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blckfriend Shares New Visual For “Robbery”



Hailing from New York City, blckfriend infuses the many genres that have influenced him to create a style that is distinctly his own. Prior to signing with Babygrande Records, blckfriend had fully immersed himself in his artistry, weaving hip-hop, rock, punk, and grunge into his sound and style. 

These elements also shine through in his live performances and experimental filmmaking, which have helped him not only accrue an audience on DSPs, but also on socials, where he avidly posts freestyles to keep his fans engaged. blckfriend wants to push boundaries as an artist, and his pursuit to master the electric guitar is just one of the many enticing elements of his live shows and recorded music.

Now, with his official debut single “Robbery,” blckfriend embarks on his journey as a multifaceted artist and guitarist with an unparalleled work ethic. With a psychedelic drunkenness to it, “Robbery” serves as an exciting debut for blckfriend. 

He has the uncanny ability of combining clever wordplay with off-kilter harmonies and rhythms, dissecting a beat while also delivering catchy flows. His talent truly shines midway through the song, where he plays an original guitar solo over the beat’s somber piano melody; he layers the solo with crooning vocals that evoke a sense of self-inflicted instability and befuddled thought. 

What’s more, his visual presence mirrors his commanding grip on the mic.

The music video for “Robbery” aptly depicts the same talent and mystery that the track conveys. Directed by Jack Rottier, who is best known for shooting a handful of Yeat’s best performing music videos, the visual takes viewers to an urban landscape where villains and thieves move through the night. 

In tandem with blckfriend’s eclectic persona, the video engages yet leaves plenty of unanswered questions. It’s a powerful debut that shows huge promise for blckfriend going forward.

 “It is rare to find an artist with multi-faceted talents like blckfriend. When you see an artist live and he raps, sings and plays the guitar it’s something special,” says Babygrande Founder Chuck Wilson. 

Watch the music video “Robbery” now!

Directed & Edited by: Jack Rottier

Production Company: HONEST Productions 

DP: Jake Johnston

AC: Isabel Mazzolini

Gaffer: Cedric Letsch

Still Photography: Stephen Dransfield

Track Produced by: JustDan

more info on blckfriend, please visit:  


Babygrande is an American independent record label and creative collective comprised of musicians, filmmakers, photographers, painters and writers. Founded in 2001 by Chuck Wilson, former Director of A&R at Priority Records/EMI, Babygrande has emerged as one of the premier independent labels operating today. Babygrande has a catalog of over 3000 albums, music videos, and online content that includes Hip-Hop, EDM, indie rock and everything in between. Babygrande has helped launch the careers of new artists and has nurtured the careers of seasoned veterans. As it heads towards its 25th Anniversary, Babygrande continues to focus on quality music and working with artists whose work ethic, craftsmanship, talent and sounds are superior. 

For more info on Babygrande Records, please visit:

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Josh K ‘s latest album Life is Life’ing, breathes new vibes into R&B




The R&B scene for 2023 continues to shed light on a variety of captivating artist. With the Midwest becoming a powerhouse for unique sounds, Chicago’s Josh K adds his own flare to the r&b genre. Releasing the highly anticipated album Life is Life’ing in October, the project is a stylish display of creativity and artistry. Exuding the smooth element of r&b with a dash of modern taste, Life is Life’ing is a top release for 2023.

Exploring a mix of energetic, classic and futuristic sounds, this latest release puts the heart and originality back into r&b. As a veteran in music and songwriting, Josh K’s enticing wordplay shines effortlessly throughout. A leading single from the album “All Me”, is an alluring preview for the tone of the album. Other stand out singles like “Magnet” featuring Chanelle Tru, “Soul Ties” and “Talk To Me”, further add to his overall charismatic delivery.

In addition to his mesmerizing voice, Josh K’s incredible song writing abilities are displayed with every lyric. With a long resume of songwriting for artist like Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor and others, his undeniable skill is felt throughout. Josh K offers a fresh approach while staying true to the feel of r&b in his own fashion.

Add Life is Life’ing to your 2023 playlist now!

