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Atlanta-Based Rapper OGPD Is Up Next With His EP “1050”



For rapper OGPD, purpose and drive mean everything. That’s what propelled his debut in the world of rap and hip-hop back in 2018, and now, the Atlanta-based artist hopes to be a bona fide example of what happens when one chases their dreams, sentiments synthesized in his recently-released EP, “1050”. 

“On God Purpose Driven”, the phrase behind his name, encompasses more than who OGPD is as an artist; it’s an ode to his principles. “I’m a self-motivated, driven person,” he says. “You’ve always got to have a purpose, and if you don’t know what it is, you’ve got to find that and chase it.” For OGPD, that’s always been his practice. Now, he’s building with intention. 

The uptown Bronx-raised rapper kindled his love for music young, sitting in on his father’s at-home mixing sessions. Growing up and seeing his father, a respected DJ surrounded by figures in music like Heavy D, The Locs, and Diddy, marked the beginnings of his turn toward the world of music-making. 

But OGPD didn’t start off on the mic. “I didn’t start creating hip hop music till 2010,” he recalls. “I started as an engineer, learning from a couple Grammy engineers till around 2018.” His love for music ablaze, OGPD began to observe the climate of the rap game. The independent artist made his move to Atlanta in 2014, charged with inspiration from the city’s music scene and sounds. “I felt like I did everything rappers were doing,” he notes. “I was getting money, dressing a certain way to where everybody thought I rapped. My homie Broadway kept tryna get me to f-ck with it.” Sooner or later, it just felt meant to be, and that year, he made his rap debut with the recording of his first single. 

OGPD reflects on his roots and upbringing as he works to inspire his audience. “Just coming from the Bronx and living on 241st, you see so much sh-t from drugs. People dying, gang banging, and everybody tryna grind and get to it,” he says. “I saw 3 people get shot and murdered on my block in broad day. That sh-t made me think about ways to get out because this sh-t can’t be normal, but not on something to where I leave and don’t come back.” His purpose goes beyond his craft; it lies in his ultimate intent to give back. “It’s more of a way to impact people, and kids like me who don’t think there’s a way out.” Citing his father and music moguls like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Diddy, and Nipsey Hussle as his biggest influences, the artist has focused his sights not only on developing his artistry, but becoming a beacon of hope for others. Through it all, his motivations remain clear. “My family, my homies, and my hood, 241st and White Plains Road.”

With the release of his EP “1050” in January, OGPD has sunk into the unique angles with which he approaches his music, as well as the Caribbean-influenced melodies he attributes to his upbringing. The new project, steered by its 3 lead singles “Flooded”, “Whenever”, and “Dolce Gabbana” and now available on all streaming platforms, involves the artist stepping into and embracing all of his star qualities. Teasing another project in July and a visual to accompany one of its tracks, it is clear he is just getting started. “I make music to vibe to, to party to, and to motivate the hustlers and the people that are getting to it,” he states. “Y’all seeing the next big dope artist outta Atlanta.” 

You can stream “1050” on all platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Pandora. Look out for OGPD’s latest videos on his Youtube channel, and keep up-to-date on all his upcoming work by following his Instagram, @_ogpd_! 

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Artist To Watch

Stixkz Recently Released His New Visual “Funny Vibes”



Stixkz’s passion for music goes back much farther than 2018, the official start of his now 2 year-long career as a rapper and R&B artist. His passion for the craft was brewed young, growing up around music and watching his older brothers rap in their garage. Now, he is only continuing to get bigger and better, aiming to grow a global audience and take over the rap game. With the release of his latest visual “Funny Vibes”, it’s clear it won’t be long before he gets there— and we won’t want to miss it. 

