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About 4Sho Magazine

Title: 4sho Magazine (4SHO MAG)
Executive Editor/Producer: Joseph McFashion
Publicist: Chuck White
Senior Writer: Chuck White
Art Director: DeJuan Cushman
Star Journalist: Arielle “Fancy” Hill
Head Of Events: Matthew “Stewe” Clarke/ Zay Primo
Photographers: DeJuan Cushman, Joseph McFashion, Kortland Avant, Chuck White, London Taylor, Terika Dion, Zay Primo
Videographers: Mula Films, Chuck White, Kortland Avant, Joseph McFashion, Zay Primo, Terika Dion, Taye Taye Vision
Make Up Artist: Arjhe Neche
Web Designer: Joseph McFashion
Web Developer: DeJuan Cushman, Joseph McFashion
Graphic Designer: DeJuan Cushman
Style: Street Glam/Fashion
Core Demo: 13 – 17 (6.9%) | 18 – 24 (38%) | 25 – 34 (31%) | 35 – 44 (6.0%)
Circulation / Readership: 1.2Million – 2.6Million (monthly)
First Issue: December, 2007 (U.S.)
Country: United States
Based In: Detroit, MI
Language: English


4sho Magazine, more commonly referred to as 4SHO MAG, is an independent American magazine focusing on highbrow urban culture, music, fashion, and film. Its coverage includes celebrities, beauty, art, design, and cause-oriented events.

4SHO MAG is a mindset and lifestyle (mind-style) brand and Magazine created by marketing genius Joseph McFashion in 2007. The online publication is editorially rich with a sharp dedication to era defining content, and fascinating photography. Each article is noted for its uniqueness, edge and outspoken attitude.
As of January 2016, 4SHO MAG has approximately 1.2Million – 2.6Million monthly viewers worldwide. Based in the artsy, historically creative section of Detroit aka Motown, the magazine has US affiliations in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and New York. 4SHO MAG is a favorite amongst industry insiders, publicists, labels and artists, and is considered one of the most influential street media movements in young America.
We pride ourselves as being “The Unsigned Source.” This is where Musicians, Artists *(All Genres), Models, DJ’s, Producers, Actors, Athletes and Small Business Owners (just to name a few) have the opportunity to be featured in this online magazine to maximize their exposure. Someone has to be the voice of the future talent out there and we provide the vehicle to help them get noticed. Pretty much we create the Image and the Sound.


4sho Magazine or 4sho Mag is also known as “The Face of Unsigned & Indie Talent” which was signified in our first logo which was later changed to a more simple logo. We feature interviews and in-depth one-on-ones with all of the new upcoming talent in a multitude of industries. You get to learn more about their journey, success, defeats, hobbies and interests. That helps readers and perspective industry insiders connect with these new faces. We are here to make the dots connect and our publication makes that possible. If you are an A&R, investor or talent scout, this is the magazine to grab and find that NEW talent.


Here at 4shoMag, we give hopefuls the photos they need and the proper exposure to get them going. Our track record speaks for itself. From their first music video booking, to their first major magazine layout, 4sho Magazine has provided countless girls with their first major paid assignment. We are in the business of discovering new faces, launching careers, and providing girls with new forms of income both on and off the web!

With so much Unsigned Talent in the world, 4Sho Magazine/4sho Mag is here to help up-and-coming talent get valuable exposure they can’t get anywhere else. It doesn’t matter what talent you have, contact us today and get featured.

Full Story:

In 2007, the music industry was driven by city of Atlanta and the sound it produced. Considered to be the highest peak of the “snap music” era, success in the music industry depended on how well you could market, enhance, and even in some cases, exploit that music. Following other popular trends at the time, such as rapping and being active on Myspace, Joseph McFashion almost didn’t create 4ShoMagazine. At the young age of 16, initially he wanted to become a rapper and gain wealth and notoriety by being a great artist. After slowly losing interest in rapping, Joseph still saw a desire to be relevant in the music industry and decided to pursue another avenue to achieve success. The concept of 4ShoMagazine started as a Myspace page used to promote up and coming Atlanta artists’ music based on a conversation with a friend on how he got inspired by CEO Charlie (Former Owner of, current manager of Travis Porter & 2Chainz; Street Execs Inc.). It was Charlie’s method of releasing magazine covers online without having to print hard copies, or set up his website to fit a magazine format that attracted Joseph most due to its’ innovations.

The some of the first acts to submit exclusive content to the site were artists like Travis Porter (then known as “Dem Hard Hiddaz”), K-Camp, Tha Joker, Pop It Off Boyz (“Crank Dat Batman), and various others. The site began to see an improvement in the amount of content and views increased greatly thus making the site more popular, although; it also became more time consuming for Joseph to maintain while also trying to be a good student in high school. The site’s 1st run lasted well from December 2007 to November 2008 and would take a year-long hiatus to return in 2009. When it was revived Joseph used it to help promote events within his hometown city of Detroit.  Upon its’ return, the site adopted a new section to attract more viewers with Joseph’s choice to turn the site into a model-based magazine and thus add more depth to the content his website presented. His first set of models were Amoure Deon, Daisy, and Big Booty Blaze. They brought unimaginable amounts of attention and popularity to the site and eventually caused other models to follow their lead. Slowly but surely, Joseph began to gain an influence in the Detroit media scene and would eventually make a partnership that would change his life forever.

4ShoMagazine began to exclusively produce, direct, and promote all of the music and videos from the then up and coming Detroit rap group Doughboyz Cashout as they were one of the most buzzing groups in the city of Detroit. As their exposure and appeal grew within their music, Joseph’s amazing cinematography skills improved as well and began to draw interest from other artists to help improve their branding. In the years that followed, 4ShoMagazine became the staple for breaking new artists in Detroit with notable acts like Team Eastside, Icewear Vezzo, Sino, GT, & Green Guy Webbie who would go on to build incredible fanbases due to their mass visual appeal. It was Joseph’s keen understanding of marketing and the evolution of social media that helped him create a foundation that artists, like Doughboyz Cashout, and models like Amoure Deon, were able to build upon that would allow them to acquire record deals and sponsorships that would lead to other revenue streams through commercials and many other opportunities. Continuing to expand his brand, Joseph has since upgraded his cinematography skills from not only producing music videos but he has excelled to producing full-fledged motion pictures such as “2Eleven” which has since been labeled an instant Detroit classic film.  4ShoMagazine continues to be cornerstone for introducing new artists and models in Detroit but its appeal reaches the entire nation, and eventually will reach the entire world as it strives to create brand of the highest level combining talent and appeal.

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