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Defining The Dolls: A Look At @kashdoll , @CubanDaSavage , and @ImAsianDoll



Hip Hop is a tightly packed race with plenty of suitable candidates, ready to take off at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, the monikers that these participants choose are somewhat similar to each other. The latest, and perhaps most prominent case, of similar-named rappers comes in the form of Kash Doll, Cuban Doll, and Asian Doll. While their names may be similar, make no mistake – they’re styles are completely different. You’re getting three different types of rap from these women and it’s immediately noticeable once their verses start on their songs. For listeners sake, and for the casually curious, we’re here to define just exactly who they are for everyone.


Kash Doll – The Flower

Hailing from Detroit, Kash Doll is a rapper’s rapper. She prioritizes punchlines and witty lyrics over pizazz, choosing to dress in the flyest, traditionally feminine gear available. She’s widely loved by all who encounter her; it’s probably because her charisma is out of this world. She’s worked with Big Sean, Chief Keef, and opened up for Drake, for starters. Out of the three dolls, her social media presence is perhaps the most polished. Seldom will you see her promoting music – perhaps because of a bad record deal which she recently got out of – but you will see her interacting with fans on a daily basis. She’s the kindest of the three and perhaps has the most polished flow.


Cuban Doll – The Thorn

Defining Cuban Doll is a little bit harder – she’s both stunningly pretty and hardcore. She brings a new-age, millennial sound to her music. In fact, her releases show no trace of her Dallas, TX roots; chalk that up to being young and a child of the internet versus identifiable influences. Her music is a little rougher than Kash Doll’s which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But she has mounds of untapped potential that will continue to manifest as her star power grows. Her style varies randomly; one day she’ll be in a skin-tight dress and long, shimmering hair, and on another, she’ll be chillin’ in a sweatsuit while holding an AK-47. Her unpredictability makes her someone to watch in a genre full of easy-to-read people.

Asian Doll – The Unpredictable

It seems like Dallas, TX is home of extravagant personalities. Out of the three, AD is the most rambunctious. Her style is brash and loud; her rap delivery varied and frenetic. And it works, she’s rising fast to the top. She takes a unique road to success by remixing hot songs in her own unique manner, releasing online for fans consumption. She also seems to channel the outlandishness of early Nicki Minaj through her wardrobe that’s as unpredictable as her delivery. But it works for her.




INTERVIEW: Kevin Kartier Is Straight From The Mississippi Mudd




Kevin Kartier

Kevin Kartier has been putting on for his area for years. The blog era was generous to him, and his peers have always respected him. His work in music has been consistent for almost 10 years now. He and his partner Tevaar Smith have done all they can to make it out and create a bridge from the Gulf Coast to the rest of the music industry. After putting together multiple playlists and entertainment seminars, Kevin’s mission to do it for the ‘Sip is nowhere near finished. His latest project, ‘Vibes & Vices,’ shows his growth as an emcee. With 8 tracks and features from Smoke DZA & fellow Mississippian Josh Waters, you have a project full of heart. Clocking in just a little under 30 minutes, Kevin leaves his fans with just enough to know that he’s ready for the big time. The Sony/Orchard distributed project has experienced a lot of playlisting support on DSPs and solid placements on various outlets. Not too shabby for a rapper from the 3rd coast!

Check out our interesting Q & A here!

Q: What does your area mean to you?

Kevin K: Being from Mississippi and specifically the Gulf Coast means a lot to me. I used to look at it like
it was a negative or it worked against me being from Mississippi but I realized it directly led to me
becoming who I am today. Being from Mississippi means being resilient, hard-working, and creative.
We’re used to doing the most with the least down here. That pride is directly what led to the creation of
Mississippi Mudd.

Q: As partners from an area with much music business infrastructure, who inspired you all?

Kevin K: When I was younger, I was really motivated by Jay-Z’s early story. He started as an
artist that nobody really wanted to sign, so he got with his boys and created a label. They built the
company around Jay and were able to lay the foundation for an empire. Jay was 28 when
Reasonable Doubt dropped, but he also knew it was a chess game, not checkers, and I think
that attitude helped guide him to where he is now. That kind of long-term thinking inspires me.

Kevin Kartier & Tevaar Smith

Q: What do you want fans to know about your upcoming project, Vibes & Vices?

Kevin K: Vibes & Vices is my official debut album and is a long time coming. As they say, an
artist’s debut album is the summation of their life and times up to that point. I think I’ve always
been technically, mechanically a good rapper, but this project really shows my growth and
depths as a real songwriter and performer. These are all songs that allow me to talk about the more
personal subject matter but are also timeless and are relatable to the listener. I’ve really been
able to “let go” more as a songwriter, and I think it shows. These words, thoughts, and feelings
have allowed me to go to another level performance-wise too.

Q: What made you all start doing your Mississippi Mudd playlist?

Kevin K: It all relates back to being from Mississippi and feeling like there was a distinct lack of
resources and outlets as compared to other areas. And instead of running away from it, Tevaar
(my manager) and I decided to face it head-on and begin the process of creating those needed
platforms and opportunities. Mississippi Mudd was born directly from that desire to help
Mississippi grows and connects all the dope creatives in the state.

