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Interview: Meet Rising Artist SK1NANDBONEZ



SK1NANDBONEZ is an independent artist to keep watch for. He’s been making a name for himself and buzzing as of lately with the release of his recent project ‘The Delta Way 2.’ In addition to building momentum with previous singles such as “Make It Home,” ft. Roc Nation’s Kalan.FrFr, SK1NANDBONEZ is definitely on the come up and lets his music speak for himself.

The Delta Way 2 is a follow-up album from his 2019 debut project, The Delta Way and features brand new songs such as “Telfar Bag,” and “Distant.” There was also a visual that was released for “Make It Home” which positioned SK1NANDBONEZ as someone who is able to capture audiences both visually and sonically. He’s definitely an artist who has a lot of talent and potential, and he’s here to stay.

Keep reading to learn more about SK1NANDBONEZ and his journey in music through a recent interview.

What is your artist name? What is your real name? How did you get your artist name?

My name is Bobby but I go by SK1NANDBONEZ. I had a couple different names I tried to go by, but nothing really stuck like that one. That name really came from being skinny all my life, everybody used to call me Stix and Skinny Bones but … I was like that’s lowkey corny I need something smooth that stands out a little bit. That’s basically how I came up with the name.

At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a career in music?

Music was always something I had a passion for and wanted to do.  My mama got raps I was writing in the 4th grade put up with all my other little arts and crafts from growing up, I used to get cussed out because of it sometimes. She would say, “You can memorize those raps, you better memorize them spelling words!” I started doing freestyles in the car and other little social media challenges and was getting a nice following from that but I didn’t really start taking it seriously until the people around me really sat me down and told me like, “you really hard and got the potential to take it to the next level.”

Has your upbringing played a role in shaping who you are and defining your sound today? If so, how?

I feel like it did play a role in making me the way I am and my sound, because my mama had me when she was young so we really grew up together in a sense. And my mama cool as hell, she didn’t really shelter me but she didn’t play either. She allowed me to live and learn from my own mistakes and hers but she also disciplined me when it was needed. She was a single young mama and my pops was locked up during different periods of my life when I feel like young boys need their fathers the most. Our relationship is good though, that’s my dog and now that I’m older and see how the system is set up, I understand more so I don’t hold that against him. I probably come off as arrogant or cocky sometimes but thats because I really taught myself everything, I put in the hours and the work, I was recording myself running back and forth from the booth to the computer, I hopped on youtube and started teaching myself how to engineer. I know how good I am. I sacrificed a lot, I invested so much money — even missed meals to get to where I’m at now and I’m still not where I wanna be. So that’s why some say I have an arrogant/cocky sound because I know how good I am, I’m hungry, and I’m still having fun with it.

How would you describe your sound to readers who may not be familiar with you?

I have a harmonizing melodic rap sound. I listen to a lot of oldies and R&B, so thats where a lot of my melodies come from and as far as rap I grew up on Tupac, Scarface, Biggie so they influence my sound. And I used to stay up watching battle rappers and Freestylers like Reed Dollaz, NH, Meek, and all of them and they would all say clever things to make you rewind it like hold up … So they had a big influence on me as well.

What ultimately inspired you to dedicate yourself to a music career?

I did a freestyle to Tyga song “Taste” and it went viral on twitter and Tyga even saw it and we talked through DMs for a second but I didn’t really have any music. I only had my freestyles, so the convo was short but he followed me. After that, a couple other artists from the city that weren’t really big worldwide, but big where I’m from started showing love so I was like I could really do this, I know I can make it work .

What’s one reason you are passionate about music and what inspires you?

I feel like it’s in me because it came so natural. I don’t really come from a music family but I have family members who were and still are in the music industry and have had some success with it. I honestly can’t explain why I’m so passionate about it. Sometimes when I’m in the real world I feel out of place but when I go in [the booth] and record, I feel like I’m home, like I belong there. What inspires me most though is when people tell me how much they can relate or how my music got them through something — because life is hard and everybody goes through things. Some people handle it better than others though, but when people tell me my music helped them get through a rough time it makes me feel good.

