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From AllStar JR to Suave Corleone, Here Are The Videos You May Have Missed This Week: Jan. 21 – 26



If you don’t check out the 4SHO MAGAZINE YouTube channel, you’re missing out on some of the best artists and visuals coming out of Detroit. It’s been another week of high-quality uploads that need to be seen. Check out this week’s uploads below.

“Mothafucka” by AllStar JR

“FYPM” by Tony Millions

“Ezekiel Elliot” by Dre P.

“24” by OTM Mitch

“I’m Comin [Remix]” – Forever In Good Hands [Bossman Jay X All State Rich]

“King” – Sean Money

“Spitting Crack” – Neil Corleone

“Against The World” – $mir

“Circulation” – DannyAlwaysWin

“Running Out” – AllStar JR


“We Gone Ball” – Monopoly Mudbrothaz


“Thats Me” – Suav Corleone


“Timeless” – Tay B x PHE Lil Baby


“Touch Down” – Goldgang x Tone Tone x Erica Paige


“Blow It” – Playboy Ty


Music Videos

@Coringmusic shows Brooklyn’s beauty in “Brooklyn”



Watch Corin Gabriella’s exciting new video for “Brooklyn.” It has a very grassroots feel to the way that it’s shot and the frantic, energetic viewpoints that it uses to portray the city’s angst. Corin is a rising R & B stalwart out of the city with a soulful sound that cuts through much of the more atmospheric muddling that exists in contemporary soul culture. With a fresh, funky twist, her latest will give you something to remember.

Watch the video for “Brooklyn” below.


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Music Videos

Russ Released An Ass Whoopin Soundtrack Last Year And No One Noticed



The minions of Russ have put their hands on Adam22 of the No Jumper podcast and rapper Smokepurpp. Apparently, there’s more in the pipeline – Adam revealed that there are multiple other industry figures who have had this happen to them. This information has posited Russ as the ultimate throwback rapper, an artist not afraid to get into the fray with his posse. Wouldn’t it be badass if he released a song that acted as a soundtrack to his endeavors?

Last year, before the reports of these happenings started to swarm in, he released his debut album There Is Really A Wolf. On that album is “Flip,” a strong, swaggering track that sounds both eerie and hilarious in light of the recent events that we’ve heard about. On the song, he raps about how rappers need to keep the same energy when they see him. In the video that released back in January, around the time that Adam22 said he was sucker punched by members of Russ’ crew, Russ hangs with what looks like the Nigerians that multiple people have complained about. At the time it looked like a regular video, now, it looks hilarious.

Just listen to the song below, check out the video, and have a laugh.


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Music Videos

Three Reasons Why @NodisBaby ‘s Video For “OFFDRUGS” Is A Win



There’s something strangely beautiful about Nodis and Braddock Road’s video for “OFFDRUGS.” We’ve broken it down into four reasons that you should check it out. Be prepared to be blown away.

If you like weird shit, this is for you

There’s a big guy in a cowboy hat and a miniature version of Nodis rapping. If that’s not trippy to you, I don’t know what is. One thing’s for certain though – Nodis has some moxie to create something like this.

The cinematic flair is out of this world

Even though it’s a little creepy, there’s no way to get around how incredibly shot it is. The director imbues the proceedings with the cinematic skill you’d associate with Hollywood film. Quick cuts and amazing energy make it a video that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Nodis’ raps match the video’s eclectic nature

When Nodis starts rapping, the energy in his voice is unparalleled. Consider us fans of tenacious energy. His rhymes about love in the face of narcotics carry the kind of heft that attracts listeners.




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