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Rappa Unleashes ‘Trappin In Tha Summer’ Mixtape Featuring NHale, Dante Harris, Santeezy + More

Rappa is ready to set the summer on fire with his new six-track project.



With the release of his latest project Trappin In Tha Summer Rappa aims to turn up the heat in his city of Watts, providing a captivating playlist that captures the essence of the season.

When asked about the process behind Trappin In The Summer Rappa revealed that the project was a collection of tracks he had stored in the vault, waiting for the perfect moment to release them. Considering he’s always wanted to give his supporters a soundtrack at the end of the year, and his vault is home to a diverse range of collaborations Rappa, decided to surprise them with the tape—that brings together artists from different backgrounds and regions. 

Each song thriving on Trappin In Tha Summer holds a special place in Rappa’s heart because they each represent one of the many unique experiences he and his collaborators share while locking in the studio.

For instance, the track “Focus” was a result of a podcast session with Santeezy and BennyAve, where they discussed their Slapeton sound—a blend of reggaeton and Hip Hop. Rappa’s collaboration with Dante Harris on “Slow Motion” was particularly noteworthy as well, due to the addition of Soulja Slim’s verse. Harris actually masterfully executed the execution of the record in unison with Rappa to give the project a touch of Louisiana.

For Rappa, Trappin In Tha Summer marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career. He expressed his gratitude to everyone involved, particularly Foundation Media, and emphasized his commitment to providing motivating and impactful music to his audience consistently. This EP serves as a launch pad for upcoming projects, as Rappa revealed his intention to work on Spanglish projects and collaborations with other talented artists.

The ideology behind “Trappin In Tha Summer” is to offer a perfect playlist for the season. Rappa’s carefully curated tracks are designed to accompany listeners to pool parties, energize them to chase their financial goals, and help them move on from toxic relationships.

Production-wise, Rappa shared that he always studies the music he releases, observing how listeners react and what they enjoy. While there’s no fixed formula for making good music, he believes in creating organic sounds that resonate with his audience. The success of his music is a testament to his dedication to understanding what people truly connect with.

Collaborations have been a pivotal aspect of Rappa’s musical journey. He has developed strong chemistry with artists like Santeezy and Nhale. Together, they have created unique sounds, such as the Slapeton genre, a blend of reggaeton and West Coast slaps. Rappa’s ability to work seamlessly with other artists has led to impactful records and memorable collaborations.

Looking ahead, Rappa has grand plans for the future. He envisions creating festivals called “Party In Tha Summer” and “Party In Tha Winter,” featuring up-and-coming artists from across the state to perform. Additionally, he aims to embark on tours similar to Rolling Loud, taking his music to different cities and engaging with fans on a broader scale.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Rappa operates his company, “It’s Rappa LLC.” This multifaceted venture provides services ranging from music production to artist development and other record label support. With a strong team, including collaborators like Shot By J for music videos and Hip Hop Famouz for marketing partnerships, Rappa’s company is geared towards helping indie artists reach new heights in their careers.

As 2023 unfolds, Rappa is poised to make a lasting impact in the music industry. With his relentless pursuit of innovation, collaborative spirit, and dedication to his craft, he’s set to take on the world of music and leave an indelible mark on the Hip-Hop landscape.

For Rappa, the journey has only just begun, and his fans can look forward to more groundbreaking music in the coming months and years. The city of Watts has a rising star in Rappa, and it’s time for the world to take notice.

Stream the project below.

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Freakshow USA’s “Who’s Next Up” Showcases: Spotlighting the Future Stars of Music



Hip-hop is all about finding fresh talent and new voices, and Freakshow USA is leading the way with its bi-weekly “Who’s Next Up” showcases based in New Jersey. These events are designed to highlight local, up-and-coming artists and provide them with a platform to present their talents. The next showcase is on June 17th, and it’s set to be an amazing night of music and networking.

Jared Simon, Head of A&R for Freakshow USA, explains why these events are so important:

“Embracing local, up-and-coming talent is crucial for developing a strong community dedicated to music. Our events are important because we unify creatives under one roof; we offer visitors resources for networking, collaborating, and garnering support. Artists have the chance to perform on our stage, and everyone walks out with more content and has gone through the Artist’s Experience. As Head of A&R, I am dedicated to keeping relationships with creatives who strive for the limelight.”

Embracing local, up-and-coming talent is crucial for developing a strong community dedicated to music. Our events are important because we unify creatives under one roof; we offer visitors resources for networking, collaborating, and garnering support. Artists have the chance to perform on our stage, and everyone walks out with more content and has gone through the Artist’s Experience. As Head of A&R, I am dedicated to keeping relationships with creatives who strive for the limelight.

The “Who’s Next Up” showcases are not just about performances; they are also a great place for artists to meet industry professionals and expand their audience. This creates a memorable, valuable experience for anyone who’s serious about their music career.

Richard Zeller, General Manager of Sloppy Vinyl, where the events take place, shares his excitement about hosting these showcases:

At Sloppy Vinyl, we’re all about supporting the next wave of talent. Hosting the ‘Who’s Next Up’ showcases allows us to provide a space where artists can truly shine and connect with the community. It’s amazing to see the energy and talent that these events bring together.

Artists to Watch on June 17th:

Lil Chai (@lillchaii)

Lil Chai is known for her sweet lyrics and charismatic stage presence. Her ability to engage the audience and deliver memorable performances makes her a must-see.

