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Touchdown Juice Set To Release His First Full Album



Unlike others, Touchdown Juice got his name from playing football. His coach started calling him Juice and when he started his music career he added “Touchdown”. He tried to rap back in college in 2012, but explains how he was, “off beat” so he was embarrassed. It wasn’t till 2019 where he started recording.

Touchdown Juice writes all his music and tells us, “I can play the beat over and over and it doesn’t bother me at all, I just enjoy the music and creating. Helps me express myself”. His rap/hip hop sound comes from different cultures because he lived in the Midwest, South, and West Coast. What inspires him to write is “women, weed and the weather”. He thinks women are very supportive and will be the ones to buy tickets to shows therefor he feels he should make music relatable for women. “Got to have a positive female influence to be successful in music”.

His top three artists are Money Man, Ice “Billion” Berg, Pooh Sheisty. Each artist carry’s something unique that teaches Touchdown Juice a lot about music. “Pooh Sheisty because bruh the man right now, stayed in his lane and is a dope story teller”.

He can not only sing but he can also dance and warns us that he will definitely be having upcoming Tik Tok dances for his music.

Touchdown Juice says that “he’s most known for jumping on a beat and just starting out the song with a smooth 16 bars before the hook. I prefer to write a verse than a hook, but I’m getting better at both and it’s becoming more natural for me”. He also says that he’s been in the cannabis industry and used to roll up for his creative friends.

After his music career he’d like to invest in real estate and the cannabis industry. He believes that this will be a balance for his life where he can still continue his music career.

Currently, he will be releasing his first mixtape, “The LANDing” on April 20th. “I have all the songs done just getting the last 3 songs mixed & mastered. I also have been creating new music for another mixtape I plan to release 6-8 months after “The LANDing”. He’s been working hard and has 100 songs ready. We will soon see more music videos to Touchdown Juice latest hits.

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Miami Artist Jiggz Drops First Solo EP “Jiggy World”



Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Jiggz is an independent artist that has a versatile sound and is ready to make a positive impact with his music. The up-and-coming artist takes pride in being authentic and writing lyrics that are relatable.  Formally a dedicated football player, Jiggz found that music was the perfect alternative for him to express his thoughts.

“Music is the way I express myself. It’s the only way I let out my emotions because I tend to bottle things up unless I’m in front of a mic.” He said, “I also have a competitive nature in music as well and strive to always be a better version of myself as an artist.”

Starting his musical career back in 2017, Jiggz has been quite successful in the past few years. You may have heard his music on popular shows such as Daredevil, The Chi, The Grand Army, and a short film called Holler. Ultimately, the independent artist hopes to have a long-lasting career by inspiring and encouraging his fans to chase their dreams.

“I plan to make a positive impact in a way where when people listen to my music they feel a certain way of themselves in a positive light.” He admits, “I want to impact everyone who takes a listen.”

Representing the core of Miami, Jiggz is the next artist on the RISE! Ready to make moves, the independent artist has been working on his first solo EP “Jiggyworld” that is dropping today!

The independent artist has more up his sleeve for 2021, but first make sure to check out his first solo project “Jiggyworld”. Available on all streaming platforms or stream down below!

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PAY$O Sets The Tone In New Single “Smile”



PAY$O is a Michigan native who creates a sound that is melodic and lyrical. The Rapper/Hip-Hop artist speaks on real life situations from the things that he goes through daily, to his city, and his vision.

As an artist who writes their own music growing up, PAY$O would write just for fun and as a form of therapy and to free his mind. He would like to put himself and every one around him me in a way better position then he could have ever even imagined before. 

One of his biggest goals this year is to get consistent with dropping new music and content and he will do this by working, staying focused, and keep praying and manifesting. PAY$O is getting ready to drop his project “Underdog” which is set to drop this summer! In the meantime, be sure to check out his track “Smile” available all streaming services!!

Instagram: paysoofficial_

YouTube: payso

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@mykxylo slides over the beat on “Lake Pt. 2”




Rapper Mykey Lo has released a new song with Daily Chiefers that’s sure to run up the score. It’s “Lake Pt. 2,” a mellow new single that features the rapper telling the world how it is in only the way that he can. The smooth beat paves the way for Lo’s elegant melodies that swing together and fit so effortlessly. It’s one interesting new release that you’ll feel from the moment it comes on.

Check out “Lake Pt. 2” below:

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