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KINGMOSTWANTED Announces Time For The Throne, His Upcoming Project, Coming in November



Wielding a snapping flow and an unconventional sense of rhythm that keeps listeners on their toes, KINGMOSTWANTED is looking to start a dynasty in SoCal and beyond. Ready to capitalize on a year of upward momentum, the 8PETOWN rapper announces Time For The Throne, his next project. Borne out of KING’s unique creative process–he thinks of his rhymes, organizes a flow, and then works with the producer to craft a beat around his words–Time For The Throne bursts with the confidence of a 19-year-old kid convinced his music will take over the world. The San Bernardino native’s music is restlessly propulsive, influenced by the current L.A. scene but veering in unexpected directions. The Inland Empire sound is a bit more spartan, and more danceable–it’s no surprise that KING has a massive and growing fanbase on TikTok. Featuring the recent single “KUNG FU WARRIOR” ft. AzChike & FrostyDaSnowmannTime For The Throne arrives in November.

Along with the announcement of the album, KING shares the brand new video for “Couple Questions.” Brimming with luscious electric keys and rubbery bass courtesy of the track’s producer Une, “Couple Questions” finds KING in a romantic mood, declaring his affections for his new woman, but not without reservations. He needs to know whether she’ll hold him down or just leave when the going gets tough: “Would you love me if my pockets were stressin?/Or would you throw it all away and ruin this connection?” In the video, directed by @NickMedina_, the artist relaxes in a red-tinted room with only his prescriptions to keep him company, as he ponders the way his new connection makes him feel.

““I was addicted to Xanax and Ecstasy, but I wanted to sober up and find a different high,” says KINGMOSTWANTED. “I think love might just be my new Ecstasy. I was in the studio feelin’ the vibe and I just knew the beat was right for me to express how I’m feelin’.”

The leader of a burgeoning rap scene in the so-called Inland Empire–an area east of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley that is more populous than nearly every American city–KINGMOSTWANTED has been bubbling in his city since he released his single No Case” in 2018, when he was just 15. Since then, his star has only continued to rise, taking a leap when he released In My City,” a hometown banger featuring his 8PETOWN associate MCM Raymond, which generated over 15 million combined streams and over 1 million video creations on TikTok. Since the release of “In My City,” he’s been a favorite on TikTok, with over 173k followers who devour his every release, including Charli D’Amelio-approved “Different Varieties,” and he’s capitalized on his viral success with exciting projects like 2020’s FRESHMAN YEARwhich featured guest spots from AzChike and Quin NFN. With Time For The Throne, KINGMOSTWANTED looks to deliver on the ambitions of his artist name and elevate to elite status on the west coast scene.

Check it out here!

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Fat Trel & Millyz Drops “Airplane Mode”



DMV titan Fat Trel goes on “Airplane Mode” with help from Beantown barsmith Millyz. Accompanied by a matching music video, the Kidd Slopes produced collaboration from the east coast emcees follows Trel’s previous releases “Right Or Wrong” featuring Kash Doll’s husband Tracy T and Sada Baby assisted single “Steppa.” Serving as the latest leak from his forthcoming album ‘Boosa’s Keeper,’ expected to be released towards the end of the Summer, the HD-clip finds the pair trading verses about everything from loyalty to downside of fame.

Fat Trel has nurtured and grown his organic storytelling ability with creative word play and pulverizing flow. Taking a raw approach to music, some would say as graphic and grimy as the streets of DC, but equally memorable and captivating nonetheless. He holds no punches and tells each story with such relativity they appear verbatim, in a matter of fact nature, that illustrates he is genuinely home grown and not caught up in the idea of being from the streets.

Martrel Reeves PKA Fat Trel was a child far more ambitious and cognizant of his surroundings than the norm. At age seven, he professed ambitions to be a rapper, while peers delivered the proverbial “I have a Dream” Speech about aspirations to be nurses, doctors, lawyers, and fire fighters. As peers sat excited by the endless possibilities of the future, Fat Trel sat perplexed by the harsh realities of DC; the place he called home. Fat Trel exited high school at age 15, caught up in the lure and necessity of street life; a road more traveled when the have-nots impose an immediate call to action. Unconvinced high school education would support his family or cultivate his ambitions, Fat Trel hit the ground running in pursuit of being an emcee and has not stopped running since.

Press play on the Nick Sheehan directed visual for “Airplane Mode” and stream the official audio on your DSP of choice below via ONErpm.