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From ‘604$tunna,’ 604Blizzy x Lil Jjay Drops “3AM” Visual



604Blizzy, a fast-rising star in today’s hip hop, and Lil Jjay, another emerging star, link up to promote the new project, 604$tunna, with a new visual for their latest collaboration, “3AM.”

Available now on Double Up Entertainment, “3AM” shows the two new stars hitting the city in the freshest wardrobe with a pocket full of big faces and big boy rides. The two trade verses filled with slick talking, bravado, and warning of being the next big acts in today’s music. “3AM” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the two stars as they ascend to new heights and 604Blizzy’s album ascends to one of the hottest projects of 2023.

604$tunna is an eight-track collaboration project that features RJ Lamont, Al, and Intense. Along with “3AM,” the project includes other breakout tracks such as “Pourin’ Up In $icily,” “Triple Threat,” and “Grey Cup.” The new project follows 604Blizzy’s 2021 collaboration album, First Take with Intense.

From an early age, 604Blizzy immersed himself in the world of hip-hop, initially captivated by Tupac during his kindergarten years. His journey led him to develop a deep appreciation for Pimp C from UGK, as well as legendary figures in Houston rap and California’s G-funk and gangster rap scenes, including Spice 1 and Death Row Records. The culmination of these influences is evident in 604Blizzy’s music, a dynamic fusion of trap sounds heavily influenced by the Detroit scene.

Watch “3AM” below, and stream the full album, here.

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The Hawd: A Brooklyn Rhymer Rising in Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Scene



When we think of hip-hop, we often associate it with major cities like New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. And while there are countless rappers who flock to these musical hotspots to make their name, few artists fuse the sounds of both cities as effortlessly as The Hawd. Born and bred in Brooklyn and based in Atlanta, The Hawd’s journey to success has been filled with ups and downs. But it’s his gritty, relatable lyrics that have captured the hearts of fans across the East Coast and beyond.

Growing up in Brooklyn, The Hawd faced incredible challenges from an early age. Losing his brother and mother on the same day, six years apart, was a devastating blow that could have broken anyone. But instead of letting the pain consume him, The Hawd used it as fuel to pursue his passion for music. By working hard and earning enough money to start his career in earnest, he gained recognition across the East Coast and grew his fanbase.

The Hawd sets himself apart from other artists in the hip-hop community through his authentic artistry. In fact, his music goes beyond the typical braggadocio associated with the genre to delve into personal struggles and emotions that people of all backgrounds can relate to. His sound fuses the tough, gritty beats of New York with the more laid-back vibe of Atlanta to create a style that’s uniquely his own.

Beyond his music, The Hawd’s personal journey is equally compelling. Overcoming unimaginable losses to pursue his passion is something that many of us can relate to. His resilience sends a powerful message to his listeners: no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it and come out stronger on the other side.

Maintaining momentum, the trailblazing talent returns with a new release, “No Feelings tapping Massachusetts-made Millyz. Millyz has established himself as a seasoned wordsmith through freestyles on Sway, Funk Flex, and live performances with Hip Hop heavyweights such as Jadakiss and Dave East, to mention a few. In addition to having toured the United States and Europe, with over millions of online views, and an ever-growing fan base.
The first thing that instantly grabs your attention in “No Feelings” is The Hawd’s entrancing flow. His ability to effortlessly ride the beat with his intricate lyricism is something to admire. Millyz then follows up with a raw and gritty performance that leaves no doubt about his ability to deliver bars. Their chemistry together is undeniable, as they both trade verses and bring their A-game to the track. Nonetheless, the two join forces to bring their collaborative standout single, serving as a sneak peak into Millyz forthcoming album, Holy Water set to drop in December 2023. 

With this being just the tip of the iceberg, it’s exciting to imagine what else these two artists have in store for us. We can expect more genre-bending collaborations, as both The Hawd and Millyz push the boundaries of hip-hop and experiment with different sounds. “No Feelings” is a testament to the potency of two artists collaborating on a track. The Hawd and Millyz have created a masterpiece that showcases their abilities as wordsmiths and performers! For now, press play on “No Feelings” featuring Millyz Lastly, let us know what you think here as we anxiously await for more new music! 


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