Be on the lookout for more visuals from SK1NANDBONEZ’s latest project, The Delta Way 2, and follow him on Instagram @sk1nandbonez.

Check out SK1NANDBONEZ and Kalan.FrFr’s visual for their track “Make It Home” below. 


Watch Emilio Rojas Tricked Out “Okay Okay” Video



Emilio Rojas encourages the valet to go for a joy ride and enjoy life while he hits the private skies in the new visual for “Okay Okay.” Directed by Jonathan Felix, Rojas narrates the fast life that comes with manifesting the finer things in life while your boots are strapped to the ground and punching in that clock with lyrics that detail his spending habits. Flossing, Rojas raps, “My car guy just asked to hold a few thou / And I just got a new house because my old block was too loud / I might still pay that mortgage it aint worth the time to move out.”

“Okay Okay” is the third release from Rojas following “Green Cards” and “Creep With Me” from the forthcoming sequel album, Breaking Point 2. The upcoming album will be the follow-up to the artist’s 2012 original hosted by the legendary DJ Green Lantern and presented by Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand. To stay up to date on everything Emilio Rojas and the upcoming album, follow him daily on social media.

Watch the “Okay Okay” visual below and stream it everywhere via Breaking Point Music Group.

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Tyler Loyal Shares High-Energy Single “Back In Dat Mode”



AWAL’s new sensation Tyler Loyal returns to his old ways on the new single titled “Back In Dat Mode.” The highly energetic track produced by Sonni showcases the Boston native’s superior skillset, rowdy nature, and promising star power that will make him one of the hottest new acts of the year. For Loyal, the track reflects on the lowest part of his life, yet continues to pursue his dream.

“I’ve been at my lowest, living off Cup Noodles and cold-cut sandwiches,” said Tyler about the song’s message. “I’ve also been in the presence of financial freedom. Both experiences brought me to the same conclusion, I need to get rich. I made a promise to myself at 8 years old that I would be the one in my family to break the barrier and every day I live on this earth I’m trying to get myself closer to that end goal. This song is for the hustlers. It’s what it feels like to be fed up with your current state, get up and get to the bag.”

“Back In Dat Mode” follows Loyal’s impressive 2022, including the release of a trio of new songs like “Far From Jamaica,” “Still Mine,” and “Fallin’ Off.” Loyal’s latest release prepares us for an expected forthcoming project, which will eagerly arrive in 2023. More as this story develops…

“Back In Dat Mode” is available everywhere on So Rebel/AWAL.

Stream “Back In Dat Mode” below, and follow Tyler Loyal on social media for up-to-the-minute news and updates.

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Paydroo Shares New Video “Fair Exchange”



PG County’s Paydroo has been on a lyrical rampage lately as he ascends to mainstream stature. Now, he seizes the moment in the spotlight with the release of the new visual for the latest single, “Fair Exchange.” Directed by Richy Guzman, the visual stars, the rising emcee maneuvering around public transportation while he recites tricky rhymes about the hustle like, “Outta the youngn’s getting too it I was the first one, move smart I’m my momma’s first and only son.”

The song was inspired by the daily grit and grind that everyday joes endured on the paper chase.

“I gained inspiration to write this song as soon as Gr4ff sent it. Oftentimes my concepts come from the way the instrumentals are titled upon receiving them,” reveals Paydroo in a press statement.

“Fair Exchange” follows Paydroo’s 2021 EP, Product Of My Environment 2. The new single is the preview to the new artist’s forthcoming fifth as-yet-titled album in the works and is expected for a 2023 release on his own imprint. “Fair Exchange” is the perfect origin point to hop on the Paydroo bandwagon.

Take a look at “Fair Exchange” below, and afterward, follow Paydroo on social media.

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