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Young Fairo Just Unleashed New Single “2020 Vision”



Self-described as a trap-alternative-hyperpop artist, Young Fairo doesn’t fit into any one lane. That’s characteristic of the whole of Young Fairo’s career— how he goes with his gut, is shaped by his diverse musical influences, and always keeps his listeners guessing. Now 5 years into developing his sound, Young Fairo is releasing another mixtape entitled “Sip In Peace”. His latest drop, “2020 Vision”—a single and the second track off the album—is based on his own experiences, reminiscent of his distinguishable genre-bending, Atlanta trap-influenced style. 4sho Magazine got to chat with the artist about his latest releases, his music, his post-“2020 visions”, and his goals— keep reading below!

Describe your style of music and image. Where does your musical inspiration derive from? 

I’m a laid back playa— a modern day rockstar. My style of music is trap-alternative-hyperpop. I’m a Gemini so I have split personalities. I feel like I’m 5 different artists in one. The diversity is endless— hip-hop, pop, country, rock, and R&B. That’s what makes me different— not many people can do what I do. I’m like your favorite hip-hop artist, pop singer, and country singer all in one. [My musical inspiration is derived from] artists like Ozzy Osbourne, 50 Cent, Young Thug, and Michael Jackson. 

What age and year were you really moved to be involved? How long have you been in the industry, and where are you in your career now?

[I was] 16. I started off in 2015, just playing around in high school. Then once people started telling me I should take it serious, that’s when I began to lock in. [It’s been] 5 years into developing my sound and I feel like I’m an established artist. I’ve been in the industry for 4 years. Now, I want to compete with the big leaguers and have my songs get more notoriety. 

What are your goals— short term and long term?

[My short term goals are to] gain more fans and listeners daily. [My long term goals are to] have a solid fan base and a couple long-lasting records. I’m looking for my brand to become a franchise— to have my fans tune in so when you see them, you’re like, “Yeah, they’re a Fairo fan.” And one day, [I want] to achieve a Grammy.

What are your post-2020 visions? Goals for the next two years?

[I’d like to see] a major improvement from prior years— hopefully gaining a break-out single and a XXL Freshman title for 2022. 

What is one of your favorite highlights/memories from being in the industry?

Being in the studio with Young Thug, Gunna, NAV, and 21 Savage all in one session. 

Who have you worked with and who would you like to work with next?

I’ve worked with my slime Zack Slime Fr and Lil PJ. Next, I want to work with Young Thug, Post Malone, Swae Lee, Lil Gotit, and Milliegolightly.

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music?

Never give up, stay working, and keep winning in private. Everyone don’t need to know how you coming. 

When you are not in the studio and/or working, what are some things you enjoy doing?

Traveling or being on the game, locked in on 2k, Madden, or a good story mode game. 

What community events have you contributed to? Why is giving back to the community important?

I’ve given away brand new clothes I couldn’t wear and old clothes I don’t wear anymore to the homeless in Old Fourth Ward. It’s important because your community is a representation of you and where you come from, so if that is well-taken-care-of, so are you. 

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

The first person to break bread and the last to ask for something in return. 

Stream “2020 Vision” off Young Fairo’s upcoming album “Sip In Peace” on Spotify and Apple Music, along with the rest of Young Fairo’s discography! To reach him and keep up with his work, follow him on Instagram @YoungFairo, Twitter @1YoungFairo, and subscribe to his Youtube! 

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Meet Jett Ballout, The Multifaceted Creative Looking To Take The Industry By Storm




With over a million streams and a slew of notable local musicians as collaborators, Jett Ballout has emerged as a major player in the world of rap. In contrast to others who allowed themselves to be misled by such false stories, Jett carved out his own road to hip-hop glory by focusing on reality. But, like any great prophet, he matured as a result of his experiences.

Respect and legend status are not the same things in the rap game. Respect may only be a fleeting concept in hip-hop culture. Others will applaud your rise to notoriety even as they cheer for your downfall. In order to be welcomed in the spotlight, it may be essential to change one’s appearance. Jett Ballout, however, was able to sidestep any of these issues by refusing to compromise the truth.

With music in the works, Jett Ballout proves why he’s quickly becoming Ohio’s newest and most engaging voice in hip-hop.

Follow Jett Ballout on Instagram:

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Punchmade Records Is Next Up




Cities like the one that gave home to rap superstar Punchmade Dev are experiencing a creative renaissance, with many new hitmakers. Dev’s newfound position as head of his own record label, Punchmade Records, places him in the front of the Lexington music scene. Take a look by clicking on the links we’ve supplied below.

