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Introducing @ThisIsCeytra !



Whether you need a hot 16, or assistance with Postoperative Care/ Body Sculpting, the Naija Goddess Ceytra has got you covered. The Chicago native has made quite some noise in the music industry in these past several years. From Dropping Hit singles like “FTOB” which has gained 1000’s of streams and support online to Founding DbodyByCeytra it is clear the Naija Queen is destined for greatness.

Q: Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?
Ceytra: “I was born in Chicago, to Nigerian parents. But Being from Chicago groomed my character, made me go harder because of the struggles we had to endure. And I feel like music created a sense of therapy for me.”

Q: How has your hometown influenced your music?
Ceytra: “My hometown really wasn’t an influence on my music, it was really my father. He was a big RnB, Jazz and Hip Hop fan. After my father left, in order to not miss his presence I used to play his CD collections.”

Q: What was the first record you ever released? Was it hard?
Ceytra: “Naive Love” was my first record that I released. It had an RnB feel to it. It was just a real record my ladies can relate too. I think it was “hard” because the lyrics and my voice was very powerful.”

Q: What has been your favorite release as an artist to date?
Ceytra: “My record “The Statement” is my favorite because lyrically I felt that I can go head to head with the men. It gained a lot attention, where some Hip Hops legends loved it. But truly “FTOB” is my top because I killed a classic record! Lol!”

Q: What has been your most notable moment or experience in the music industry?
Ceytra: “I feel like there’s so many great moments. I literally can’t pick them all. But I got to attend the BET Experience in LA 2 years in a row and after I dropped my record “FTOB” so many celebrities reached out to me. Even C-Murder’s team contacted me. That was dope because I payed homage to the classic record “Down 4 My N*****”.”

Q: What type of sound would you say you have?
Ceytra: “I really don’t have a specific sound, I’m just versatile and authentic lol.”

Q: How do you currently feel about the music industry? Has COVID slowed you down at all?
Ceytra: “I think the music industry is in a different place more than ever. It’s showing artists like myself that we can prosper independently. Business wise it hasn’t slowed me down, but with music it’s definitely different. Tik Tok became the new club durning the pandemic. It’s like our music had to be Tik Tok worthy.”

Q: Where did your name come from?
Ceytra: “Funny story, my mother gave me my name. My real name is Tracey, so she just flipped the last three letters in my name & you get Ceytra.

Q: Favorite artists of all time?
Ceytra: “I gotta say Tupac, Lil kim, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, DMX, Biggie, Hov, Beyoncé, Mary J Blige, Aaliyah, and Backstreet Boys.”

Q: What does Ceytra listen to?
Ceytra: “Right now, I’m in my R &B/ Rap mode so I’m listening to really that. I listen to RoTimi, Lucky Daye, DSVN, Saucy Santana, but it all depends on my mood lol.”

Q: What got you started in Post Op therapy?
Ceytra: “I have an 8 year experience working in the healthcare/ medical field, so my experiences getting surgery made me want to be an advocate for women. I went through a traumatic experience, so I want to make sure women get the best education and care. I’ve always had a passion for helping individuals.”

Q: Is it hard balancing your own company and music career?
Ceytra: “Yes it is lol. But I had to learn how to balance it. Working from morning till late then going to the studio or an event isn’t easy at all. But I have a passion for both, so I gotta balance both.”

Q: What has been the most challenging part of entrepreneurship?
Ceytra: “My dating life sucks lol. But really just trying to balance my personal life, business and music. I can’t be in 10 places at once which is challenge for me. I literally have to tell people I have to pencil you in my book lol.”

Q: Do you have any advice for upcoming female entrepreneurs?
Ceytra: “My message for my ladies trying to be an entrepreneur is to always remain who you are and have tough skin. Being an entrepreneur will definitely break you if you can’t take the pressure. Always believe in yourself. Despite what anyone thinks, you have to stand out and be different.”

