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23-year-old Richmond, VA rapper FNF Chop connects with Stunna 4 Vegas in new single, “Best Friend.” Produced by frequent collaborator Gringo, the two artist provide high-octane energy as they trade bars over a hard-hitting bass instrumental. Listen to “Best Friend” HERE and watch the Domico Phillips directed video HERE.

Last month, Chop released “Make Believe”, a new single that showcased his gritty street bars and unique hard-hitting flow. Additionally towards the end of last year, Chop released “Draw Down.” Produced by Cabell and directed by Domico Phillips, the music video quickly garnered over 320K views on YouTube. Chop was also co-signed by Pharrell on OtherTone twice for his viral hit “Walk Down,” watch HERE & HERE. In one episode Pharrell mentions, “I like is that kid FNF Chop, he got a song called ‘Walk Down,’ man, that sh*t be going so hard.”

Chop learned about his viral hit while behind bars. “I was in here just chillin’,” explains the rapper who was recently released from Virginia’s Richmond City Jail, “All of a sudden, I kept getting new followers.” “Walk Down,” a commanding song Chop had abruptly made in 2019, had exploded on TikTok a year later. The artist browsed the app to find thousands of clips set to his track. Within months, over 100,000 more videos were using the single, generating over one million views. Evident in 2021’s No Exit EP, FNF Chop plans music in the future while insisting that his legal troubles are a thing of the past. “I’m not okay with being okay; I’m not comfortable with being comfortable,” asserts the talented young rapper with a wealth of street wisdom.

Chop’s journey begins in Baltimore, Maryland, where his single mother raised him and his six siblings. Outside the home, the streets were ruthless and violent. Inside, the family battled poverty and spent time at shelters. The FNF acronym is a reminder that Family Never Folds. From early on, music represented a therapeutic escape. “I always struggled with depression, anxiety, and stuff like that. I’d spend time with my headphones in on my CD player and listen to songs and beats and analyze.” By his adolescence, Chop’s mom relocated the family to housing projects in Richmond, Virginia. As he entered manhood, Chop faced pressure to provide. “I came up with a plan to better the situation for my family. I tried to take some of the stress off of my brothers and my mama.” In the early days, Chop took to the streets, leading him to several stints behind bars. While serving time in the mid-2010s, Chop discovered a talent that lay within. “I had nothing to do; I decided that I’d write raps.” Soon, he showed his skills to fellow inmates and friends on the outside. “I never really thought I’d take it farther than that, but then people really responded to my songs.” Chop left jail ready to work.

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OnlyJahmez’s “Thug” Video Explodes: 100k Strong and Going Viral



OnlyJahmez’s “Thug” isn’t just a song; it’s a movement. The genre-bending banger, with its raw energy and introspective lyrics, has taken the music world by storm, and the official music video is only adding to the fire.

A Visual Masterpiece:

The “Thug” video is more than just a collection of images accompanying the song. It’s a visual masterpiece, perfectly capturing the song’s themes of self-discovery, defiance, and the struggle against societal expectations. With stunning visuals, captivating choreography, and OnlyJahmez’s undeniable presence, the video is a must-watch for any fan of music that pushes boundaries.

Viral Takeover:

The internet is buzzing about “Thug.” The video has already surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube, and the numbers keep climbing. It’s not just fans sharing the video; major music channels like MusicChoice are adding it to their rotation, further amplifying OnlyJahmez’s reach.

A Voice for a Generation:

“Thug” resonates with a generation. The song’s message of self-acceptance and refusing to be defined by labels speaks to anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t fit in. The video amplifies this message, showcasing a diverse cast of individuals breaking free from societal norms and embracing their individuality.

OnlyJahmez: A Star on the Rise:

There’s no denying it: OnlyJahmez is a star on the rise. “Thug” is not just his most successful song to date; it’s a sign of the incredible things to come from this talented artist. With his unique sound, captivating visuals, and undeniable connection with his audience, OnlyJahmez is poised to take the music world by storm.

