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Young Fairo Just Unleashed New Single “2020 Vision”



Self-described as a trap-alternative-hyperpop artist, Young Fairo doesn’t fit into any one lane. That’s characteristic of the whole of Young Fairo’s career— how he goes with his gut, is shaped by his diverse musical influences, and always keeps his listeners guessing. Now 5 years into developing his sound, Young Fairo is releasing another mixtape entitled “Sip In Peace”. His latest drop, “2020 Vision”—a single and the second track off the album—is based on his own experiences, reminiscent of his distinguishable genre-bending, Atlanta trap-influenced style. 4sho Magazine got to chat with the artist about his latest releases, his music, his post-“2020 visions”, and his goals— keep reading below!

Describe your style of music and image. Where does your musical inspiration derive from? 

I’m a laid back playa— a modern day rockstar. My style of music is trap-alternative-hyperpop. I’m a Gemini so I have split personalities. I feel like I’m 5 different artists in one. The diversity is endless— hip-hop, pop, country, rock, and R&B. That’s what makes me different— not many people can do what I do. I’m like your favorite hip-hop artist, pop singer, and country singer all in one. [My musical inspiration is derived from] artists like Ozzy Osbourne, 50 Cent, Young Thug, and Michael Jackson. 

What age and year were you really moved to be involved? How long have you been in the industry, and where are you in your career now?

[I was] 16. I started off in 2015, just playing around in high school. Then once people started telling me I should take it serious, that’s when I began to lock in. [It’s been] 5 years into developing my sound and I feel like I’m an established artist. I’ve been in the industry for 4 years. Now, I want to compete with the big leaguers and have my songs get more notoriety. 

What are your goals— short term and long term?

[My short term goals are to] gain more fans and listeners daily. [My long term goals are to] have a solid fan base and a couple long-lasting records. I’m looking for my brand to become a franchise— to have my fans tune in so when you see them, you’re like, “Yeah, they’re a Fairo fan.” And one day, [I want] to achieve a Grammy.

What are your post-2020 visions? Goals for the next two years?

[I’d like to see] a major improvement from prior years— hopefully gaining a break-out single and a XXL Freshman title for 2022. 

What is one of your favorite highlights/memories from being in the industry?

Being in the studio with Young Thug, Gunna, NAV, and 21 Savage all in one session. 

Who have you worked with and who would you like to work with next?

I’ve worked with my slime Zack Slime Fr and Lil PJ. Next, I want to work with Young Thug, Post Malone, Swae Lee, Lil Gotit, and Milliegolightly.

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music?

Never give up, stay working, and keep winning in private. Everyone don’t need to know how you coming. 

When you are not in the studio and/or working, what are some things you enjoy doing?

Traveling or being on the game, locked in on 2k, Madden, or a good story mode game. 

What community events have you contributed to? Why is giving back to the community important?

I’ve given away brand new clothes I couldn’t wear and old clothes I don’t wear anymore to the homeless in Old Fourth Ward. It’s important because your community is a representation of you and where you come from, so if that is well-taken-care-of, so are you. 

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

The first person to break bread and the last to ask for something in return. 

Stream “2020 Vision” off Young Fairo’s upcoming album “Sip In Peace” on Spotify and Apple Music, along with the rest of Young Fairo’s discography! To reach him and keep up with his work, follow him on Instagram @YoungFairo, Twitter @1YoungFairo, and subscribe to his Youtube! 

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Adam Ness Impresses With Silky New Single “Houzkatz” Featuring Durand Bernarr




When it comes to the silky-smooth sounds of Neo Soul, there are no finer artists than Adam Ness. Raised in Detroit but now based in Chicago, he is the epitome of a fully-formed talent who is intricate, refined and simply sublime. He’s back with new music, and this time he delivered “Houzkatz” with talented R&B artist Durand Bernarr. The song is a masterpiece and puts Ness’ talents on full display.

Benefitting from an education in Gospel, the lush sounds that tug at the emotional heart strings gave him the building blocks to pursue a career that is delivering music of the highest quality. Touching people on both a spiritual and musical level, he has uniquely developed a style that sits comfortably alongside artists like Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Maxwell and the eternally brilliant Erykah Badu.

