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Luckwayy Unveils His Ambitious Project, ‘Clover,’ and Dishes on His Musical Journey



Luckwayy Interview

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Louisiana, hip-hop artist Luckwayy is making waves in the music scene. With his latest hit single, “Monyunn,” already creating a buzz, he’s gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated EP, ‘Clover.’ In an exclusive interview with 4ShoMag, Luckwayy dives into the inspiration behind his music, the unique elements of “Monyunn,” and what fans can expect from ‘Clover.’

Luckwayy’s journey into music has been deeply influenced by the rich hip-hop culture of Atlanta. “Monyunn,” a play on the word “money,” encapsulates the essence of success. As Luckwayy puts it, if you’re not chasing that Monyunn, you’re simply “Doneyunn.” The track personally resonates with him, igniting a fire to go out and secure the bag.

“Monyunn” has swiftly captured the hearts of fans, thanks to its infectious melody and cleverly woven lyrics. What sets this song apart is its depth, with each listen revealing new layers and metaphors. Fans connect with its relatable lyrics and compelling storytelling.

While Luckwayy hints at a potential music video for “Monyunn” in the future, he keeps the creative direction under wraps, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its release.

Luckwayy’s music has often been described as “Fly, Catchy, Different,” and “Monyunn” lives up to this reputation. It’s trendy, melodic, motivating, and, in his words, undeniably wavy.

The lyrics of “Monyunn” carry hidden messages and personal anecdotes. The sequence of days in the song encourages listeners to seize each day, with lines like “Monday Monyunn Day” emphasizing the importance of hard work and self-value. It’s more than just a catchy tune; it’s a motivational anthem.

As we shift our focus to Luckwayy’s upcoming project, “Clover,” he offers a glimpse of what listeners can expect. The EP will feature a diverse range of tracks, from R&B-infused rap to Jersey Club vibes and beat switch songs. It’s a testament to Luckwayy’s versatility as an artist.

“Clover” symbolizes luck and growth, two elements deeply intertwined with Luckwayy’s musical journey and aspirations. He’s always been one to turn audacious dreams into reality, and “Clover” extends this opportunity to his fan base, as they grow together.

Unlike many projects, “Clover” won’t feature collaborations, as Luckwayy aims to establish his unique sound and identity. However, he hints at possible remix collaborations in the future, promising exciting features down the road.

One of the standout tracks on “Clover” is “Had it Hard.” This song delves into the challenges of growing up quickly in his hometown, Lafayette, Louisiana. Luckwayy paints a vivid picture of the tough living conditions and the impact of his cousin’s lengthy incarceration. Amidst the struggles, he highlights the vibrant moments, like the celebration of Mardi Gras.

With each release, Luckwayy continues to evolve as an artist. “Clover” showcases his growth in recording, introducing new sounds, innovative melody stacking, and captivating storytelling. It’s the kind of project that will have listeners hitting the replay button.

Live performances are on the horizon, with Luckwayy planning to grace both the stage and various media platforms. His energy and charisma are bound to leave a lasting impression on hip-hop fans.

As Luckwayy looks ahead, “Clover” holds the promise of boosting his streams, expanding his following, and opening doors to more significant performance opportunities. It’s a project that’s set to leave a lasting impact, encouraging listeners to feel confident, self-reflective, and motivated.

Beyond music, Luckwayy envisions collaborations with top fashion brands, much like Travis Scott and Pharrell. Acting is also on the horizon, making him a multi-talented force to watch.

For fans eagerly awaiting the release of “Clover,” Luckwayy drops a cryptic message, referencing some of his tracks to stir curiosity. The only way to decode it fully is to dive into the EP and explore the narrative he’s crafted.

Luckwayy’s roots in Lafayette continue to influence his music. The hustle mentality of his hometown shines through in his verses, reflecting his belief that to make it out of Louisiana, you have to make it happen yourself.

The creation process of “Monyunn” was as spontaneous as it was magical. A simple conversation with friends about his pronunciation of “Tuesday” led to freestyling, and the iconic chorus was born. It’s a testament to the organic nature of his creativity.

While Luckwayy draws inspiration from Lil Wayne’s “Dedication Series” in his creative process, “Clover” is a unique expression of his ideas, stories, and experiences.

