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Here’s What You Should Be Listening To Today



Some hot stuff that you won't want to miss today is inside.

Some heavy-hitters have dropped new music this week, from Kash Doll to Tee Grizzley, even ShredGang Mone. A commonality between the aformentioned artists is their knack for creating timeless music. With that being said, you should check out their new stuff while its hot to get ahead of everyone else. We’ve got five scorching hot songs for you to check out this Thursday if you’re really into being up on the latest and greatest. Check out our picks below.

“My City” by Young Ra feat. ShredGang Mone, Cash Kidd & Bandgang Biggs

This fiery trap banger features a littany of quality verses from some serious Detroit muscle. Cash Kidd, as always, brings a haphazardly slung verse, brilliantly dancing between the intersections of the downbeat and backend production ambiance. The visual is cool and all, but the real heart and soul of the experience comes from the collective energy on display in the track itself.


“Don’t Even Trip” by Tee Grizzley feat. MoneyBagg Yo

Two up-and-coming rappers; one from Detroit, the other from Memphis. Bring their styles together for a track and you get something special. Tee Grizzley’s new release is an ominously dark sermon that’s vivaceous at the same time. His verse is glass-shattering, MoneyBagg Yo’s equally as destructive. Yo’s guttural growl, in particular, is striking in accordance with the piano-centric production that relies on a particular riff to induce stomach-clenching dread.


“Dysfunctional Family” by RiskTaker D-Boy

RiskTaker D-Boy looks to make 2018 his bitch. “If You My N*gga” put him on the map, now he’s gotten even more personal on his follow-up “Dysfunctional Family.” The somber ode to family drama is a touching sermon that showcases his next-to-none flow and overbearing, maestro-like aesthetic. It’ll put you in the feels for sure.


“Swiper No Swiping” by Bighomie Tru feat. Payroll Giovanni

PAYROLL! There’s no one in the game period right now with a track record like Payroll Giovanni. His verses are akin to business advice from business expert Gary Vaynerchuck – whatever he says, it makes you want to get shit done. Immediately. He blesses Bighomie Tru in the trap hit “Swiper No Swiping” and you’ll want to hear what both artists have to say. The track is a surefire hit that will only add another tally mark to Payroll’s already lengthy string of hits.


“10 Cars” by Johnnie Cage feat. Cosofamous

There’s no major names attached to this, no reason to check it out besides the fact that it slaps. It’s mixed excellently, the production is immersive, and the verses are tight, compact, and larger-than-life. In short, this has everything it takes to be a viral hit. When it inevitably does, remember that you saw it over on 4ShoMag first.


Jason Warrior Is Not Letting Up




NBC’s The Voice, The Four, Sunday Best, and American Idol all have one thing in common. Care to guess? Jason Warrior! Jason is one of the star talents that can be seen on a variety of national television shows.

The American national performer started his journey in Season 11 of The Voice, a reality streaming program on NBC, in which he was a member of Team Blake.  Born and raised in Chicago, Jason is not afraid of putting it all out on the stage, and in return fans love most for it.  Along with The Voice, Jason also appeared on Season 1 of The Four, Season 9 of Sunday Best, and Season 9 of American Idol.

Despite receiving unfair treatment, Jason did not let opinions and negativity make him doubt his talent.  His latest single, “Love on You”, possess’s visuals with a fire heat signature of passion as he performs. 

Jason’s music is living proof that controversies and viral videos are short-lived and it is the effort and talent that has consequence.  His viral video of The Four, where he’s seen calling out Megan Trainor, a famous singer and judge of The Four, for her unjust behavior earned him a certain notoriety that caused an unfortunate backlash.  Jason Warrior has learned from his experiences on these television programs, using the critiques to continuously evolve.  Despite being involved in a few controversies on television, Jason’s hustle did not cease.  With an enormous total of 72.5k followers on Instagram and 68.2k subscribers on YouTube, Jason is a luminary in his city.

If music is an art, Jason is a Michaelangelo. If music is creativity, Jason is a Jimi Hendrix.  Jason doesn’t set limits on himself and believes it ridiculous to keep himself in one place when he can reach a variety of groups at anytime. 

Follow @iamjasonwarrior on Instagram! 