Lush harmonies, deep grooves, inspirational lyrics and fresh perspectives await the audience as Adam delivers on every single promise he has ever made. Destroying stereotypical storylines with his sumptuous songs, he is building on his first critically acclaimed album released in 2019 titled ‘Sagittarius Volume 1’.

Completing the emotional circle, ‘Sagittarius Volume 2’ is about Adam’s journey through young adulthood and a testament to an artist led by the flames of desire. Meticulously crafted with exquisite touches, the album is a clear example of why he sells out venues in Chicago and beyond.

With nearly a million plays on Spotify alone, audiences are beginning to take serious note of Adam Ness as his music is undeniably spreading the positive message the world needs right now. His humility and burning desire to share a message of love, peace and hope transcends the every day challenges that people endure. There is so much beauty in his work that it is hard to imagine a future without it.

“It’s ok to be yourself and get the things you’re deserving of. Being soft doesn’t diminish your power. It elevates and inspires.”

Be sure to check out “Houzkatz” below.

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New Music : AQ – “Too Comfortable”




LA native AQ is bringing all the vibes this summer. His newest track, “Too Comfortable” just dropped and is setting the tone for what audiences can expect from him going forward. The song is definitelya vibe and showcases how AQ is taking his talent to new levels as an artist. The new visual takes place on the beach, where AQ is seen catching a vibe and singing to a woman, telling her not to get “Too Comfortable.”

AQ credits growing up in Los Angeles as the reason for making him who he is today. He says that a large part of his storytelling references the experiences he’s had in the city. “I want people to hear the sincerity & passion in the music,” AQ shared during a recent interview. “The way I talk, the slang I use in my songs, the places I reference in the music. When I think of LA as a whole, I’d say I am the city, the city is me. I love Los Angeles, it made me who I am.

The former basketball player-turned-recording artist is on a mission to get to the top with his music, and tells stories through his experiences in Los Angeles to help drive that narrative. “LA plays a major role in the way I make music,” he said.

“The LA dance culture is huge for me, I grew up partying, going to house parties, teen clubs and we would really dance at the events. So the beats I choose definitely have a certain groove to them that I want the listener to be able to dance.”

As seen in recent records such as “Top 10” ft. LA Higgz, AQ is no stranger to the life of the party and wants his music to help people have a good time, whether they’re at a party or vibing and driving down PCH. “Too Comfortable” is just the latest piece of work from the emcee and is just the beginning of what he’s prepared to do

. He still has a main goal of wanting listeners to “feel something” whenever they hear his music, no matter what that feeling may be. He will be releasing his full length project ‘Hollywood Hurts’ on October 8, which will see features from Casey Veggies, J. Star, and WaveMVP. In the meantime, keep up with all things AQ by following him @aquinn_ on Instagram! Check out the video for “Too Comfortable” below.

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John Michael drops debut single “Bad Babe” paired with new visual




John Michael has unveiled his debut single “Bad Babe” paired with an enticing music video to match. The single provides listeners a feeling of nostalgia, displaying an early 2000s pop feel and a smooth R&B sound that is still modern, connecting both Y2K and today’s generation of music. As John Michael showcases synchronized choreography, sleek vocals, and a romantic storyline, the multi-talented artist from Arkansas has plans to shake the world with this new release.

“The song “Bad Babe” is about when you’re out having fun, and then you meet someone. Then it becomes about just you and them,” expressed John Michael in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. “Creating the “Bad Babe” song and music video has been one of my proudest moments. From writing, recording, choreography, and all creative aspects, I’ve had my hands in everything. This is my baby.”

Rising artist John Michael has a promising career ahead of him. Once a professional dancer, he has worked in movies, television shows, commercials, award shows, and even tours. With his previous past in the entertainment industry, John Michael has now transitioned to becoming a music artist and doing so effortlessly well.

“Honestly, it’s been a progressive journey,” he said. “The more I grew and worked with different people, the more I realized how much I loved this; and when I wrote and recorded my first song, I was ready to fully dedicate myself.”
The single “Bad Babe” was written by John Michael and Harold Kalibala aka“Eros”, produced by Brandon Miranda, and vocal produced by Mishon Ratliff. The team certainly has a hit on their hands.

“I just want people to kick back, remember great times, create new memories, enjoy the vibe, and have fun.”
With plans for new releases in the future, keep up with John Michael on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Be sure to stream “Bad Babe” out now on all platforms, and watch the music video below!

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