Radio-friendly songs by Baby Jraco are always a safe bet. His most recent mixtape, titled Guapstar, was out at the end of 2021. Like his other collections of music, this new CD of 10 songs is a success. His songs “Southside Swiping” and “Yvng Guapstar” are both catchy and likely to become his most well-known works.

YNT Staxk has a powerful voice and a keen sense of humor. Lexington native and lifelong resident artist is responsible for a body of work that strives to be unconventional. Staxk makes use of many of the styles or influences around him, merging them with his intuition and his storytelling skills to produce something that is both completely distinct and instantly recognized.

YNT Bando hopes to elevate his profile and cement his position as a pioneer in his field by expanding his horizons and producing new material this year. Additionally, he is now concentrating on releasing his new tracks, thus his efforts to create new music seem to have paid off. This bodes well. Next up for him and Staxk is making a reputation for themselves as independent artists on the worldwide web.

Turban Rocket have what it takes to make it big as a hip-hop act in this city. With the help of his music videos, he quickly rose to fame in his hometown, where his hardcore raps attracted a sizable following among middle-class listeners. [Insert citation here] Turban Rocket has been performing since he was a youngster, so you know he’s a skilled musician.

There is no way to disprove of the breadth and quality of Ightkhi’s discography. His clever wordplay and humorous one-liners never fail to make for a good time. The rapper acknowledges that “Understand It” is a stylistic departure for him, but he sees it as an inevitable next step. He has been consistently releasing new songs and amassing a huge fan base across all social media platforms. Ightkhi has the potential to make a significant impact in the business with the help of his next batch of tracks and guest appearances from his other label mates.

Check out Ightkhi’s latest music video below.

Follow Punchmade Records on Instagram:

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Internet Sensation Langston Higgins Turned Rap Hitmaker LAHiggz Releases New EP ‘Last Min’




Langston Higgins ruled the internet in the early 2010’s with his viral dance videos and music from being part of the popular “Jerk” dance group “The Ranger$.” From taking over the LA music scene with “Jerk music” at one point in time, it’s no question that Langston Higgins was part of a movement that practically consumed a generation and shifted the culture. Now, releasing music under the moniker LAHiggz, he’s making his return with a new EP called ‘Last Min,’ which is out now and showcases his rap skills in a new light.

Higgins at the early age of 16, got his first look into stardom and knew he was destined for a fulfilling career in music. Staying true to his creative roots, LAHiggz (who came up with his artist name by combining initials of his full name Langston Alexander Higgins) is expanding his solo career as an artist and is making waves in the music industry. For the last few years, he’s taken his music career seriously – steadily dropping a mix of singles, music videos, and EPs as an independent artist. Most recently, did a remix to K8do’s viral song Go off, which currently has over 500,000 streams across streaming platforms.

His latest release ‘Last Min,’ is a four-track EP where LAHiggz turns all the way up. Stemming off the verbiage “last min,” (short for last minute) meaning “perfect timing or clutch,” Higgins credits his life experiences as a huge influence for this EP. 

“Literally it’s something I put together at the last minute. This project is about life experiences and how I decide to keep going, regardless of what life throws at you,” he said. “In this EP, I’m talking about my past, future and the present.”

Transitioning from dancing to singing and inspiring many, LAHiggz has made a profound impression on the internet while sustaining a loyal fan base across social media. Born and raised in Los Angeles, it is no mystery where he gets his unique blend of harmonic R&B and melodic rap from.  

“The message I want the fans to take away from this is to never give up on your dreams,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere, still here 10 years later. Just keep grinding, with faith and belief in yourself. No matter what.”

His leading single “No More L’s” speaks to his fans who may be struggling in silence, Higgins uses his voice to continue to inspire the youth and help his listeners see the “bigger picture.” 

As far as his music career goals for the future, the sky’s the limit – LAHiggz plans to take it all the way.

“I want song placement in TV shows, movies, commercials, etc,” LA Higgz says. “I would love to go on a worldwide tour to experience the different energies outside the states … Build relationships and collaborate with big producers and established artists that genuinely want to see me win and believe I will succeed.”

LAHiggz is setting the tone for what audiences can expect from him next. Be on the lookout for what he has dropping next, including some new music videos coming soon. In the meantime, stream his project ‘Last Min’ out now.


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