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Artist To Watch

Afrobeats record producer and artist Lancky Cresco releases “All This”




Multifaceted Nigerian-American artist and record producer Lancky Cresco today shares a brand new single titled, “All This.”

The talented artist renowned for his cross-genre sound palette of Hip Hop, R&B & Afrobeats strikes again with this cathartic record that has him wear his heart on his sleeve. “All This,” is a creative blend of sounds and melodies that incorporates various elements into it – making for a dynamic work of art that sets the tone for who Cresco is.

Combining strummed guitars, haunting background cacophony, rhythmic shakers, among a raft of sounds, this Lancky cut, like the majority of his works, is sticky with emotion, grosses a fullness about it, and has an almost heartbroken texture. Subject matter wise, Lancky is in a lamentation state of an ex-lover as he combs through different feelings to share this powerful record. The track is a well-rounded effort of pain. 

“Looking at the world around us we have all this beauty, we need to take time to appreciate it,” Lanky Cresco says.

Lancky, who has made a name for himself for managing to bridge traditional influences of music with a modern approach, follows this song after his earlier releases “DONGOYARO” & “Super Glue.”

“Helping people is what is making me dedicate my life to music,” he says. “I believe music can change the world, and I want to contribute my music to uplift people, changing the world one step at a time.”

His bombastic vibes are clear for everyone to vibe to on “All This.” He has previously stated his music “is medicine for good mind and body” and this recipe is again reinstated on his latest single. 

He started making music from an early age while he was in elementary school in Nigeria before joining the choir to further his prowess on the drums. With a profound background in music, he has now developed his craft into a full-throttle music production craftsman and mix engineer that conjures savory sounds that exude feel-good vibrations. He is also a singer by design and can stir up different inflections and melodies to deliver meaningful messages through song. 

Listen to “All This” below:    

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DJ MADOUT Is Elite At His Craft, A Recap!



During the 90s, hip hop and reggae music exploded onto the forefront of the world, reaching their highest level of recognition and artist development. Music was at its prime from artists such as Jay-Z, Biggie, Gregory Isaacs, Bounty Killa, and Black Eyed Peas. This era in rap and dancehall-inspired many current emcees, singers, and disc jockeys of today’s mainstream. Motivated by his predecessors to create a distinctive atmosphere with the spin of record, it was only a matter of time before the clubs began going insane about a rising spin master, DJ MADOUT.

Disc jockey extraordinaire DJ MADOUT was not only known as a music geek who was always “extra early and always in front” when it came to music classes. Professionally trained on the saxophone and trombone, MADOUT’s ear for music began to grow and mature with sounds, beats, and notes. MADOUT was often inspired by the blended sounds of planes, trains, horns, and beatboxing influenced by the Caribbean and New York City life. A crazy combination, to say the least, MADOUT found music through all aspects of life. Influential reggae greats like Sizzla to alternative bands like Green Day greatly impacted MADOUT’S style. Like most New Yorkers, MADOUT knew that success would only happen through hard work, hustle, and the daily grind. Surrounded by the nightlife culture, the go-getter T positioned himself as a promoter. He not only coordinated many social events but also secured entertainment and even used his craft as a DJ to amplify the crowd to the highest possible level.

Known within the Bronx for the “Livest” parties, MADOUT has become a music spin man all flock to hear. People across the tri-state area anticipate his annual affairs, such as Punk Rock and Pajama Pillow Fight, among other events. He has spun for countless musicians such as Lloyd Banks, Fred DA God Son, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Marley’s, Gucci Mane, Juelz Santana, and Ace Hood, to name a few. He has also mixed for HOT 97’s WHO’S NEXT, Beauty Franchise Sephora, The Legendary Suez Rendezvous, DJ Kay Slay STR8 STUNTING Magazine, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop ATL Stevie J, and VH1’s Black Ink Crew Members Puma & Sassy and many more.

This young DJ is not only in our tri-state but is also traveling and hitting the world by storm as he recently toured the Caribbean Islands, Australia, and the UK. Be on the lookout for MADOUT as the world is gearing up to go MAD about him. He’s is one of one and you need to book him asap. His Instagram is @Djmadout.

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