Q: Can you talk about how difficult or easy it has been to continue to work during the pandemic?

Kevin K: I’ve been fortunate to have been able to stay busy during the pandemic. I actually have a
degree in film, so it’s been a wild time trying to freelance and stay active. Still, I was fortunate
enough to link up with a local videographer, and that was a great way to keep working and in
a way that I can still kind of have a say in what happens. Plus, I took the time during the pandemic
to really work on Vibes and Vices and keep myself back into the mode of a recording artist and
writing/recording. I’ve been able to work with different producers and engineers, too, which has
been a blessing.

Q: You have features with Smoke DZA, Cyhi, and many others! Who is your dream collaborator in
the future?

Kevin K: Yea, I’ve been able to work with some pretty dope artists, and I don’t take that for granted.
In the future, as far as other artists, I’d like to get one with Curren$y as he is a legend and
someone I’ve personally been a fan of for years.

Q: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Kevin K: My biggest goal is to rollout Vibes & Vices and shares with the world these
songs and videos that represent a milestone and where I am in my life right now.

Being able to share all of the hard work and creative energy that was put into this
record from not just me but all the producers, engineers, and other artists. It
really was a labor of love, and I hope the listener gets that feeling whenever they
hear any of the music.

Peep his new album Vibes & Vices today!

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Meet Princeofthegram: LA’s Most Sought After Nightlife Photographer




Princeofthegram is currently working as Trey Songz’s private photographer and recently started an Only Fans management company with Trey Songz.

Princeofthegram is an East Coast native from Brockton, Massachusetts, currently living in Los Angeles. He got his start in the nightlife industry as a club promoter in 2018 and would take his camera with him at night as a “hobby,” and the rest was history. He started taking his craft seriously and fully started pursuing his vocation, visual arts. 

He started gaining the attention of the Los Angeles nightlife circuit as he began networking and owning his style. He booked his first paid job at Playhouse the following year. Then Penthouse Club, and after that, the business just kept coming in. As time went on, Princeofthegram became the most sought nightlife photographer in Los Angeles. Princeofthegram would then shoot for some of the most iconic venues such as Penthouse Day club, Le Jardin, 1 Oak, Argyle, Playhouse, Bootsey Bellows, Crazy Girls, Ace of Diamonds, and several more clubs. 

Currently, Princeofthegram has been working on expanding his portfolio and clientele. Most recently, he’s been shooting with Trey Songz as Trey’s photographer. Additionally, he and Trey Songz run an Only Fans management company called, Angels and Angles. Princeofthegram has said that “working one on one with him is like a childhood dream come true for [him].” 

He also said he has plans to work with “model clients by growing their brands through content creation.” In the future, Princeofthegram wants to focus on “creating publication photos for Vogue, Maxim, Playboy or magazines of this caliber.” 

With the rate Princeofthegram has been rising, it is only a matter of time before his name plastered all over the most prominent companies, artists, and influencers. 

His most notable work includes shooting Pop Smoke in the studio before his untimely passing, assisting in directing Yung Bleu’s music video “2 AM in Houston,” and working with a plethora of entertainers like King Combs, Tory Lanez, and Dom Kennedy

Be sure to stay on the lookout for who Princeofthegram is working with next! It could be your favorite artist. His Social Media accounts are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, all the same handle, @princeofthegram, with Instagram being his most used. 

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MiAsia Symone Streetz 94.5 ATL New Prominent Voice



Make way for the new voice gracing Atlanta’s airwaves on Streetz 94.5 on The fly Guy DC show from 6pm to 10pm, MiAsia Symone! Bringing her own flavor to the show, you can catch her hosting her very own segment called the “94-Second Scoop.” She discusses all things entertainment from news, city updates, and sports updates. Although MiAsia has found her lane in radio, the beginning stages were not easy. When she first started, the expectations were high of her and she had to find her rhythm, she says “all great things take practice and to become great, you have to keep doing it over and over.”

She may be the new voice on Streetz but she is not new to the game. For the past six years, MiAsia has dedicated her life to entertainment and sports. When asked her who her top two favorite teams were she said hands down the Hawks and the Clippers. As far as her biggest inspirations in the hosting world, she explained that Lala Anthony and Terrence J are two of her favorite hosts she looks up to. When it comes to MiAsias work ethic many people will say that she one day will become the next Lala & Terrance J because of her ambition and drive. When everybody is sleeping, she is still at work and one step ahead.

Currently, MiAsia is in the works of partnering with Kalisha Perera, a TV/radio personality, to start an indie platform that will help up-and-coming independent artists get the exposure they need. When she is not on air, she runs her online shoe boutique House Of Heels Atl, which she started during the pandemic. The sky is the limit for MiAsia. Her ultimate goal is to make her dad proud who she lost to cancer in 2019. She is unquestionably emerging in her industry and destined for success. 

Instagram: @miasiasymone

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