level. Working with stars such as Jaydayoungan, Fatboy SSE, Funnymike, and even social media sensation Supreme Patty. Their Instagram showcases a huge gallery of celebrities they’ve made these unique 1 of 1 custom pieces for. Empire Jewelers was founded in 2017 by 18-year-old Munish Ali, better known as “Mo” & friends (Malik & Tan). Starting this young, they were not being taken seriously by clients or competition. Fortunately, they

The company originally started as a middle-of-the-mall kiosk in a North Houston Mall, which they started with the little money they had saved up fresh out of high school. Mo & his team of young entrepreneurs worked their way up one client at a time & went on to build their own literal Empire where now they cater to some of the biggest names in the game. Empire Jewelers to this day now has a total of 4 retail locations, 3 in Houston & 1 in Austin, Texas, including a large showroom located in Houston. Along with a huge social media presence on Instagram @Empirejewelersofficial, where you can see a wide selection of their custom work.

There’s Not Many Jewelers Who Can Do What Empire Jewelers Does

Empire Jewelers specializes in Custom Jewelry, “You imagine it, we bring it to life!” is the motto they go by. And they do just that; as long as you can imagine it, they will make it happen. Their Instagram showcases a variety of 1 custom pieces they’ve done for countless clients. Some of these pieces include a massive “Mufasa” piece done for Fatboy SSE with over 30 carats of diamonds & his actual face tattoos on the piece itself. Another unique piece is the “ Stoned Spongebob” piece made for Supreme Patty. In which Spongebob is holding a joint and clearly intoxicated with strung-out red eyes.

Their unique pieces show how creative you can get with Empire Jewelers when designing your piece. Moreover, along with custom jewelry, Empire Jewelers has a big selection of luxury timepieces/watches. These include names like Rolex, Cartier, AP, Hublot, etc. These are to name a few. Empire Jewelers are willing to ice out any timepiece that their customers bring in.

Lastly, Empire Jewelers is a Houston-area company, so they make A LOT of Grillz. They like to claim that they supply more than half of the city with their grillz, proclaiming themselves as “Houston’s Jewelers.” When it comes to grillz, they do it all, solid, diamonds, etc. They specialize in diamond grillz and have some of the best settings in the game. From Honeycomb, Invisible, to even Hybrid setting! They work with all metals, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and more. Moreover, with all real diamonds and precious gemstones.

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Deorsey Ardae Strikes The Music Scene Once Again With Latest Single “Cute As A Button”



Cali-born but Texas-raised hip-hop artist Deorsey Ardae might have just found his calling in music last year, but the way he has sunk into his refreshing and authentic sound is rare. Released this past year, Deorsey’s debut album “Takes Time” is out now on all streaming platforms. The project’s hit single “Big Star” was most notably featured on NBA2K21, as well as the game’s accompanying Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Now, Deorsey is back with more. Carried by his voice alone, his latest single “Cute As A Button” is an alluring and seductive sneak peek into his upcoming sophomore album “Takes Time 2”, set for release next year along with a few new visuals also set to drop soon. 

While Deorsey Ardae has impressively made his place in the world of music as both an independent artist and owner of his own record label “Takes Time Entertainment” so early on in his career, his goals—as the titles of his albums state with transparency—took time to come to fruition. Jumping from job to job, Deorsey revolved through the possibilities of becoming everything from a probation officer to a catastrophe adjuster for an insurance company; however, in spite of the obstacles and career changes, his magnetic attraction toward music persisted. His love for the craft took root early on, with his mother encouraging Deorsey to sing as a child and his brother urging him to start rapping. In due time, Deorsey made the decision to start betting on himself, and he began to pursue music full-time. 

Citing his mother and father as his biggest motivators, Deorsey writes all his own music and lets his sound speak for itself. “I am 100% original in the way I approach each song,” he says. “I don’t use autotune… I rely on my voice to carry me.” For Deorsey, there’s a difference between a sound being influenced by the game and a sound being influential to the game. His work, he says, is the latter. 

Now, Deorsey strives to continue to make heartfelt music, and to attract everything that’s meant for him. “I am looking to make a worldwide impact in the hip-hop/rap genre. I want to impact the future generation and let them know you can talk about more than just guns and violence and still be a dope artist,” he explains. “I also want to inspire people, and let them know it’s never too late to follow your dreams and succeed. Don’t be afraid of the unknown or sacrificing your career to follow your dreams.”

Stream Deorsey Ardae’s latest single “Cute As A Button” off his upcoming project, as well as his debut album “Takes Time” out now on all streaming platforms! Continue following Deorsey’s journey by following him on Instagram @Deorsey_Ardae, TikTok @DeorseyArdae, Twitter @Dorsey2D, and Youtube, and look out for his upcoming project “Takes Time 2”, set for release in 2022!

