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Interview: Getting to Know Luckwayy



Luckwayy Interview

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Luckwayy, the rising hip-hop sensation from Lafayette, Louisiana, to dive deep into his musical journey, influences, and aspirations.

Question: Luckwayy, tell us about your background. Where did you grow up, and how has your hometown influenced your music?

Luckwayy: I’m proud to say I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s a unique place with its own culture, dialect, and flavors. The way we think, talk, and even the food we eat is distinct. I make sure to infuse that into my music. I often reference the vibrant culture of Mardi Gras and incorporate Cajun and Creole slang, paying homage to my roots.

Q: Your journey into hip-hop is fascinating. How did you first step into the music scene, and what was your initial experience like?

Luckwayy: Music found me through the church. I was captivated by the musicians during services. In elementary school, I began learning to read music and play various instruments. I attended performing arts schools, which enriched my musical understanding. As I started rewriting lyrics and crafting my own songs, I leveraged my popularity from playing football to get my music heard at high school games. It was the beginning of my music career.

Q: You have an impressive list of musical influences. Can you share how artists like Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Young Thug have shaped your unique style?

Luckwayy: Those artists are incredible. Lil Wayne inspired me to freestyle without using a pen. Kendrick Lamar taught me to infuse real-life moments into my music. Young Thug’s eccentric melodies pushed me to explore my vocal range, while Future’s catchy hooks influenced my songwriting. The list goes on. I learn from each artist I admire, adding their elements to my musical toolbox.

Q: Your artist name, Luckwayy, is intriguing. What’s the story behind it, and what does it mean to you personally?

Luckwayy: My birth nickname is Lucky because my mother had her tubes tied after my older sister but still had me. It’s a reminder of gratitude for the gift of life and the determination to break through any limits. “Luckwayy” emerged during high school, inspired by the “Datway” movement. It signifies luck and the freedom to carve my own path.

Q: Describe your music in three words. What emotions or messages are you trying to convey through your songs?

Luckwayy: I’d say “Fly, Catchy, Different.” My music should inspire self-belief and perseverance in the face of challenges. I want listeners to feel like they’re in a world where anything is possible.

Q: Share your most memorable performance and what made it stand out.

Luckwayy: My first real performance was at my college talent show. Winning first place was incredible, but what set it apart was the opportunity to work on my stage presence, experiment with visuals, and debut new music. It was a defining moment in my journey.

Q: Could you walk us through your creative process, from the initial idea to a finished song?

Luckwayy: I start by freestyling when I hear a beat, capturing melodies and flows. Sometimes, I stumble upon compelling lyrics that become the core of the song. After that, I refine the lyrics with a pen. In the studio, I collaborate closely with engineers to add melodic vocals and make precise edits, enhancing the song’s impact. It’s a fusion of creativity and technical precision.

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

Luckwayy: That’s an easy one: Drake. I believe we could craft a compelling story that resonates with audiences. Drake’s range across R&B, rap, and pop is impressive, and he excels in collaborative projects. Learning from him would be invaluable.

Q: What’s your favorite hip-hop album of all time, and how has it influenced your music?

Luckwayy: Lil Wayne’s “Dedication Series” holds a special place in my heart. That distinct flicked lighter sound at the beginning of each track was iconic. It was a time when Lil Wayne dominated the airwaves, and the “Dedication Series” showcased his ability to reinvent songs. It continually inspires me to create music that breaks conventions.

Q: What can your fans expect from your upcoming projects or releases?

Luckwayy: In about a month, I’m dropping a six-song project titled “Clover.” It’s my introduction to the music scene and sets the foundation for my sound. Despite the limited number of tracks, “Clover” offers a diverse range of sounds, symbolizing growth and luck, which will define my career.

That concludes our interview with Luckwayy. His journey from Lafayette to the music stage is a testament to his talent and the profound influence of his hometown. Stay tuned for his upcoming release, “Clover,” and witness the evolution of a rising hip-hop star.

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Latrell De’Sean Releases “45” Music Video



Latrell De’Sean is unique, catchy, and undeniable as an emerging artist with his raw lyrics over a sing-a-long flow and honest exterior in the fiery new visual of his breakout single “45.” In survival mode, the visual displays imagery of gunshots and chaos that portray the chaotic times society is living in right now. As De’Sean sits with his back to the madness, he raps about the destructive force he possesses as he endures life’s harsh reality on his path to luxury.

He raps: “So I’m toting on this 4-5/Hoping it don’t go down/Hoping that the danger don’t come my way/Cause if it do, then I’m blow mine/Take a Ni**a soul/I’m sorry Father God if I put one away.”

“45” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the Dallas native as it showcases his signature southern sound that has already accumulated over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify based on his catalog’s biggest songs such as “Heartbreaker’s Diary,” “Love Is War,” and “M.I.A. in Miami.” The new single is a follow-up to De’Sean’s 2022 album, AntiHero.

The latest release promises more new music from Latrell De’Sean on the horizon as his popularity spreads contagiously from local to regional to nationwide. To date, “45” has generated over 153,634 streams on Spotify. Now is the perfect time to hop on the Latrell De’Sean bandwagon.

Watch “45” below, and afterward, hear more Latrell De’Sean music on Spotify.

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Meet Madison Star, NYC’s rising rap and fashion creative to watch




Paying homage to an Eve classic, “For The Girls” is an empowerment anthem for all the it girls and girl bosses everywhere. Madison oozes confidence as she delivers braggadocious bars, affirming that her work ethic will pave the way for her continued success: “Better let them know you that girl for real/And in time it will show/Patient with your gift, in time it will grow/What Michelle say? We get high when they low.” The video finds Star roaming the streets of Japan as she visits fashion houses and performs in front of an intimate audience. 

Hailing from Westchester, NY, Madison Star has always been surrounded by hip-hop, R&B, and fashion – all which permeates her music. In September 2021, she released her debut mixtape, FREE STYLE: THE MIXTAPE. The 8-track mixtape is featureless, proving that Star can hold her own on a track and leave a formidable first impression on listeners. With hard-hitting tracks like “SS OFF WHITE,” “P*SSY RAP” and “DRESS 2 KILL,” she makes it clear she’s that girl and has the bars to make you affirm it. Within the same year, she also launched her fashion house, Madison Star Couture, in which she creates custom statement pieces from intricate fabrics. Fun fact – you can catch her wearing her own designs throughout the video! 😉 Star has since earned praise from outlets like Essence, HYPEBAE, 21Ninety, and more.

With new music on the way, Madison Star is ready to dazzle in the spotlight in true it girl fashion – pun intended. 

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RONNY J Is “CHARGED UP” On His New Album




Charged Up!” The highly anticipated sophomore album from producer and artist, RONNY J. Known as a trailblazer that significantly influenced the current sound of Hip-Hop as a producer, Ronny is here to prove the same feat as a solo artist.

This album follows his initial endeavor, “Jupiter” from 2020, and showcases his creative genius with tracks involving Wiz Khalifa and a special verse from the late XXXTENTACION.

Having previously collaborated with the likes of EminemKanye WestRoddy Ricch, and Juice Wrld, just to name a few, Ronny is renowned for his songwriting and production skills. His signature tags, “Oh my God, Ronny!” and “Ronny J, please turn me up,” have achieved iconic status.

Now re-energized and ready to reclaim his position in the limelight, the Miami native has resurfaced with a powerful statement – his solo album. Ronny J continues his journey of challenging the norms of music, solidifying his reputation not just as a much-loved producer, but a recognized creative powerhouse.

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