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Gino Haze picks up a package for his “Armenian Plug” in a new visual



Gino Haze’s latest eponymous project, Gino Haze EP, is out everywhere now!

Gino Haze recently released a new visual, “Armenian Plug,” from his latest self-titled EP, Gino Haze EP, a ten-track project that will make you fall in love. From Gino’s grimy and soulful sound, there is something for everybody to enjoy. Gino showcases his versatility and true self on his latest EP, “my true sound is like hoodie music, but I’ll always have a radio single or two.” 

Gino most recently released a visual for his intro track on his EP, Gino Haze, a lyrical masterpiece, speaking on his plug, making money, putting money in his cousin’s commissary, and just having fun and cashing out. Gino drops straight bars. 

The visual opens with Gino hanging with his girl at his place for the night, doing what seems like a quiet night when he gets a call from his “Armenian Plug.” Gino then springs into action and goes on a run, picking up a package and then hitting the liquor store where his  mission is completed. 

The visual and track came into fruition when Gino noticed how cracking Glendale was with the Armenian plugs. 

“The song just came about as I moved through the valley and started seeing they have the weed game on lockout there,” Gino Haze said in a recent interview “I just wanted to pay homage and just come into the album lit.”

And he certainly does just that. Gino delivers an insane run, as he not only tells a linear story but makes the track turnt as hell. From the insane beat and fast cuts and flow, Gino showcases his rapping prowess. 

Gino is gearing up to drop another EP, Since We Been Honest, which will be released sometime this summer. So be sure to tap in with Gino Haze Via Social Media. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok @GinoHaze, to see when his next project is coming.  

Check out Gino Haze’s latest visual, “Armenian Plug,” below! 

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Artist To Watch

SkinnyP drops ‘Lotta Racks’ on August 6th



SkinnyP from Atlanta, Georgia is the founder of Middle Finger Gang and represents BussDown Entertainment record label. SkinnyP has been in the music industry since 2006 but really started seeing a lot of progress in the past few years. 

SkinnyP is hyped to announce his new single “Lotta Racks” drops August 6th with an official music video dropping on August 13th. SkinnyP is excited to see what success this single will bring him. 

SkinnyP’s most recent project is his single “Block Boy ” is still steadily moving up in streams and currently at 165k views on YouTube. Skinny has high hopes for his next release and is hoping to bypass those numbers effortlessly. 

So far in his career, he has had the opportunity to work with Young Buck, Lil baby, Frenchie and a few other well known people in the industry. He’s also been featured on many social media outlets and radio stations such as, saycheeseTV, baller alert, bigMoufmedia and iHeart Radio! He’s also been a part of live performances with 50 cent and Young Dolph!

Be sure to check out ‘Lotta Racks’ when it drops on August 6th and follow SkinnyP on the platforms listed below! 

Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube | BDE YouTube | Instagram | BDE Instagram 

Written by: Brooke Pendergrass

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Artist To Watch

‘Dead One’ by Yung Slim is OUT NOW!



Yung Slim from Plymouth, North Carolina is an artist to watch! He just dropped a new single titled ‘Dead one” on all streaming platforms and will be dropping an official music video on August 6th on YouTube. Yung Slim is interviewing with Dirty Glove Bastard today to talk about his latest project, so be sure to check out the interview when it’s posted! 

 Yung Slim has been in the music industry since 2013 and is currently signed to BussDown Entertainment record label. Yung Slim has had the opportunity to work with quite a few producers and has been featured on many blogs and radio stations throughout his career.  One of Slim’s favorite quotes is “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” It reminds him to grind hard for the career and life he wants. 

2021 has been really good to Yung Slim so far, he has been seeing a huge increase in views, streams and followers on all platforms but he says this is still just the beginning for him and his career. For example, his last single ‘Big Choppa’ brought in 50k streams alone on Spotify and received 145k views on YouTube!

Yung Slim also dropped two soundcloud exclusive songs ‘ITS YUNG’ and ‘ITS MY GDAY’ in celebration of his 26th birthday! Be sure to check them out on his soundcloud linked below and to follow his other social media platforms to keep up with Yung Slim and what he takes on next! 

Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music | SoundCloud | YouTube | BDE record label 

Written by: Brooke Pendergrass Instagram 

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Artist To Watch

Kavin Donnell’s “Burner Account” is a Must Watch Visual




Kavin Donnell delivers a relatable single with his latest track, “Burner Account.”

Kavin Donnell’s track, “Burner Account,” is a creative take on stalker ex, just not getting the hint. The event is unforgettable, as Kavin details the dilemma with hard-hitting verses and a poppy, upbeat cadence.

Los Angeles native Kavin Donnell delivers a fantastic track, ”Burner Account,” detailing the all too relatable stalker ex we all know! The song is Kavin‘s latest single, describing how his ex “can’t help” but lurk him because she can’t let go. The track has a pop flair and airy vocals, with an intriguing subject matter, making the song entertaining and a must-listen. 

Kavin has always been into music. He first started showing an interest in music from as young as the age of six. Donnell showed a fondness for multiple genres of music and a reason why he has become such a diverse talent. Kavin started fully pursuing music after he graduated high school. He has shown natural talent with his ability to adapt to beat and have this “unique blend of R&B and spoken word,” allowing him to devour any beat.

With Kavin’s latest release, “Burner Account,” he has solidified himself for his unique and adaptable sound. The track, “Burner Account,” shows an impeccable rhythm and beat, that even though it is a song about an ex, you want to move around. The song is a straight-up break-up anthem. That will have you screaming along and cursing your ex out too. It is about moving on and your ex watching your every move from a fake or burner account. The song is more about not letting go, even when Kavin has moved on and is with someone new. 

Kavin as an artist is next to none, as he turned a complicated and weird situation with an ex into a conscious and melodic song. The track will have anyone, who is in their feelings or having related to this situation, hooked and singing along. 

Donnell shows aptitude as an artist to watch. From his subject matter to the production of his sound, it is clear this is only the beginning of what we can expect from Kavin Donnell.  

Be sure to tap in with Kavin Donnell Via Social Media @KavinDonnell on all platforms to see when that will happen. 

Check out Kavin Donnell’s latest release, “Burner Account,” below, which is available everywhere! 

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