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ImSoMaleek Continues to Shift the Sound of R&B with his Latest Tape, ‘Soul Shift’



ImSoMaleek is back on his grind with his new EP, Soul Shift, a five-track record that showcases ImSoMaleek’s versatility as he delivers hit after hit.

ImSoMaleek, a Bronx native, currently based in New York, NY, is back and ready for action with his new EP, Soul Shift. The EP is meant to shift the way audiences view R&B by changing the definition of contemporary R&B. With a background as grand as ImSoMaleek’s, playing Simba in the Broadway adaptation of The Lion King, it is no wonder he is changing the game the way he is now. From a variety of beats on his Soul Shift EP, ImSoMaleek proves his diversity as an artist mixing and blending sounds, crafting a pure masterpiece. 

Soul Shift is an entire mood, creating a fun and poppy vibe that makes you want to live life to its fullest. ImSoMaleek’s music’s filled with vitality and love as each beat is pure magic. From his work on his haunting track “D’evils,” which is an intimate look into IamSoMaleek’s life as he raps and sings about the trials and tribulations of his life, trying to prove himself as an artist, being a father, and so much more as he gets vulnerable about his experiences. “D’evils” is also the only visual off of the EP so far, so it is an exceptional use of storytelling as ImSoMaleek takes you on a journey of his daily life. 

D’evils,” however, isn’t the only remarkable song on Soul Shift. From “Gotta Get It,” a pure vibe that’s full of vibrant sounds, emotion, and just phenomenal energy. The track will get anyone moving as he fluctuates the sound in the beat, making for an electrifying trance. With other hit songs showcasing his diversity off the EP, such as “Bad Vibes” and “Slow Jiggle,” ImSoMaleek’s Soul Shift EP is one of the most versatile must-listen to R&B projects of the year. 

Be sure to tap in with ImSoMaleek via Instagram @imsomaleek, as he is gearing up to drop an album, ‘King Of The Hill,” narrated by Dave East, soon. 

In the meantime, scope out ImSoMaleek’s latest project, Soul Shift EP, below! 

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Adam Ness Impresses With Silky New Single “Houzkatz” Featuring Durand Bernarr




When it comes to the silky-smooth sounds of Neo Soul, there are no finer artists than Adam Ness. Raised in Detroit but now based in Chicago, he is the epitome of a fully-formed talent who is intricate, refined and simply sublime. He’s back with new music, and this time he delivered “Houzkatz” with talented R&B artist Durand Bernarr. The song is a masterpiece and puts Ness’ talents on full display.

Benefitting from an education in Gospel, the lush sounds that tug at the emotional heart strings gave him the building blocks to pursue a career that is delivering music of the highest quality. Touching people on both a spiritual and musical level, he has uniquely developed a style that sits comfortably alongside artists like Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Maxwell and the eternally brilliant Erykah Badu.

Lush harmonies, deep grooves, inspirational lyrics and fresh perspectives await the audience as Adam delivers on every single promise he has ever made. Destroying stereotypical storylines with his sumptuous songs, he is building on his first critically acclaimed album released in 2019 titled ‘Sagittarius Volume 1’.

Completing the emotional circle, ‘Sagittarius Volume 2’ is about Adam’s journey through young adulthood and a testament to an artist led by the flames of desire. Meticulously crafted with exquisite touches, the album is a clear example of why he sells out venues in Chicago and beyond.

With nearly a million plays on Spotify alone, audiences are beginning to take serious note of Adam Ness as his music is undeniably spreading the positive message the world needs right now. His humility and burning desire to share a message of love, peace and hope transcends the every day challenges that people endure. There is so much beauty in his work that it is hard to imagine a future without it.

“It’s ok to be yourself and get the things you’re deserving of. Being soft doesn’t diminish your power. It elevates and inspires.”

Be sure to check out “Houzkatz” below.

