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Dah Dah Returns For His Belt And Cashes Out On New Visual “Back To It”



Dah Dah is making his return and wants to be the only topic of discussion in 2021’s next-generation hip-hop and makes his point very clear with the release of his extravagant new video for the latest single “Back To It.”

Brought to you by Flowtastic TV, Dah Dah runs through the streets after securing a safe full of cash following a hard day’s work and reflects on the demons, trauma and issues that come with the money and fame. Between the slick-talk and lingo, he shares news of his friends either dead or in jail, and always being under scrutiny. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans to follow the rising star as he plans to release more new music similar to “Back To It” in the coming months.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Dah Dah burst onto the music scene with his infectious singles “Wait A Minute”, “Told Y’all”, and most notable “Gang x3.” Clearly this was no accident, while he exhibited his undeniable talents as a football player throughout the minor league, he amassed parallel success as an up-and-coming recording artist. In between his love for football and the hardships faced by him and his peers within Brooklyn, came the desire to put his own anger and emotions into music. “I was going through things so fast there was hardly anybody to really vent to, so i put it on beats not really knowing or caring for results, it was my therapy.” Soon after Dah Dah became merely a local liking in his hometown but enough buzz to garner viral attention later with his most popular records amassing over 10 Million views on Youtube. With major co-signs from Hip-Hop royals like 50 cent to mention, Dah Dah’s records started sticking to playlists all across streaming services. With new heightened momentum came new achievements like having his music selected for the official soundtrack of “The Purge: Election Year”, a box office hit that led to new attention for the young artist. Since then, Dah Dah has grown to be a well-rounded artist being able to deliver different sounds of music. Now he plans to give fans and music lovers not only his best work but also an exclusive look at who the artist Dah Dah truly is. 

“Back At It” sets up Dah Dah’s 2021 album coming soon. His next effort will tell more of his backstory and how he will maneuver moving ahead in music. “My new music is for my fans, I’m telling my story my way,” he says. 

Check it out here!

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Music Videos

“Thug” Hits the Big Screen: OnlyJahmez’s Breakthrough on MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice



In the world of hip-hop, where every beat and bar tells a story, OnlyJahmez’s “Thug” emerges not just as a song, but as a movement. The music video, a captivating tale woven with raw emotion and unfiltered reality, has catapulted from the digital realm of YouTube directly into the spotlight of MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice. This isn’t just airplay; it’s a declaration, a moment where the underground meets the mainstream with a thunderous echo.

A Milestone Moment

Imagine the scene: “Thug”, a narrative-rich video that’s already a hit on YouTube, breaking into the highly curated playlists of MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice. This placement is more than just a nod to OnlyJahmez’s talent; it’s an acknowledgment of his artistry and the universal appeal of his message. For an artist whose roots are firmly planted in the soil of hip-hop culture, this leap signifies a breakthrough moment, showcasing his ability to bridge worlds and connect with audiences across the spectrum.

What Makes “Thug” Stand Out?

“Thug” is not just a music video; it’s a cinematic experience. Directed by the visionary KLO Visionz, it combines compelling storytelling with striking visuals, setting it apart from the sea of content vying for viewers’ attention. The narrative dives deep into themes of struggle, resilience, and the pursuit of authenticity, resonating with viewers and critics alike. Its selection by MTV, BET Jams, and Music Choice underscores its relevance and the potent connection it fosters with the audience.

The Impact of National Exposure

Being featured on these platforms is a game-changer. MTV, BET Jams, and MusicChoice are not just channels; they are cultural institutions that have shaped the music landscape for decades. For “Thug” to be included in their rotations means that OnlyJahmez’s work is not just seen but felt, sparking conversations and inspiring a new generation of artists and fans. This exposure brings a new level of visibility, opening doors to a wider audience and solidifying OnlyJahmez’s place in the music industry.

Looking Ahead

As “Thug” continues to make waves on national television, the future looks bright for OnlyJahmez. This moment of recognition is a testament to his hard work and a hint at the potential that lies ahead. With his foot now firmly in the door of the mainstream music scene, the possibilities are endless. What new stories will he tell? How will his sound evolve? One thing is certain: the world is watching, and OnlyJahmez is just getting started.

In Conclusion…

The journey from YouTube to MTV, BET Jams, and Music Choice is a dream for many artists, but for OnlyJahmez, it’s a reality. “Thug” is not just a video; it’s a statement, a piece of art that transcends boundaries and speaks to the heart. As it plays across these major platforms, it’s clear that OnlyJahmez is not just making music; he’s making history. And as we tune in, we’re not just watching a video; we’re witnessing the rise of an icon.

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Music Videos

Olumide Reveals Dope Chopped And Screwed Single “Peace Of Mind”



Maryland native Olumide releases a chopped and screwed version of his single “Peace Of Mind” with a visual full of flair. The thematics and cinematic scope of the video just adds more of an overall scope to the audio.

His voice meshes well with the Texas originated sub genre of rap that is an easy listen on the ears and a must add to your music library.

Keep an eye out for budding DMV star Olumide, he’s one of one. Watch the video below.

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Josvani Releases Must-Hear New Single “Who You Wit”



Josvani’s latest single “Who You Wit” is set to captivate audiences.

The artist’s exceptional rhythmic flow breathes new life into the genre in this dynamic track. “Who You Wit” is a musical journey exploring a day in the life of a young millennial man. Josvani’s unique blend of cutting-edge beats and catchy lyrics defies the typical rap genre.

Josvani is an artist who weaves narratives through rhythmic verses and pushes the boundaries of hip-hop. “Who You Wit” showcases his dedication to the craft and pushing the genre forward.

Josvani loves hip-hop for its power to express and tell stories. Hip-hop is his cultural phenomenon, resonating with everyday life’s experiences and struggles.
“I find solace and empowerment in the rhythmic beats and poetic lyricism, as they provide a medium to convey my emotions, aspirations, and societal observations.” – Josvani

Josvani connects with like-minded artists through hip-hop’s authenticity, fostering unity and understanding. Josvani finds his voice through hip-hop’s dynamic and diverse narratives.

Josvani is preparing for upcoming events including live performances at SXSW, collaborations, and attending All-Star Weekend as his single gains momentum. He aims to redefine hip-hop with his unique talent and infectious beats. Stay tuned to witness his mark on the industry.

Stream “Who You Wit” today. Follow Josvani on social media for daily updates and more.

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