For Luckwayy, real-life experiences, not books or movies, are the wellspring of inspiration. His music is a reflection of the world around him.

With “Clover” on the horizon, Luckwayy hopes to achieve his first hit record, expand his following, and catch the attention of prominent artists and producers. It’s a project that signifies growth, not just for him but also for his fan base. The clover is a symbol of luck, and with his talent and determination, Luckwayy is bound to strike gold.

As Luckwayy continues his remarkable journey, one thing is clear: his passion, talent, and resilience will continue to drive his success. “Clover” is more than an EP; it’s a testament to the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams, no matter the odds.

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Jovee Benjaminz Is A Rising Star



Jovee Benjaminz, is an American rapper, writer, singer, and record producer. Jovee is a Tri-State native, known creating a buzz in the rap scene with his flawless lyrical abilities throughout New York, Connecticut to Los Angeles and South Florida. He has always been an avid traveler throughout the US & overseas, which has cultivated his diverse thought level to rap about his life. His career began in the Tri-State, but he later explored out to the West coast to pursue his music career. Jovee agrees that his major influences are his family, along with having the pleasure of growing up listening to music with major influencers, such as Nas, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z, Big L, Stack Bundles and all other late greats.

Jovee was just the age of 9 when he started rapping with guidance of his older brothers and from there he never stopped. In his early teens was when he would began to join many local rap battles and cyphers at parties, school and in the streets. He learned to engineer every song for himself with his intelligent skills with Computers, for his brothers and local friends which gave him the advantage to record unlimited songs and practice his talent. Dropping his first street mixtape along with his brothers at 17 and from there the rest is history. Now stay tuned for his upcoming Project called “8-Figurz” which is dropping in spring of 2024.

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Seymore Dough & Benny The Butcher Drops Must-Hear New Single, “Stand Still”



Seymore Dough, a Tri-State recording artist with crafty rhymes and a bright future, teams up with one of hip-hop’s best lyricists, Benny The Butcher, for the hard-hitting new single titled “Stand Still.”

Produced by Chillion Daviz, the new song showcases the new kid trades witty wordplay, undeniable hook, and knockout punchlines with Buffalo’s coldest emcee as the two talk about the haters, the grind, and purpose. Standing toe-to-toe with The Butcher proves that Seymore Dough is an artist to watch in 2024.

Along with The Butcher, rising Seymore has collaborated with New York’s finest rappers, such as Stove God Cooks and 38 Spesh. He also received a significant shoutout from Newark’s own Redman. “Stand Still” follows last year’s album, The MVP of Spliffer Bowl III.

Brief backstory on Seymore Dough: best known for last summer’s “Independence Day,” the rapper developed a fanbase with his dedication, resilience, and creativity. He is known for his ridiculous wordplay and is making waves in the Tri-State area. JC-rhymer’s raw and authentic lyricism and dedication make him a force to be reckoned with in Jersey City.

“Stand Still” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the new rap star. After “Stand Still,” feel free to continue following Seymore Dough on social media for daily updates and more. Benny The Butcher appears on the track courtesy of Def Jam Recordings.

Stream “Stand Still” below.

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4sho Ave.

Luclover Releases New Visual “Willy Wonka 2”



Ryan Mounfik, also known as Luclover, is a musical prodigy from Boston, raised in H-Town. He makes his mainstream introduction with his latest single “Willy Wonka 2.”

Luclover’s passion for music began at 13 when he teamed up with his best friend to create their own sound. Influenced by Juice WRLD, he values pure creativity and authenticity.

He started his musical journey in his friend’s home studio, where he created viral tracks on Soundcloud as a teenager. Since then, he has built a solid audience and explored various genres within pop culture, including hip-hop, rap, rock, and pop.

Luclover’s talent is evident in his popular singles “L$D” and “Benihana,” which have helped him gain widespread recognition. It is evident that he is dedicated to engaging with his followers across various social media platforms, where he interacts with thousands of people. Luclover hints at an upcoming album titled x((, while fans await his debut project.

Luclover’s authentic and positive musical vibe has steadily grown his fanbase, offering diverse options for music lovers to resonate with. “Willy Wonka 2” is a preview of what’s to come for the rising star.

Get familiar below.

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