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Deorsey Ardae Strikes The Music Scene Once Again With Latest Single “Cute As A Button”



Cali-born but Texas-raised hip-hop artist Deorsey Ardae might have just found his calling in music last year, but the way he has sunk into his refreshing and authentic sound is rare. Released this past year, Deorsey’s debut album “Takes Time” is out now on all streaming platforms. The project’s hit single “Big Star” was most notably featured on NBA2K21, as well as the game’s accompanying Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Now, Deorsey is back with more. Carried by his voice alone, his latest single “Cute As A Button” is an alluring and seductive sneak peek into his upcoming sophomore album “Takes Time 2”, set for release next year along with a few new visuals also set to drop soon. 

While Deorsey Ardae has impressively made his place in the world of music as both an independent artist and owner of his own record label “Takes Time Entertainment” so early on in his career, his goals—as the titles of his albums state with transparency—took time to come to fruition. Jumping from job to job, Deorsey revolved through the possibilities of becoming everything from a probation officer to a catastrophe adjuster for an insurance company; however, in spite of the obstacles and career changes, his magnetic attraction toward music persisted. His love for the craft took root early on, with his mother encouraging Deorsey to sing as a child and his brother urging him to start rapping. In due time, Deorsey made the decision to start betting on himself, and he began to pursue music full-time. 

Citing his mother and father as his biggest motivators, Deorsey writes all his own music and lets his sound speak for itself. “I am 100% original in the way I approach each song,” he says. “I don’t use autotune… I rely on my voice to carry me.” For Deorsey, there’s a difference between a sound being influenced by the game and a sound being influential to the game. His work, he says, is the latter. 

Now, Deorsey strives to continue to make heartfelt music, and to attract everything that’s meant for him. “I am looking to make a worldwide impact in the hip-hop/rap genre. I want to impact the future generation and let them know you can talk about more than just guns and violence and still be a dope artist,” he explains. “I also want to inspire people, and let them know it’s never too late to follow your dreams and succeed. Don’t be afraid of the unknown or sacrificing your career to follow your dreams.”

Stream Deorsey Ardae’s latest single “Cute As A Button” off his upcoming project, as well as his debut album “Takes Time” out now on all streaming platforms! Continue following Deorsey’s journey by following him on Instagram @Deorsey_Ardae, TikTok @DeorseyArdae, Twitter @Dorsey2D, and Youtube, and look out for his upcoming project “Takes Time 2”, set for release in 2022!

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Mike Atlas Released His New Single “Graveyard Story”



Houston, Texas Native Mike Atlas looks to go worldwide with his new single “Graveyard Story.” With his lethal and melodic sound, he looks to inspire many throughout the world, showing that anything is possible through his hard work and dedication. This lyrical nightmare is inspired by some of the greats. (Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, to name a few).

2021 was a hard year for the independent artist. Losing two of his closest friends and biggest supporters through his journey was tough, but added more fuel to his fire and desire. “I feel they driving me to a higher purpose with my talents to truly live out my dream not only for them but myself.” Through his strength and determination the Houston rapper looks to make his mark in 2022 after a rough 2021.


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Lil Bape Shares The Artist Who He Looks Up To



Being relatively new to the music game, Lil Bape likes to learn from artists he looks up to: A Boogie, Justin Bieber, and 2Pac, just to name a few. By tapping into the artists he grew up listening to, Lil Bape is always inspired to refine his own sound, making it unique to him.

“ My style is original and unique. I would describe my sound as diverse because I can go from one genre to the next.”

Though he may find inspiration in other artists, he also finds a lot of motivation and support from friends and family. Starting music at the age of 15, Lil Bape was often exploring his outlets with other family members who were also into music. He only began to take it seriously when he recorded his first record in full in a studio. He credits his father for his work ethic and determination in his goals.

“ My dad is my motivation. I saw him start from the bottom, never giving up and always going after what he wanted. Our bond motivates me to strive to succeed so that if and when I ever have kids, I could do the same for them.”

Lil Bape has released his latest EP, “Zipped Up In My Tears”, which is available for streaming on all platforms.

Check out Lil Bape on [youtube] and keep up with him on social media.

IG: @LilBape2418

YouTube Channel: Lil Bape  

TikTok: LilBape2418

Twitter : @Lilbape2418

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Frank Roth Is A Rising DJ Who’s Killing It Right Now




Often dubbed “The Elephant In The Room,” The Dominican/American Bronx native DJ, Frank Roth has succeeded in standing out from the crowd, both on and off the turntables. With more than seven years of DJing under his belt, he’s quickly become one of New York City’s most respected up-and-coming DJs.

Roth’s DJ career evolved as he began filling rooms with his unique energized “open format” DJ style that often fuses hip-hop, Latin, Top 40 and other genres. In 2014, he won “Best DJ on the Rise” in the nationwide Latin Mixx Awards. It was also at this time that Roth began his role as producer on the #1 rated overnight radio show on NYC’s WWPR Power 105.1. You can listen to Roth live every weekend as a Mixshow DJ on Power 105.1.

Along with his professionalism, Roth embodies the versatile and vibrant energy of New York City. He has high-profile clients spanning across the nation and can be found catering to his community DJing at festivals, parades, and school functions.

On Saturday, October 30th, Frank Roth partnered with hospitality entrepreneur Miguel Plaza and The Reserved Group to headline one of the biggest and most innovative Halloween experiences in NYC, Haunting on Hells Kitchen.

The event took place at HK Hall (formerly known as Stage 48 for 3,000 guests. This was Frank’s first event of such magnitude. The highlight of the night was the highly anticipated entrance of “The Elephant In The Room” Frank Roth, being guided out onto the stage by a chain held by a woman, revealing Frank Roth in an extravagant elephant headpiece, embodying the versatility and vibrant energy of NYC he is known for.

Even though, Frank Roth has performed and done shows at large scale venues such as football stadiums, music festivals & Music tours, the major success of Haunting On Hell’s Kitchen has become the proudest moment of his career and due to the major success of this event, Frank Roth has decided to continue curating more special events of this scale.

Keep an eye on this “Elephant In The Room” as he continues to take his talents on the road and perform hundreds of live events on a national and international scale. Make sure to Follow him on social media for dates on his upcoming events.

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