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Here’s What You Should Be Listening To Today



Some hot stuff that you won't want to miss today is inside.

Some heavy-hitters have dropped new music this week, from Kash Doll to Tee Grizzley, even ShredGang Mone. A commonality between the aformentioned artists is their knack for creating timeless music. With that being said, you should check out their new stuff while its hot to get ahead of everyone else. We’ve got five scorching hot songs for you to check out this Thursday if you’re really into being up on the latest and greatest. Check out our picks below.

“My City” by Young Ra feat. ShredGang Mone, Cash Kidd & Bandgang Biggs

This fiery trap banger features a littany of quality verses from some serious Detroit muscle. Cash Kidd, as always, brings a haphazardly slung verse, brilliantly dancing between the intersections of the downbeat and backend production ambiance. The visual is cool and all, but the real heart and soul of the experience comes from the collective energy on display in the track itself.


“Don’t Even Trip” by Tee Grizzley feat. MoneyBagg Yo

Two up-and-coming rappers; one from Detroit, the other from Memphis. Bring their styles together for a track and you get something special. Tee Grizzley’s new release is an ominously dark sermon that’s vivaceous at the same time. His verse is glass-shattering, MoneyBagg Yo’s equally as destructive. Yo’s guttural growl, in particular, is striking in accordance with the piano-centric production that relies on a particular riff to induce stomach-clenching dread.


“Dysfunctional Family” by RiskTaker D-Boy

RiskTaker D-Boy looks to make 2018 his bitch. “If You My N*gga” put him on the map, now he’s gotten even more personal on his follow-up “Dysfunctional Family.” The somber ode to family drama is a touching sermon that showcases his next-to-none flow and overbearing, maestro-like aesthetic. It’ll put you in the feels for sure.


“Swiper No Swiping” by Bighomie Tru feat. Payroll Giovanni

PAYROLL! There’s no one in the game period right now with a track record like Payroll Giovanni. His verses are akin to business advice from business expert Gary Vaynerchuck – whatever he says, it makes you want to get shit done. Immediately. He blesses Bighomie Tru in the trap hit “Swiper No Swiping” and you’ll want to hear what both artists have to say. The track is a surefire hit that will only add another tally mark to Payroll’s already lengthy string of hits.


“10 Cars” by Johnnie Cage feat. Cosofamous

There’s no major names attached to this, no reason to check it out besides the fact that it slaps. It’s mixed excellently, the production is immersive, and the verses are tight, compact, and larger-than-life. In short, this has everything it takes to be a viral hit. When it inevitably does, remember that you saw it over on 4ShoMag first.

Artist To Watch

Tampa Artist Rublow Delivers New Single and Confirms He Has An EP On The Way!



Born and Raised in Tampa, Florida, independent artist Rublow has been preparing to take over the music industry since he was 10 years old. Now the 22-year-old is proving he’s a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop community.

The up-and-coming artist who is currently signed under two independent labels, Hieroglyphic Music and No Silver Spoon LLC, is killing the game with his versatile sound and incredible flow.

“The way I articulate, I feel as if I tell a different story,” he said, “Yeah, I got turn up music with trap vibes but I’m also well-rounded. I write about real shit, police brutality, growing up in the hood, adversities of being a black man in America. I feel like I’m good at that stuff too.”

Determined to kick start his career, Rublow made the decision to move to Los Angeles, California where he could fully dedicate himself to music. He admits moving to LA was a power move which led him to link up with some of Hollywood’s hottest artists including Anwar Hadid and His Girlfriend Dua Lipa.

Till this day, Rublow continues to have a close relationship with the powerhouse couple who have shown an endless amount of support to the rising artist. In fact, Hadid was on set while filming the visuals to his latest single “Rublow 2x”. The visual available on YouTube, already has over 170k views on YouTube and was shot by Connor Ellmann and Creative Directed by Anwar Hadid, Arb and Kuj!

Already receiving interests from several different music labels, the independent artist has no plans on slowing down this year and wants his fans to know he is here to stay! In fact, Rublow revealed he’s currently working on a new EP which will feature a variety of tracks and will include a collaboration with So So Def artist LA The Goat. The EP “Thru Talkin” is coming sooner than you know it, the project is expected to drop right in time for the summer!

Follow Rublow (@rublow_) on Social Media for music updates and MORE!

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Artist To Watch

Independent Artist Vae Day Drops New Single “C Webb”.



Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Vae Day is an independent artist that is motivated and dedicated to his career. Known for his versatile flow and creativity, the up-and-coming artist admits his favorite part about being a musician is the creative freedom he explores while working on new music.

Starting his career nearly 6 years ago in his cousin’s home studio, Vae Day recalls enduring dark times and explains the reason why he began writing his own music was to cope with his mental health.

“I started making music in 2015 after I tore my ACL.” He admits, “It was an outlet I needed to carry me out of depression.”

Now, the independent artist doesn’t set goals when it comes to his music. Going by the motto, “The Sky Is The Limit”, Vae Day pushes himself to be the best and believes you can do anything you set your mind to.

“I’ve had plenty of jobs but none of them stuck with me.” He admits, “This music shit is something that kept my head up during rough times it’s something I’m actually really good at. Music saved my life.”

Since the start of his career, Vae Day has released 3 albums and has collaborated with several up-and-coming artists. His music has also been featured on Say Cheese and No Jumper. Recently, the independent artist dropped his single “C Webb” and confirmed there is new music on the way!

For music updates and more follow Vae Day on social media- @cloutlord_vae

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Miami Artist Jiggz Drops First Solo EP “Jiggy World”



Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Jiggz is an independent artist that has a versatile sound and is ready to make a positive impact with his music. The up-and-coming artist takes pride in being authentic and writing lyrics that are relatable.  Formally a dedicated football player, Jiggz found that music was the perfect alternative for him to express his thoughts.

“Music is the way I express myself. It’s the only way I let out my emotions because I tend to bottle things up unless I’m in front of a mic.” He said, “I also have a competitive nature in music as well and strive to always be a better version of myself as an artist.”

Starting his musical career back in 2017, Jiggz has been quite successful in the past few years. You may have heard his music on popular shows such as Daredevil, The Chi, The Grand Army, and a short film called Holler. Ultimately, the independent artist hopes to have a long-lasting career by inspiring and encouraging his fans to chase their dreams.

“I plan to make a positive impact in a way where when people listen to my music they feel a certain way of themselves in a positive light.” He admits, “I want to impact everyone who takes a listen.”

Representing the core of Miami, Jiggz is the next artist on the RISE! Ready to make moves, the independent artist has been working on his first solo EP “Jiggyworld” that is dropping today!

The independent artist has more up his sleeve for 2021, but first make sure to check out his first solo project “Jiggyworld”. Available on all streaming platforms or stream down below!

Follow Jiggz on Social Media for Music Updates and MORE!  


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