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Cocanina releases personal manifesto with “Do My Best,” showcasing her authentic, vulnerable, and cathartic sound




Cocanina is a singer from Toronto, Canada, on the brink of motherhood and stardom.

Cocanina is a songstress from Toronto, Canada, that is blooming with potential, as she just released her new track, “Do My Best.” The song is cathartic as it is about her journey into motherhood, a journey into the unknown, so Cocanina leaves it all out on the track, claiming that no matter what, she will “Do Her Best.” 

She talks about her trials and tribulations as someone who was not expecting to be pregnant yet still feels blessed with the opportunity.

“I did my first ultrasound thinking I had an ulcer, and they told me I was pregnant,” Cocanina. “I went straight to the studio and tracked the song. When I heard the heartbeat and realized I was going to be a mom, I never felt so alive.” 

The track is introspective yet has this mesmerizing flow and electrifying tune that makes the track pure anthem! Cocanina keeps it real, even admitting she might slip up and not be the perfect mom, but she will always love and do everything for her kid. And that is all that matters. On the track, Cocanina serenades how she and her kid are “meant to be together, like the Earth around the Sun.”

Cocanina’s song is a vulnerable proclamation, as she talks about her future, her relationship with her future kid, and just feelings of concern, as she explains, “no longer being single, forever an attachment. Being a mom and accepting the fact that life is going to change in a major way. Finding the light in the situation and being excited and terrified at the same time.” 

Cocanina’s “Do My Best” hits in all the right ways as she reflects on not pursuing music in the song to being scared she won’t be a good mother. Cocanina leaves her listeners with this relatable fear of being a good parent, portraying that authentically and realistically, making her stand out even more as an artist and a lyricist. 

Be sure to stay in touch with Cocanina via social media Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok @Cocanina5, her website Website:, and on Facebook: cocaninaslimnina to see any forthcoming music is coming your way! As Cocanina is working on a follow-up to her “401 West” single. As well as a “Caribbean EP for [her] Trinidad people in December, and then a full-length album in February.” 

In the meantime, check out Cocanina’s latest release, “Do My Best,” below! 

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“It’s Bigger Than Me”: “First Lady 3” Producer DeJuan Ford On Storytelling and Film Production



Executive producer and actor DeJuan Ford is coming out with a heap of exciting new projects, the latest having been “First Lady 3”, starring actress Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander in her returning role as Maria throughout the greater “First Lady” trilogy. The film premiered early this summer in June, another production brought to us by DeJuan Ford Productions— Ford’s own production company that he founded and runs, also responsible for producing such films as “McGraw Ave” and “Indictment: Who Is Johnathon Carter?”. 

A self-described “cable guy turned independent film producer”, DeJuan Ford has travelled far to become the serial entrepreneur he is now. As many do in the film industry, he started off as a film lover– though not with dreams to become a producer, but to become an actor. Growing up, his mother worked at the local movie theatre. “[My sibling and I] pretty much lived there,” he recalls. “We would spend days bouncing from theatre to theatre watching movies.” Also taking in his teachers’ encouragement to start acting, Ford would audition and get cast in lead roles for school plays, eventually working his way up to auditioning for films and seeing his face on the big screen. 

Like most good things, the world of production came to DeJuan Ford cloaked in disguise. His first encounter with the possible notion of film producing felt more like a roadblock than an open door. “I auditioned and won a huge role with Mula Films,” he reflects. “I was cut after the first table read.” Although he was initially upset about the cut, he began to understand that his role in the film industry was bigger than just being an actor. “After speaking with a few people within the [Mula Films] organization, the message became clear,” Ford says. “The Detroit independent film culture needed more executive producers, more people willing to invest their resources into bringing these projects to life. We have a very talented culture here in Detroit. I want to continue to share my resources and make dreams come true!”

For DeJuan Ford, that’s what it all comes down to: storytelling, sharing his blessings, and inspiring others to chase their dreams. He is, after all, a living example of what happens when one attracts the energy they put out. He insists that if he can do it, others can. “It’s bigger than me,” he asserts. “I am blessed with the opportunity to inspire others through this art form. Each film has a different message… My plan is to impact everyone. I have some really provocative and controversial scripts that I am working on as we speak.” Coming out of the release of “First Lady 3”, DeJuan Ford continues to support creators chasing their dreams and is working on three more independent films to be released this year. Through and through, he hones the impact he has as a leader on set, in his personal life as a father, and in the influential role his story has on aspiring film producers. When it comes to bearing these responsibilities, DeJuan Ford’s goal is simple. “[I plan to] continue to evolve, becoming not just a better producer and actor, but a better man, father, and partner to others.” 

If you missed out on seeing “First Lady 3” when it premiered in June, now’s your chance! Watch the trailer for “First Lady 3” here and stream the full movie on Tubi TV. Be sure to keep watching and tuning into DeJuan Ford’s work by following him on Instagram @DeJuanFord and Facebook!

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