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A Look At T-Pain’s Genius Marketing Prowess



T-Pain may have came into the R & B game as a straightforward singer (with a dash of autotune peppered in, of course), but he’s rapidly involved into one of the most interesting musicians in the game – even if he seldom puts out new music. He just released his new project Everything Must Go (Vol. 1)  with some clever marketing that makes his commitment to being the most idiosyncratic individual in the room clear. He announced the surprise project with a hilarious new commercial filled with the type of cheesy, amateurish aesthetic that makes local car ads so good.

This is far from T-Pain’s first foray into commercial hilarity. Take a look at our five favorite T-Pain marketing gimmicks.

5. Ringleader

After T-Pain’s sophomore album Epiphany, the Tallahassee, FL-native reinvented himself as the leader of R & B and hip-hop’s circus. His third album Thr33 Ringz was dominated by this aesthetic; the road to its release consisted of the concept blasted to the public through singles “Can’t Believe It” and “Chopped And Screwed” in the form of outlandish circus-themed music videos. He’s still continuing with this aesthetic today.

4. Wiscansin University

“I can put you in a log cabin, somewhere out in Wiscansin” were the famous words that transcended T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It” in 2008. A decade later, the fictional locale has received new life through the singer launching a new website for Wiscansin University to celebrate the arrival of new merch.

3. Navigational Voice Option On Waze

T-Pain doesn’t even have to be promoting anything to be a marketing genius. Sometimes he just helps other people and companies with their products. In 2016, T-Pain was an optional navigational voice for the Waze driving app. Why anyone would actually want to listen to him while driving is beyond me.

2. Rapping wrapping paper (Say that three times fast)

Even during the holidays, you can always count on T-Pain to deliver some heat. Last Christmas, Pain teamed up with Atlanta-based ad agency, Moxie, to create new wrapping paper that utilizes augmented reality. The extended explanation for it can be found here.

  1.  Revealing correct lyrics

It’s probably the autotune that has made T-Pain’s lyrics, throughout his career, a little more digestible to swallow on occasions. Two songs that really irked the world’s nerves were “Buy You A Drank” and “All I Do Is Win,” featuring widely debated lyrics for years. T-Pain cleared up the air and explained what was right and was wrong on Twitter last November.



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From the Karaoke Machine To Center Stage, DC Rapper Nell Burna Is Heating Up The Rap Game With His New Single ‘Quarter Mill’



Having opened up for well known artists such as 2Chainz and Trina, Nell Burna has been promoting good vibes through music since he stepped in the studio for the first time at twelve years old. 

The DC native’s music infuses the DC ‘go go’ style with the natural rap flow that he describes as being versatile, ranging from a trap music flow similar to artists like 2Chainz to a softer flow similar to that of Certified Loverboy, Drake. A multifaceted artist, Nell Burna writes his own music, and has tried his hands in the areas of producing and engineering. His catalog includes projects he has written specifically for the ladies such as his twerk song, ‘Lil Freak’

Currently an independent artist, Nell Burna released his first EP entitled ‘Unleashed’ in 2015. Today, he is working on releasing singles that inspire others to believe in themselves. 

As he continues to work toward achieving his full goals, Nell Burna is focused on the hustle right now, making new music and promoting it on social media and streaming platforms. He recently collaborated with his DC neighbor, Xanman from Maryland, on a single called, ‘On the Low and hopes to link up with ASAP Ferg in the near future for a collaboration. 

Even while experiencing the highs and lows of the music industry, Nell Burner says he “could never run away from music.” He would advise rising artists to “just believe in yourself even if others don’t.”

Be on the lookout from new music and visuals from the DC artist. Nell Burna’s music is available on all streaming platforms. 

Follow him on IG @nellburna1

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Yvng Sammie EP “The Life of a Virgo” Coming Soon



From staying up late to write song lyrics during childhood to impressing the social media scene showcasing his dance moves on “vine,” Yvng Sammie has always been destined for stardom. Overcoming the tragedy of losing both parents, the Toronto artist grew from entertaining family members with his rendition of popular dance routines in the living room to showcasing his talents for a larger audience as a rising artist. 

Yvng Sammie first hit the scene when he went viral for his rendition of the Harlem Shake which he performed to Bow Wow’s hit song ‘Bounce with me Though he currently states that he is inspired by artists such as Young Thug, Da Baby, and Don Tolliver, his music remains true to his natural talent for dancing, giving off what the Toronto artist describes as “fun dance vibes.” 

There is no question about Yvng Sammie’s talents. He is a singer, dancer, writer, and entertainer. In addition to those named talents, the independent artist is a former drama student with formal theatre training who hopes to take his talents to the big screen one day.

Currently, Yvng Sammie is focused on promoting his new EP and is excited about upcoming collaborations with Melodic. Living out his passion for performing and entertaining, the Toronto artist wants his audience to start dancing whenever his music is being played. These dance-provoking sounds can be heard on his Youtube channel  

Check out Yvng Sammie’s music on Spotify:

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Atlanta Artist DavidTheTragic Unleashes New Visual Titled “ALLERGY”



DavidTheTragic has proven himself to be one of the most diligent and original stylists in Atlanta ever since he broke through the underground in early 2019. Since then, he has released three tapes, “Fit In,” “Bender,” and “How It Feel,” which all act as evidence for his improving and expanding abilities as an emcee. David manages to stand out in the hip-hop mecca by being a keen expressionist who uses articulate lyricism and gruff flows to paint lofty portraits of his psyche. He resides in a similar introspective lane as Kenny Mason, Ovrcast, Jelani Imani, and Mavi. His newest single + video, “ALLERGY,” is yet another testament to DavidTheTragic’s originality and masterful rapping ability. It’s clear that no one else sounds like him or flows like him right now. The video, directed by Brendan Mcgregor, matches the aesthetic of David’s recent videos for singles “Money First” and “Lori.” It shifts from scenes of intense color correction to David on a roof or in an alley shaking his dreads and talking his shit. The track is a two and a half minute frenzy of clever bars: “I was on a year long bender / These n***as my son like Simba / She like when I hit from the fender…Underground like Master Splinter…Egotistical I suppose / I just move with the highs and lows…I ain’t hatin’ on a n***a that look like me / Please hit me with zeros I ain’t doin’ no shit for clout or IG.” It sounds as if David hopped in the booth then splatter painted the beat with everything that was on his mind at the time. 

DavidTheTragic – Instagram & Twitter

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