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Album Review: @Fenkellpayroll & @CardoGotWings ‘ ‘Big Bossin Vol. 2’ explores the best and worst of an extravagant lifestyle



Success and lavish living are two of hip-hop’s obsessions, created during the genre’s inception due to living in poverty. Many artists have created music that attempts to describe that which they are either trying to obtain or already have it in abundance. Most of the time, it comes across as mere lip service. We’re told that they’re bosses by repeatedly being beaten over the head with rap interjections, but we never get the feeling that it’s true. Real bosses don’t tell you, they show you. Combined with the fact that most rappers’ definition of being a boss – or being successful – involves women, cars, and clothes – were left with a hollow feeling when the song ends, wondering about the values of material items in our society instead of true success.

Payroll Giovanni and Cardo’s album Big Bossin Vol. 1 may have been the first instance in memory that portrayed the boss life as something more than what can be bought. It was more of a mindset than an extension of the wallet. The album’s cult status showed that people were hungry for this brand of music, so the pair have dropped a bigger, juicier project with Big Bossin Vol. 2 and it’s everything you can imagine and more.

What separates the two projects is the sheer scope and feeling of adventure. Whereas the first project was an initial toe-dip into the life, this project is submerged in it. Its aesthetic drips through each lovingly crafted song, practically oozing with swagger and panache. It starts with “Rapped My Way,” a seductive female voice relaying Cardo’s infamous beat tag. From there, saxophones introduce the luscious life of discovery that comes with untold riches. Payroll’s machine-like flow acts as the supplement to the smooth jazz-like instrumental, showcasing the first of many classics in the making.

Many tracks dance on the line of being jazz with smooth instrumentals that evoke classic R & B. Payroll continues to bring his all on the project throughout and paints a picture of what’s really important to him – both material and nonmaterial. In doing this, the project transcends its title that may seem initially uninspired – it becomes a portrait of what true bosses find important in their hectic lives.

On project standout “Deep,” the 80’s and Jazz meet at a crossroads, creating a wholly unique experience. Payroll’s deeply troubling lines (“Every time I leave the crib a nigga strapped with a Glock/ Broke nigga talk stupid get slapped with a knot”) are delivered with some serious emotion that reveals the pitfalls of Boss life and what comes with it.

Payroll and Cardo have created another strong entry into the Big Bossin series. Through smooth, seductive instrumentals we find the essence of what it truly means to be a boss in 2018. By painting a vivid picture and offering some words of encouragement to live by, the pair has cemented another classic into their already noteworthy discography.

Score: 5/5


Renowned Music and Culture Journalist Tallie Spencer Launches Podcast “Show Some Love”




Listen and subscribe to the ‘Show Some Love’ podcast with Tallie Spencer here.

Music journalist and media host Tallie Spencer has launched a brand new podcast about love, dating, and relationships – within the entertainment industry.

Executive Produced by Bianca Bibbs and directed by Robert Thomas of Breakin Ground TV, ‘Show Some Love’ will feature “a series of open & honest conversations, with Tallie and her special guests discussing their personal experiences, covering everything from dating, to situationships, ghosting, gender norms, and other hot topics.”

Check out the podcast below.

For the first episode, Tallie is joined by rapper Seddy Hendrinx to define “situationships” and why they are so common in today’s generation of dating. The two discuss what defines a situationship and signs to know you’re in one.

Elsewhere in the episode, Tallie and Seddy discuss commitment, taking things to the next step, the blurred lines and expectations of situationships, and first date scenarios.

New episodes featuring a new guest within media and entertainment will be released every Wednesday. Listeners can stream and download ‘Show Some Love’ on all major podcast platforms.

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DJ Drewski & AceMula “Keep It Moving” Song Review



“Keep It Moving” by DJ Drewski and AceMula feat Law and Cruch Calhoun has just been released.

The song puts emphasis on Acemula’s very own Drill music and “Jersey Club” music mashup. With an upbeat headbanging tempo that gets you in the groove to move, and a “this ain’t what you want” delivery, this song cannot be toyed with.

What separates New Jersey from all other states is how we have our own swag. “Jersey Club Dance” is a dance style characterized by moves like “Bunny Hop” “Sexy Walk” “Boyden Dance” “B-rock” and so much more. The sound of “Jersey Club Music” is a pulsating, non-stop
beat that may or may not have a DJ instructing dance moves.

Law’s soft voice intertwined with Cruch Calhoun’s hardcore approach gives the song a unique alternative. A switch-up that I believe is what makes it appropriate to listen to at any time of the day. It’s not extremely aggressive nor is it too friendly.


When the song comes on Law comes in with her mellow but deep vocals that give off an “earworm” effect. The song has a little surprise to it because when it first comes on, listeners may assume it’ll have a slow or medium pace, but then the feel-good beat comes out of nowhere.

The R&B and Pop Singer’s definition of keeping it moving is not accepting anything that isn’t on her level. Not to mention both of these artists are actually on the move when it comes to their craft and building an empire. Talk about actions speaking louder than words!

During Cruch Calhoun’s verse he rapped about some hard times he went through like giving his last to people who were down. However, this beat is so grandiose that you may not soak it in instantly. His deep voice also gave the song an edge. Calhoun is basically saying if you don’t want smoke KEEP IT MOVING. The rapper states “know not to play with me, check my demeanor.” Which highlights his gangster and his knowledge on street life. A lot of people talk or tweet as Calhoun puts it, but aren’t really action based.

When I first listened to this song on my way to work I was so pumped up and ready to take on the day.

Just be careful listening to this song if you get stuck in traffic!

Listen To “Keep It Moving”:–cruch-calhoun


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On the heels of Solid Foundation’s recent joint venture with Soundcloud to develop and manage the next generation of artists, the QC Media Holdings company has named Atlanta native and music industry veteran Brandon Farmer partner at Solid Foundation Management. Farmer will join an impressive team of executives and managers at Solid Foundation, with his primary focus being the expansion of the Solid Foundation artist management roster beyond the current star-studded Quality Control Music roster. 

On being named partner at Solid Foundation, Farmer shares: “I’ve been a part of the music industry since I was young, so this is all I have ever known. Being born and raised in Atlanta, I watched the growth of Quality Control starting from my hometown to becoming a household name. I look forward to getting to work and couldn’t imagine being a part of a stronger team!” 

After working as part of Justin Bieber’s core team, Farmer decided to branch out on his own. Knowing the direction he wanted to take with his career, he founded B. Farmer Management. Starting in the road management space, Farmer quickly amassed a roster of clients including Jeremiah, Kelly Rowland, Sevyn Streeter, and Rotimi. Having paid his dues on the road, he soon moved into full artist management; with one of his many past clients being rising rapper and fellow Georgia native, Latto. 

“Brandon is a perfect fit for Solid Foundation. He fights for his clients and makes a real impact on their careers, and that’s the type of energy we’re looking for.” – Simone Mitchell, President of Solid Foundation Management

“We are excited about having Brandon on board. He’s a pro and is exactly who we need to continue growing the Solid Foundation roster and brand.” – Kevin “Coach K” Lee, COO Quality Control

“Brandon’s industry connections and expertise are a major asset. Between his new role as partner and our partnership with Soundcloud, we’re letting people know Solid Foundation is out here expanding far beyond our original ventures.” – Pierre “P” Thomas, CEO Quality Control

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