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G. Finesse Continues Album Campaign With ‘We Gon’ Make It’ Single




G. Finesse is affirming his word as a bond on his refreshing new single “We Gon’ Make It.”

The Denver-based MC maintains the theme of his previous release, “Keep The Fame,” and offers a heaping pile of experimental vocal frequencies and melodies over the larger-than-life production from Jay.Greens and Josh Fairman.

Much like he did on his previous release, G. Finesse handpicked an All-Star cast of producers and musicians for “We Gon’ Make It.” Contributions to the composition come by way of drums by Isaac Teel, the standout record includes keys from Borahm Lee, backup vocals from Kim Dawson, and guitarist Brian Harrington.

However, amid the appeal of big band production, G. Finesse’s lyricism stands tall and provides the track with an intense source of overflowing energy. Considering G. Finesse is all too familiar with jamming out with his band Black Eagle, “We Gon’ Make It,” feels right at home within his growing discography. 

“And even if the wheels on the ride gettin’ loose/we gon’ make it yea, yea, yea/no matter if it’s hard times baby push through,” G. Finesse raps.

Since moving to Denver three years ago, G. Finesse has locked himself into the studio as he and his team further developed and refined his diverse sound and harnessed his creativity. The results of their work lie in G. Finesse’s forthcoming album East Side Pain.

The arrival of the LP serves as G. Finesse’s debut release for Perception Records, the new community-oriented record label in the Denver metro area founded by Jay.Green.

G. Finesse also recently delivered his punch-driven boom-bap single “Still Miss you,” along with his rap-heavy visual release “Ya Know,” featuring none other than the illustrious Black Eagle collective.

Without a doubt, G. Finesse is 4sho an artist to watch,

Stream “We Gon’ make It” below.

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Artist To Watch

Heartbreak Jay Drops His New Cinematic LP, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’




Following a multi-year stint in prison, Northern Virginia’s Heartbreak Jay is back with a ’70s-inspired 17-song LP titled Heartbreak Hotel. The cinematic audio adventure showcases Jay’s versatility, growth as a song maker, and prowess as an emcee. The sample-driven project is exciting and features four skits that help tie the whole story together before closing out with “11/28,” a transparent outro that gives fans a full glimpse inside the mind of one of the DMV’s most battle-tested stars. 

The star-studded LP is like a family reunion when it comes to great rappers from VA. The tape boasts guest verses from ISO SCOGORDOD$G Dae, and Jetlife’s own Black Cobain. Each artist gave a valiant effort in tandem with Jay. Although there are countless features, Jay’s solo tracks show various sides of the multi-talented rapper. Songs like “1000 Bodies,” “Changed,” and “Tell Me” give fans a front-row seat to the movie that is Heartbreak Jay’s life. 

Heartbreak Jay has received co-signs from top outlets like No JumperLyrical Lemonade, and many more. His career took a slight pause, but he’s ready to make up for lost time after his release from prison. The YAP-representer is positioning himself for success.

Check out Heartbreak Jay’s newest LP, Heartbreak Hotel, via FEEDTHEFAM below!

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Blizz: Unleashing Authenticity and Soulful Sounds on the Music Scene





In the dynamic landscape of the music industry, one artist is carving out a distinct space with his unique sound and captivating storytelling. Meet Blizz, an emerging talent hailing from the east side of the low end in Gary, Indiana. With an unwavering passion for his craft and an undeniable talent for crafting metaphoric trap vibes infused with a captivating Midwest flow, Blizz is making a lasting impact on listeners near and far.

While currently based in Gary, Blizz frequently traverses between the vibrant music hubs of Los Angeles and Atlanta, soaking in the diverse influences and experiences that shape his musical identity. His love for music has been a guiding force since a young age, fueling a deep emotional connection and inspiring him to create art that resonates on a profound level. Drawing from his own life journey, which includes overcoming adversity and navigating complex relationships, Blizz channels his trials and triumphs into his music, weaving a raw and relatable narrative that touches the hearts of his audience.

When asked about his biggest influences, Blizz cites the legendary Snoop Dogg as a pivotal figure in shaping his artistic vision. The impact of watching Snoop’s iconic “Gin and Juice” music video left an indelible mark on his creative aspirations. Blizz also draws inspiration from the captivating energy of 2Pac’s gangster persona, the unique styles of artists like The Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Wayne, and the boundary-pushing artistry of contemporary icons like Yo Gotti, Lil Durk, and Drake. These diverse influences converge to form Blizz’s signature sound that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation.

