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SZA Co-Signs Rising Rapper K2Icyy



K2Icyy is heating up the summer with his latest tape, ‘No $ No Bizz’ which is out now and has already received a positive response from audiences. 

With a co-sign from R&B legend SZA, No $ No Biz sets the tone for what K2Icyy is doing this year and he’s also letting everyone know the mentality he’s on this year.

“When I say No $ No Bizz I’m letting y’all ladies know I’m worried about this bag and im not about to argue with you, if you not tryna make no money with me, I don’t want anything to do with you,” K2Icyy says of his new project.

With a quite literal translation of the mixtape title, K2Icyy is letting it be known that he’s chasing the paper this year. As a young hustler, at just 17-years-old, the talented artist just recently graduated high school and has been focused on nothing but music since. Even during his time in high school, K2 was releasing music and dropping music videos on a back-to-back basis. 

With his new tape No $ No Biz, K2 is showing off a new style, new flow, and new swag. Most importantly, he talks about the ladies with this release and focuses on women more than ever before. It’s a relatable masterpiece that anyone can bump anywhere.

“I love my women but when you leave me there’s not better,” K2Icyy says. “At the end of the day I’m gonna show you what you’re missing out on.”

When asked about which songs standout to him the most, K2Icyy responded that “THIS & THAT” stands out to him the most. 

“The song is telling the people that it dont matter what you think of K2icyy, he still going to be doing his own thing,” he elaborated. “I ain’t never been worried if somebody ain’t like my music or like me cause at the end of the day I love myself and I love my music.”

As far as his previous releases, his previous singles “Set You Off,” and “Big Rock” have received lots of traction. Specifically, “Big Rock” received notable press and was also featured on BET Jams! Check out “Big Rock” on YouTube, where audiences can see K2Icyy having fun and being himself.

Right now, K2Icyy is focused on elevating to the next level. His latest body of work No $ No Biz, showcases the artist in a new never-before-seen light and surely will impress anyone who comes across it.

Check it out below:

Artist To Watch

2AM Ricky Hits iTunes Charts With New Single “Move,” A Win For Intersectionality In Music




2AM Ricky

2AM Ricky is a rising star hailing from Winston-Salem, NC, but now based in Atlanta, GA. He has dropped a summer anthem that’s more than just a catchy tune. His latest single, “Move,” is a fusion of funky house, EDM, and retro disco vibes, aimed at celebrating the intersectionality of the black queer experience within the broader community. The track, featuring the vocals of Miami native pop vocalist and songwriter GODZENA, with an official music video on the way. Just a week after it’s release, “Move” debuted at #12 on the iTunes Electronic Charts and quickly peaked at #3, making him the first black transmasc artist to reach iTunes Top 10. 

2AM Ricky, born and raised in the South, draws inspiration from his personal journey and experiences. His stage name, a tribute to his late brother and a nod to his grandmother’s wisdom, embodies his mission to open minds and hearts through his music. With “Move,” 2AM Ricky aims to create a space where masculine-presenting queer individuals, often marginalized in mainstream nightlife culture, can feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

The artist’s passion for music goes beyond entertainment; it’s a platform for social change and visibility. As a black trans man navigating the music industry, 2AM Ricky understands the importance of representation. He aims to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, using storytelling to inspire change and spark crucial conversations on intersectionality, mental health, and disparities faced by the black trans community.

Influenced by artists like Andre 3000, Anderson .Paak, and Tyler the Creator, 2AM Ricky’s music blends soulful melodies with relatable lyrics, reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop and R&B. His latest single, ‘Move’, captures the energetic essence of the 70s, inviting listeners to embrace joy and liberation.

But 2AM Ricky’s journey doesn’t stop with ‘Move’. He’s gearing up for a whirlwind year of performances, kicking off with MoBiFest on June 8th in NYC. Additionally, fans can catch him in Season 2 of the hit series “TransWorld Atlanta,” offering a glimpse into his life and journey as an artist and activist.

Stay updated on 2AM Ricky’s music releases and tour dates. Be sure to follow him on social media:

As 2AM Ricky continues to make waves in the music industry, his commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering inclusivity remains at the forefront. Through his artistry and activism, he’s not just making music. He’s paving the way for a more equitable and diverse music landscape.

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Marques Houston Returns To R&B With New Single “Last Drop”



Marques Houston returns to R&B after a two-year break with the buzzing new single “Last Drop.”

The 42-year-old entertainer is making a strong comeback with his new track from the upcoming album The Best Worst Year Ever. “Last Drop” is a romantic serenade that interpolates Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk.”

Houston sings, “I wanna be the one that you call when you’re feeling low / I wanna be the one you can call on, girl, that’s for sure.”

“I wanted to get back to my nostalgic roots by paying homage to one of my favorite songs of all time, ‘Can We Talk’ by Tevin Campbell,” said Houston about making the new track. “I love the way that song makes me feel and the power it has to take me back to a moment of my many crushes as a teen. I wanted to create a rendition of the song and make it today’s generation’s soundtrack for their crushes.”

“Last Drop” was co-written by Houston and Ryan Hirt, with Jeffrey Toney on production. The song’s video pays homage to classic R&B visuals, featuring scenes of Houston dancing and singing in the rain.

“Last Drop” follows the release of “Admit It” in January. Both tracks will be featured on Houston’s upcoming album, due later this year. Additionally, he is expected to announce a headlining tour soon.

His new project follows his 2022 EP, ME: Dark Water, which included collaborations with Ray J and Monteco. With “Last Drop,” Houston aims to reignite the excitement he once stirred as “Batman” of the 1990s boy band Immature, later known as IMx. This new single, released via Phoenix Music Group, marks his return to the music scene.

Stream Marques Houston’s new song “Last Drop” and watch the official video today.

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Rising hip-hop and Rap artist Wray is set to conquer airwaves and playlists across the nation with the release of her latest single, “This Ya Song.” Infused with infectious beats and empowering lyrics, “This Ya Song” is a party anthem that exudes the essence of female empowerment.

Produced by JBM.E, “This Ya Song” has already received overwhelming support pre-release. Wray’s initial reaction to the positive feedback was nothing short of immense gratitude, remarking, “It’s nothing like I’ve received in the past. Loving the positive feedback, and support and seeing people already dancing to it and approaching me to sing the hook.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Wray’s musical journey began with the release of her debut project, “Just the Beginning,” in 2019, and she has since gone on to become a powerful force in the hip-hop and Rap scene. Her artistry draws inspiration from a wide array of influences including Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Kim, Suga Free, and E-40, with Nipsey Hussle serving as a contemporary muse. Wray’s performances are known for their captivating fusion of lyrical mastery and dynamic choreography, showcasing her versatility both as a musician and a dancer.

Addressing the male-dominated music scene in LA, Wray confidently shares, “There’s always talk about the West Coast not having a top lady to represent since Yo-Yo. As far as the men in the industry, I don’t spend too much time being intimidated due to the fact I am confident enough to know I’m cold. Also, receiving positive feedback from men in music makes me more confident honestly! Men are very picky when it comes to female rappers. So just hearing it, confirms I’m in the same game but in my own lane. That’s what makes me stand out also.”

With “This Ya Song” marking the beginning of her future projects, Wray is poised to leave an indelible mark on the West Coast music industry with her distinctive style and unapologetic approach. Her powerful presence and unrelenting determination solidify her position as an artist to watch, setting the stage for a groundbreaking Summer ahead.

Listen to “This Ya Song” now on all major streaming platforms.

Follow Wray [@La.Wray] for updates on upcoming releases and performances.

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