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Doeboi909 Brings The Heat On New Project ‘Trap Babies 2’




Doeboi909 is a rapper from San Bernardino who has gained a following for his west coast trap-style gutter rap. Trap Babies 2 is his latest effort and it’s already received incredible responses. The project serves as a testament to his artistic abilities, and it pushes his creative bounds even further as he uses wordplay, lyricism, and his flow to create the ultimate vibe throughout the entire project.

The most anticipated feature on the project was him and Frostydasnowmann’s collaboration, “HUNNED OFF DA PHONE,” in which Doeboi and Frostydasnowmann swap rhymes about “getting it on [their] own.” The song has a slower speed, but yet has a good vibe to it, making it more of an anthem in terms of how it stimulates people and leaves them wanting more.

“Dirty,” which features long-time partner Swifty Blue as well as Jose Guapo, is a standout on the project. Other ones include “stick wit a beam,” “Drama,” and, last but not least, “REUP,” which are a few more outstanding tunes on the album. Doeboi909 leaves nothing undone in his latest album, rapping about everything and everything. Trap Babies 2 by Doeboi909 is one of his greatest albums to date, as he improved his style and created a must-listen album for 2021. Doeboi909, an up-and-coming rapper, establishes himself as a talent to watch.

Keep up with Doeboi909 on social media @doeboi909 on Instagram as he prepares to release some new tunes in the near future.

Stream ‘Trap Babies 2’ below.

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ZayZayy Drops Hot New Song “Walk Wit It”




ZayZayy is bringing the heat this summer! Steadily providing music that’s unique, creative, and always tells a story, ZayZayy has been climbing up the ranks and delivering nothing but hits for his audiences. He’s an up-and-coming artist who is eagerly anticipating his turn in the spotlight. He recently released his new track “Walk Wit It,” which displays his abilities on a whole new level and solidifies him as someone to keep an eye on.

The song is catchy and ultimately relates to a real-life experience that ZayZayy had.

“I would describe my sound as ‘reality’ in a sense to anyone who may not be familiar,” he said. “It’s a sound a lot of people tend to relate to.”

With this new tune, the independent artist, who hails from Liberia, Africa, shows the world what he’s capable of. It’s a profound, introspective track that relates to ZayZayy’s recent experience.

“The song was inspired by a break-in at my apartment while I was out of town in NY and translated into me writing a song about ‘when doing something good, the hate is going to come – gotta embrace it!’” ZayZayy explained in a recent interview.

ZayZayy’s resolve to push even harder was fueled by the song, which he wrote after his flat was broken into. According to him, it was an awful scenario that finally inspired him to write “Walk Wit It” and accept the truth that success is accompanied by hatred. “Walk Wit It” is a nice single that showcases ZayZayy’s narrative and lyrical talents. It features a nice chorus and, in the end, a relaxed atmosphere with some singing and melodic rapping.

In terms of who ZayZayy is as an artist, he claims he is influenced by Davido, Drake, and Young Thug. It’s no surprise that his music has been regarded as a distinct “realistic” sound with a component that everybody can identify with.

“Music initially was used as an outlet to tell my story, like a form of therapy for many years,” ZayZayy said. “I started taking music more seriously in 2019 once I became managed by Round Group Entertainment.”

ZayZayy says he’s had lots of good moments in his music career now that he’s taken his music profession seriously. ZayZayy is just getting started, from working with other artists like Babyface Ray and Lil Dude to utilizing music as a creative avenue to express himself.

“My most proud moment is honestly when my mother accepted my music as a career and having her support,” he said. “Like I said, coming from a third world country, music is not seen as a career.”

ZayZayy is demonstrating that he’s not someone to mess with with songs like “Walk Wit It,” as well as a repertoire of other tracks like “We Not Cool” and his new EP “Just Because.”

When asked what he wants people to take away from his songs, he said:

“I hope my music is receptive and really something people can connect and relate to.”

Check out ZayZayy’s new single “Walk Wit It” below and follow him on Instagram @zayzayy 1.

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