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Drea Dominique Releases “I Know You Want It”



Reality stars unite as Drea Dominique (Bad Girls Club Season 9) and Safaree (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood) have debuted the official video for Drea’s Caribbean-tinged new single “I Know You Want It.” Produced by Travis Kr8ts (K. Michelle, Dem Franchize Boyz), “I Know You Want It” is an upbeat track that delivers a classic message with a confident take: “If you really want it, you gotta show me.” Drea breaks it down emphasizing the value of her time, the work a man needs to put in to prove himself, and how he might just “miss out on a bad one” if he doesn’t.

Just as meticulously as she chose her team when bringing the track to fruition, the video was no different. Director Marcus Paulk not only has experience behind the camera, but in front of it as well, having been in the UPN sitcom ‘Moesha’ as the character Myles Mitchell. Paulk then went on to be a casting director, producer and for this video, the director storyteller that translates Drea’s lyrics into a magnificent display. Paulk executes the vision flawlessly with vivid scenes and stunning imagery. 

The viewer is taken through the busy nightclub, to a neon-lit hallway (where Drea walks her sexy lioness-human), then all the way up as she and Safaree take it to the rooftop overlooking the city skyline. It is on this rooftop that both artists made a proud homage to their heritage as one dancer waves a Puerto Rican Flag (for Drea Dominique’s mixed Puerto Rican and Black heritage) and the other a Jamaican flag (for Safaree’s Jamaican heritage). Here Safaree delivers his verse impeccably. Drea then delivers her last verse before cozying up to him fireside before we are left with the closing scene of an empty rooftop. A sure to be summer hit, the “I Know You Want It” music video will be another in a series of wins for this skillful songstress. 

Check it out below!

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Artist To Watch

Seymore Dough & Benny The Butcher Drops Must-Hear New Single, “Stand Still”



Seymore Dough, a Tri-State recording artist with crafty rhymes and a bright future, teams up with one of hip-hop’s best lyricists, Benny The Butcher, for the hard-hitting new single titled “Stand Still.”

Produced by Chillion Daviz, the new song showcases the new kid trades witty wordplay, undeniable hook, and knockout punchlines with Buffalo’s coldest emcee as the two talk about the haters, the grind, and purpose. Standing toe-to-toe with The Butcher proves that Seymore Dough is an artist to watch in 2024.

Along with The Butcher, rising Seymore has collaborated with New York’s finest rappers, such as Stove God Cooks and 38 Spesh. He also received a significant shoutout from Newark’s own Redman. “Stand Still” follows last year’s album, The MVP of Spliffer Bowl III.

Brief backstory on Seymore Dough: best known for last summer’s “Independence Day,” the rapper developed a fanbase with his dedication, resilience, and creativity. He is known for his ridiculous wordplay and is making waves in the Tri-State area. JC-rhymer’s raw and authentic lyricism and dedication make him a force to be reckoned with in Jersey City.

“Stand Still” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the new rap star. After “Stand Still,” feel free to continue following Seymore Dough on social media for daily updates and more. Benny The Butcher appears on the track courtesy of Def Jam Recordings.

Stream “Stand Still” below.

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4sho Ave.

Luclover Releases New Visual “Willy Wonka 2”



Ryan Mounfik, also known as Luclover, is a musical prodigy from Boston, raised in H-Town. He makes his mainstream introduction with his latest single “Willy Wonka 2.”

Luclover’s passion for music began at 13 when he teamed up with his best friend to create their own sound. Influenced by Juice WRLD, he values pure creativity and authenticity.

He started his musical journey in his friend’s home studio, where he created viral tracks on Soundcloud as a teenager. Since then, he has built a solid audience and explored various genres within pop culture, including hip-hop, rap, rock, and pop.

Luclover’s talent is evident in his popular singles “L$D” and “Benihana,” which have helped him gain widespread recognition. It is evident that he is dedicated to engaging with his followers across various social media platforms, where he interacts with thousands of people. Luclover hints at an upcoming album titled x((, while fans await his debut project.

Luclover’s authentic and positive musical vibe has steadily grown his fanbase, offering diverse options for music lovers to resonate with. “Willy Wonka 2” is a preview of what’s to come for the rising star.

Get familiar below.

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Artist To Watch

Beauxx Releases New EP, ‘S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)’ EP



Beauxx, a rising R&B artist from the West Coast, just dropped a new EP called S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) on Valentine’s Day. The four-track project offers a unique take on the emotions and experiences associated with love and relationships, with production from Cypress Moreno, ViperBeats, Grand Nelson, Mxller, Imregii, and ilikeitmendez.

Beauxx redefines Valentine’s Day as a day for self-reflection and self-discovery. S.A.D. reminds people to evaluate their relationships and determine their partners’ intentions.

The EP by Beauxx dives into the complexities of modern dating, skillfully crafting a relatable and captivating narrative for listeners.
Casey Veggies is the only featured artist in the EP, adding authenticity and versatility to the project for fans across genres to enjoy.

Beauxx – the rising R&B and Hip-Hop star – captivates with his unique sound and poignant storytelling, setting him apart as one to watch.

S.A.D. could be a game-changer for the music industry, cementing Beauxx’s status as a pioneer in the West Coast music scene. Its introspective themes and catchy beats have the potential to resonate with audiences long after its release.

Discover Beauxx, the rising West Coast R&B artist with a unique blend of modern R&B and Hip-Hop influences. With relatable lyrics and captivating performances, he’s been making waves since his debut in 2021.

Stream the new project below.

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