King J Rose (@kingjrose_)

King J Rose is known for an energetic and refreshing style to the stage, mixing traditional hip-hop with modern sounds. His performances blend thought-provoking lyrics with catchy beats, making him a standout in the North Jersey scene.

SoulBoii (@soulboii777)

SoulBoii’s music represents a soulful journey that resonates deeply with listeners. His blend of emotional depth and R&B rhythms set him apart as an artist, given his distinctive voice and perspective.

Shaddi G (@_shaddig)

Shaddi G’s dynamic performances and versatile flow have earned him a growing fan base. His ability to switch between hard-hitting rap and melodic hooks makes his sets an exciting experience.

K-Wave (@waveythedon)

K-Wave’s style mixes gospel riffs with classic hip-hop and modern twists. His innovative approach and captivating stage presence make him a performer to watch.

A special part of the “Who’s Next” showcases is the “Artist’s Experience.” This means that every participant leaves with a larger network and more experience on-stage. From high-quality performance footage to professional networking opportunities, artists get the tools they need to boost their careers.

With the June 17th event coming up, excitement is building for another incredible night of music and community. Freakshow USA continues to support and showcase the next generation of hip-hop talent with these bi-weekly events, proving their dedication to the music scene.

Whether you’re an artist looking to break into the scene, a music lover seeking fresh sounds, or an industry professional scouting new talent, the “Who’s Next” showcases offer something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the next event – it could shape the future of hip-hop.

For more details and to attend the event, check out the official event page:

Follow FreakShow USA: Instagram

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Chelsea Pastel Releases New Song “2 Much”



If sharing the same bill as Rapsody,joining Ebro forApple Music‘s DISCOVERED, catching the attention of HOT 97 as well as iHeartRadio, and being added to TIDAL‘s Hip-Hop: RISING playlist all while consistently releasing quality content wasn’t enough to convince critiques that Cleveland‘s Chelsea Pastel (@chelsea_pastel) is poised to be crowned Rap royalty, her newest release is sure to solidify just that. On “2 Much,” the follow up to “Greener” & “Price Going Up,” the Ohio outlier partners with MajorStage (@MajorStageMusic) to deliver a unique live performance experience that personifies song lyrics “too much talk with no action where I’m from we call it cap.” 

Starting with a powerful intro, “2 Much” explodes into an earthshaking drop, featuring a hook so addictive you’ll be shouting it all day long. Channeling the gritty sound pioneered by acts like Three 6 MafiaA$AP MobFather, and Key!, the song successfully brings nostalgia while putting a fresh twist on the current female rap scene. Recorded in a home studio session amongst friends, the infectious energy of “2 Much” shines through every bar. 

Born and bred in Forest City, Chelsea found her passion for music early on, which led her to enroll in the Cleveland School of Arts. After graduating, Chelsea began to make a name for herself throughout the Midwest and beyond. Her unique sonic style, catchy hooks, and lyrical prowess have earned her the title of Cleveland’s Next Up talent.

Apart from accolades, which include being featured regionally on WKYC and Dirty Glove Bastard as well as national recognition on top-tier entertainment networks like BET, Chelsea is a self-taught instrumentalist who often handles her production, writing, and engineering. Her unique brand of ballads can be best classified as a fusion of Rap and Pop with a touch of Rock accented by old-school flavor.

Stream the Cassius G-produced accompanying audio on your DSP of choice below via MajorStage andstay tuned for the Miguel Ramos-directed live performance visual.

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Darkchild, Award-Winning Producer, Launches Alienz Alive Label



Super producer, rapper, and songwriter Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins joins the Black Music Month announcement conversation with the reveal of a new record label called Alienz Alive. As outlined in the mission statement found on their official website: AA is a collective of purpose driven creators alive in Christ that build community, develop artists, foster dialogue, and encourage storytelling that is honest, pursues truth, and glorifies God. Standing ten toes down on Romans 12:2, we are chosen to serve, challenged to grow, and destined for greatness. The premiere roster includes Jon Keith, GAWVI, IMRSQD Alex Jean, and TJ Carroll.

Speaking to Medium Creative Agency in an exclusive press statement, Jerkins reveals:

“When I first thought about launching a new company, I knew I had to do something that reflected my faith. What’s crazy, and people might not know this; I was rapping in church as a kid. I was also featured on Kirk Franklin’s Revolution so this is a full circle moment for me because now I’m doing something revolutionary by launching this label. Alienz Alive is a collaborative community of creatives that are Christ-centered where artist development is key. We encourage our artists to use their gifts to uplift and inspire. Sonically speaking the influences are Hip Hop, R&B, and Indie Rock. As long as it glorifies God and it’s dope, all are welcome.”

Alienz Alive is a label established in 2022 by Grammy-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Inspired by the transformative power of faith, Alienz Alive empowers artists who are “ten toes down” in their commitment to living a life renewed in Christ. Alienz Alive fosters the creation of music that connects, inspires and uplifts, all while elevating the honest stories of their artists. This isn’t just music, it’s a movement.

Stream/watch the most recent releases from Alienz Alive below and expect more signings to be announced in the near future.

Jon Keith -“Bags”

GAWVI – “Into The Atmostfear”

IMRSQD – “Don’t Do Molly”

Alex Jean – “I Need Faith”

TJ Carroll – “I Rather”

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