Don’t miss out: Watch the “Thug” music video now, and join the movement. OnlyJahmez is here to stay, and he’s redefining what it means to be a “thug” in the 21st century.

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Luclover Releases New Visual “Willy Wonka 2”



Ryan Mounfik, also known as Luclover, is a musical prodigy from Boston, raised in H-Town. He makes his mainstream introduction with his latest single “Willy Wonka 2.”

Luclover’s passion for music began at 13 when he teamed up with his best friend to create their own sound. Influenced by Juice WRLD, he values pure creativity and authenticity.

He started his musical journey in his friend’s home studio, where he created viral tracks on Soundcloud as a teenager. Since then, he has built a solid audience and explored various genres within pop culture, including hip-hop, rap, rock, and pop.

Luclover’s talent is evident in his popular singles “L$D” and “Benihana,” which have helped him gain widespread recognition. It is evident that he is dedicated to engaging with his followers across various social media platforms, where he interacts with thousands of people. Luclover hints at an upcoming album titled x((, while fans await his debut project.

Luclover’s authentic and positive musical vibe has steadily grown his fanbase, offering diverse options for music lovers to resonate with. “Willy Wonka 2” is a preview of what’s to come for the rising star.

Get familiar below.

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“Thug” Hits the Big Screen: OnlyJahmez’s Breakthrough on MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice



In the world of hip-hop, where every beat and bar tells a story, OnlyJahmez’s “Thug” emerges not just as a song, but as a movement. The music video, a captivating tale woven with raw emotion and unfiltered reality, has catapulted from the digital realm of YouTube directly into the spotlight of MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice. This isn’t just airplay; it’s a declaration, a moment where the underground meets the mainstream with a thunderous echo.

A Milestone Moment

Imagine the scene: “Thug”, a narrative-rich video that’s already a hit on YouTube, breaking into the highly curated playlists of MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice. This placement is more than just a nod to OnlyJahmez’s talent; it’s an acknowledgment of his artistry and the universal appeal of his message. For an artist whose roots are firmly planted in the soil of hip-hop culture, this leap signifies a breakthrough moment, showcasing his ability to bridge worlds and connect with audiences across the spectrum.

What Makes “Thug” Stand Out?

“Thug” is not just a music video; it’s a cinematic experience. Directed by the visionary KLO Visionz, it combines compelling storytelling with striking visuals, setting it apart from the sea of content vying for viewers’ attention. The narrative dives deep into themes of struggle, resilience, and the pursuit of authenticity, resonating with viewers and critics alike. Its selection by MTV, BET Jams, and Music Choice underscores its relevance and the potent connection it fosters with the audience.

The Impact of National Exposure

Being featured on these platforms is a game-changer. MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice are not just channels; they are cultural institutions that have shaped the music landscape for decades. For “Thug” to be included in their rotations means that OnlyJahmez’s work is not just seen but felt, sparking conversations and inspiring a new generation of artists and fans. This exposure brings a new level of visibility, opening doors to a wider audience and solidifying OnlyJahmez’s place in the music industry.

Looking Ahead

As “Thug” continues to make waves on national television, the future looks bright for OnlyJahmez. This moment of recognition is a testament to his hard work and a hint at the potential that lies ahead. With his foot now firmly in the door of the mainstream music scene, the possibilities are endless. What new stories will he tell? How will his sound evolve? One thing is certain: the world is watching, and OnlyJahmez is just getting started.

In Conclusion…

The journey from YouTube to MTV, BET Jams, and Music Choice is a dream for many artists, but for OnlyJahmez, it’s a reality. “Thug” is not just a video; it’s a statement, a piece of art that transcends boundaries and speaks to the heart. As it plays across these major platforms, it’s clear that OnlyJahmez is not just making music; he’s making history. And as we tune in, we’re not just watching a video; we’re witnessing the rise of an icon.

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