Presently, Blizz is focused on promoting his latest project, the compellingly titled “Iced Out.” The inspiration behind this project stems from his collaborations with Grammy-nominated artists Freddie Gibbs and the esteemed producer honorable C Note, renowned for their contributions to the music industry. Recognizing the untapped potential within his own artistry, Blizz embarked on a creative journey to elevate his music to new heights and share his unique voice with the world.

On the symbolic date of 2/19/23, fondly known as “219 day” in his hometown, Blizz unveiled “Iced Out” to a rapturous audience. This project serves as a testament to his growth as an artist, highlighting his industry connections while providing a glimpse into his personal voyage filled with pain, struggles, and moments of euphoria. Through his music, Blizz invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey, offering solace and unity in the shared experiences of life’s triumphs and tribulations.

Looking ahead, Blizz has an exciting roadmap planned for his burgeoning career. A deluxe version of “Iced Out” is set to captivate his devoted fan base, introducing new dimensions to his artistry. Additionally, fans can anticipate a visually stunning music video slated for release on May 18th, alongside upcoming interviews and podcast appearances that will offer deeper insights into Blizz’s creative process. With an unwavering work ethic and an unyielding commitment to his craft, Blizz is poised to push the boundaries of his music and make an even greater impact.

As Blizz continues to evolve and mature as an artist, he hopes that his loyal fans, who have been with him from the start, will witness his growth reflected in his lyrics and artistic expressions. He aspires to forge a genuine connection with his listeners, offering solace, understanding, and guidance through his music. Blizz’s melodies and heartfelt lyrics serve as a testament to the power of authenticity, and his unswerving dedication to inspire and uplift others serves as the driving force behind his musical odyssey.

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BenBoh x 2kBaby Unleash ‘Jealousy’on May 26th – Get Ready for Straight Fire!



BenBoh, the rising star from Olney, Maryland, is once again poised to conquer the hip-hop scene with an explosive new release. This time, he teams up with the immensely talented 2kBaby, straight out of Louisville, Kentucky, to bring us the scorching track titled “Jealousy.” So brace yourselves, as these two lyrical powerhouses will set the industry ablaze.

With his previous hits making waves, including the viral sensation “Sick Of Love,” which has surpassed an astonishing ONE MILLION views on YouTube, BenBoh has proven his mettle and established himself as a force to be reckoned with. This artist’s journey to stardom has garnered attention from top-tier entertainment news outlets such as Akademiks, Our Generation, and SayCheese TV, solidifying his status as a rising icon.

The snippets of “Jealousy” that have surfaced on social media and tantalizing glimpses from recent performances have already ignited enthusiasm among fans. Anticipation is at an all-time high as listeners eagerly await the full release of this highly anticipated track. BenBoh can barely contain his excitement, exclaiming during a recent interview, “‘Jealousy’ is my most anticipated track ever. This one will make waves like never before, and it’s destined to become the ultimate summer anthem!”

The collaboration between BenBoh and 2kBaby is an electrifying combination that adds a new dimension to “Jealousy.” Their chemistry is undeniable, with BenBoh expressing admiration for 2kBaby’s immense talent and the unmistakable vibe they caught while working together. This partnership has fans buzzing with anticipation, wondering what sonic fire they will unleash upon us.

Prepare to mark your calendars, as the official release date of “Jealousy” has been announced by BenBoh himself on Instagram. On May 26th, 2023, the music world will witness the eruption of this great track. Given BenBoh’s track record and the unprecedented hype surrounding the song, it’s safe to say that “Jealousy” is on a path to monumental success.

Stay tuned to BenBoh’s social media channels for exclusive updates and previews leading up to the release. The hip-hop realm is about to witness an awe-inspiring anthem that will dominate the airwaves and become the soundtrack of an unforgettable summer. So brace yourselves as BenBoh and 2kBaby prepare to unleash an inferno of musical brilliance with “Jealousy” that will leave listeners awe-struck and hungry for more.

Follow BenBoh:

Listen to the snippet of “Jealousy”:


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