When Stixkz isn’t in the studio, he plays basketball, flag football, and paintball in his free time, and is a big fan of being out on the water. But in the studio, he’s all about the work, the hustle, and achieving his goals. He makes it known that it wasn’t always easy. “I ain’t never have shit when I was growing up / We was sleeping on the floors where I came from,” he raps on “Funny Vibes”. The video is ultimately a display of how far he’s come from his humble beginnings, and how much higher he’ll climb with his drive and persistence. Through it all, he honors his community and looks to give back. “If it wasn’t for the community, where would I be? They push me to keep going everyday,” he reflects.

For Stixkz, it’s his vibe, who he is at his core, and that dedication to his work that have gotten him far and that will get him even farther. “Don’t ever stop working no matter what happens,” he advises his fans, speaking on his own values. “The more work you put in, the more they will hear you… Never speak bad on yourself. Always speak things into existence. The word is a powerful thing.”

You can watch Stixkz’s new visual “Funny Vibes” below! Make sure to follow Stixkz on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Stixkzaab to keep up with him and his latest work. 

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BG Fa$t Delivers A Fire New Visual For His Track “The Realest”



BG Fa$t is an artist from Pomona, California who is at the base of his career building the foundation to support all his goals. By doing so, he has built the right connections and staying busy enough that people are starting to notice his talents. As an artist who is inspired by accomplishing his goals, proving haters wrong, and his general day-to-day life, BG Fa$t feels like he’s living a movie so it’s easy for him to come up with new songs. 

When asked to describe his image, BG Fa$t responded “I’m someone who has dealt with a lot of negativity throughout life as far as lack of support from family and friends and in and out of jail and prison. But no matter what life threw at me I Never gave up on myself and stayed true to my talents and kept pushing even though all my homies used to tell me I’m saying too much in my raps (as far as details of my life) and my family telling me I’m not good enough or that I should just work a 9-5 and live in poverty. I have spent a lot more money than I have made off of music so I am literally investing in my career and I have no doubt that I will succeed.”

Currently, BG Fa$t is working on accumulating enough of his own resources to finance and produce his. own movie. In a few years, he wants to be at the top of his game, producing and writing movies, and still dropping music to keep fans entertained. His career goals include building his brand in entertainment, and obtain all the right resources to film a movie for my recently published novel “The Fast Life.” The visual for his track “The Realest” is out now and you can check out his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: bgfast

YouTube: bgfast

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East Oakland native King Tahoe releases electrifying visual for “Tell Me” with RnBAaron and Yasi




East Oakland native King Tahoe released his seductive and electrifying single “Tell Me” featuring RnBAaron and Yasii where he paints the picture of a passionate and pleasurable rendezvous between him and his lover. The song is a catchy tune that keeps audiences entertained throughout the entire record, and showcases Tahoe’s skills as an artist.

The independent artist in his own words describes the song as being all about sensuality but is clear to emphasize that it is not without overwhelming consent which is something that plays into the song’s title. “I’m huge on consent, so if my partner wants me, I need them to tell me,” he explained in a recent interview. Even with the risque subject matter of the song, it is still done in a way that listeners can hear and feel the admiration, respect and love that King Tahoe strives to keep within his music. “Whether I’m singing about poverty in my city, sex on the beach, or my many insecurities it all comes back to the love.”

When asked about one reason he’s passionate about music and what inspires him, King Tahoe says, “I’m passionate about music because of the effect it has on the world. Humans, animals, plants, all react to music. It’s beautiful.”

“The greats inspire me,” he continued. “There will never be another Drake or Michael Jackson but that’s cool because they weren’t trying to be another “whoever” they were attempting to be the best version of themselves. I’m that caliber of artist though (gotta say it until they believe it).”

This conscious and intentional choice to approach his artistry in this way will be what has listeners scrambling to add the melodic “Tell Me” to their after-hours playlist. This latest single is the first of many that the 27-year old artist has planned to release to heat up this summer. King Tahoe is sure to impress this year and has a lot more to be on the lookout for.

To keep up with when exactly that will be, follow him @KingTahoe on all social media platforms!  

And be sure to stream “Tell Me” down below, and check out the video.

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