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Harlem’s Rising Star EB Sarr Unveils Captivating Debut Single and Short Film “Bitter Escape”




EB Sarr

Meet dynamic new artist EB Sarr (@ebsarr). Hailing from the vibrant streets of Harlem, New York, he’s truly a multifaceted creative that understands how to get deeply personal with his audience. He just released his debut single and short film for “bitter escape.” Out now, stream here.

“Bitter Escape” is a funky, upbeat track that showcases EB’s skills as an artist who doesn’t fit in one box. On the making of this track, EB revealed that “The song reflects a relentless chase and the ways we try to escape it.” He continues by adding that it’s a song that “Everyone can relate to” on their pursuit of love, success, or other goals,” and various types of coping mechanisms, both healthy and unhealthy, amidst the chaos.

EB’s authenticity shines through not only in his music but also in his artist name, which is simply his real name shortened. “EB being short for Ebrahima. It’s true, it’s authentic,” he affirms. “I aim to honor my parents’ legacy through my craft and ensure my family name resonates for generations.”

Describing his sound to first-time listeners, EB promises the unexpected with a touch of funk. “Though I’m inspired and a product of so many things, expect me to bring on the funk,” he asserts.

With influences ranging from Michael Jackson to The Weeknd, EB Sarr is poised to make a lasting mark on the music industry. “I want to be the best, I want to do my best, I want to make an impact, and I want to do it with joy,” he declares.

As for what’s next, EB hints at more music and ideas coming to life, promising a new and distinct sound from Harlem’s newest pop sensation. “Expect flowerland. Expect EB Sarr,” he teases.

In closing, EB leaves fans with a simple yet powerful message: “Welcome to flowerland.”

For more updates and to connect with EB Sarr, follow him on social media:

Stream the new single HERE and watch the visual HERE

About EB Sarr:

EB Sarr, a visionary artist hailing from the vibrant streets of Harlem, New York, embodies a fusion of eclectic sounds and captivating visuals that transcend traditional confines. With a musical palette influenced by generations and genres, EB introduces a refreshing perspective to the realm of pop music. His journey through the industry promises an unforgettable experience, as he seamlessly blends elements of funk, soul, and contemporary pop into a unique sonic tapestry. 

EB’s artistry extends beyond the auditory realm, as his visually striking aesthetics complement his music, creating a holistic sensory experience for his audience. With each release, EB Sarr invites listeners into his vibrant world, inviting them to explore the depths of his creativity and imagination. As he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, EB Sarr emerges as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

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Oakland’s Joe Blow and AG Unite On New Single “One In A Billion”



Oakland Artist Joe Blow has made a striking return to the scene with his latest single “One in a Billion,” produced by San Diego’s AG. This track marks Joe Blow’s first release following a brief hiatus, offering his devoted fans a fresh sound infused with his signature West Coast flair.

Known for his expertise in crafting West Coast rap and contemporary hip-hop, Joe Blow brings a unique essence to the rap spectrum, gravitating towards the underground side of the genre. Unveiling “One in a Billion,” Joe Blow presents an Oakland anthem tailored for the steadfast hustlers who embody resilience and determination on a daily grind. The production of the track radiates a laid-back and glossy vibe, setting the tone for a smooth yet invigorating listening experience.

While Joe Blow has collaborated with some of the best in the industry, his authentic style and skill shine through in his solo endeavors. For those unfamiliar with his work, tracks like “Overdose” stand out as prime examples of Joe Blow’s ability to create captivating gangsta rap and laid-back compositions.

Renowned for his steady career since the early 1980s, Joe Blow remains a celebrated figure in the Oakland music scene. With his most streamed single being “Overdose” featuring Stevie Job, Joe Blow’s dedication to his craft and loyal fanbase have solidified his status in the industry.

For fans eager to experience Joe Blow’s latest offering, “One in a Billion,” the official music video captures the essence and energy of the track. The video, available via the link below, provides a visual accompaniment to Joe Blow’s lyrical prowess and AG’s exceptional production, offering a glimpse into the world of this influential Oakland artist.

As Joe Blow returns to the spotlight with “One in a Billion,” the track not only embodies his artistic evolution but also serves as a testament to his enduring legacy in West Coast rap. With his unmistakable style and unwavering dedication, Joe Blow continues to captivate audiences and inspire fellow musicians with his one-of-a-kind sound.

Watch the official music video for “One in a Billion” below.

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