Q: What are some challenges of being a female in this industry?
Ceytra: “We don’t get the same respect as the men. I don’t like how the industry treats us women as objects, like a toy. But I also think, the industry is changing because we’re using our voices and demanding our RESPECT!”

Q: What motivates you to keep going?
Ceytra: “I lost my father three years ago and he always believed in my full potential. He never wanted me to give up on my goals & aspirations. I watched my father fight till his last day, so I got my motivation from him to keep fighting everyday & never give up!”

Q: What’s next for Ceytra?
Ceytra: “You never know what’s next for Ceytra. I move in silence lol. But my future is filled with endless possibilities. Right now, I’m just focused on growing my business, making new music and I’m testing out management for artists.”

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Mike Atlas Released His New Single “Graveyard Story”



Houston, Texas Native Mike Atlas looks to go worldwide with his new single “Graveyard Story.” With his lethal and melodic sound, he looks to inspire many throughout the world, showing that anything is possible through his hard work and dedication. This lyrical nightmare is inspired by some of the greats. (Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, to name a few).

2021 was a hard year for the independent artist. Losing two of his closest friends and biggest supporters through his journey was tough, but added more fuel to his fire and desire. “I feel they driving me to a higher purpose with my talents to truly live out my dream not only for them but myself.” Through his strength and determination the Houston rapper looks to make his mark in 2022 after a rough 2021.


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Pluggworld Drops Anticipated Album, ‘Tug of War’




LA based music group Pluggworld is ready for the world to hear their newest album “Tug of War”. This will be the bands fifth album, already making moves with two singles: “Chick Filet” and “Show & Tell”  which received over one million views on Worldstar and over a quarter of a million views on Youtube, respectfully. Pluggworld offers a fresh and raw perspective to live instruments in hop hop, as well as the fusion of various styles and genres within their work. As far as their latest body of work, Pluggworld describes their album as being “a sonic journey through our experience maneuvering and making our way in LA trying to get money and dealing with relationships and women issues. The tug of war is money and success pulling for our time on one side, and the relationships and love pulling us on the other side.” Pluggworld is proud of their skill and very excited to share their newest album with the world.

Q: What inspired your Band name? 

A: Pluggworld , we want to connect people to the source. Also in the studio there were always plugs everywhere due to the various instruments we play and the equipment we use and amps, etc. So the name just kinda fit.

Q: What genre of music do you produce and what is your favorite to produce? 

A: We make music from several different genres, primarily Hip Hop, Soul, Rock, and R&B. We often like to fuse these styles into one song, that’s probably our favorite thing to do. It’s like cooking, and creating new recipes.

Q:  How would you describe your sound/style?

A: Our sound can be described as Vibey. We love to incorporate the heavy low-end and percussions of modern Hip Hop, and then layer lush guitar chords on top, then we finish off with undeniable vocal melodies. We play instruments, so that’s something we like to highlight in our music as well. Whether that be guitar, bass, keys or Saxophone. Also, when it comes to rapping, we do it at the highest level.

Q: In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current producers out there?

A: Other artists in hip hop right now, don’t play guitar and rap and produce. They usually have to call in a guitarist, we don’t. We also are able to maneuver between different genres seamlessly. You’ll hear that on the project. You could go from a banger to a ballad the next song, and it doesn’t feel out of place.

The album “Tug of War” is available on all streaming services.

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Lor Sosa & Soulja Boy Chart Billboard With “Drake”




Lor Sosa taps Soulja Boy for the release of his single and music video “Drake.” A subtle reference to both the multi-platinum rapper and Draco AK47, both artists trade verses filled with witty bars and references.

“Once I knew it was possible to make the collab happen I got straight to work sourcing a beat. At the same time, I was also given the opportunity to work with producers from Tate Kobangz’s “28” production group,” he tells us.

“Drake” debuted at position #13 on the Billboard charts during its first week. Within a month of its release, the visual effort managed to garner 4M views on YouTube as well as #4 on iTunes. Watch “Drake” below.

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