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Music Videos You May Have Missed This Week (Feb. 4 – Feb. 10)



As usual, we’ve got the fire on our YouTube channel. If you missed out, check out a recap of this week’s uploads.

RealStreet Buddie Montana – “5’s”

CashPaid Elway – “Big Boss”

CrestIsMuzik – “Frozen”

Troy – “Take Money Story”

Mac Mills feat. Motown Ty – “You the shit”

H4L Moe Moe – “4 my dawgs”

Glo Chapo – “Pay Flow”

C pennyy – “Work”

Euk Juke Boys feat. B Ryan – “Trying to make away”

Allstar JR – “Jeno A Bitch”

Courtney Bell – “God Body Pt. 3”

Allstar JR – “Let The Game Be The Game”

Saucy E Louis Richh – “Killa”

Fmb JocAhVelly – “No Questions”

Lil Kappy – “Spotted”

Mari Bandz – “Explode”

Sean Knots – “Fasho Freestyle”

Nyce Greedy – “OITK”

Dopeboy Franky – “Peep the hate”

Mac Loafs – “For Mama”

Mos Loyal – “Motivate Me”

Skyyler Blu Azure – “Ball Like Me x YHBW”

TrendzMorrison – “Dinosaurs”

TwellyGang Aaron – “Shade”

Jr. Feat. 23 – “Put It On Me”

Omg Flu – “Play it safe”

TrenchLordz x Lique 100 x Kash Money – “Lordz Only”

@TheSpillGawd – “Punch”

Frank Affer – “The Times”

NLB Mone – “It ain’t shit”

Top Sushi – “V3”

The UNi Jay $tacks – “Ball”

BreBaby – “Turn Around Year”

SkyHigh – “Pusie”

Joey Mayhem – “Problem Solving”

Diamond Jones feat Snap Dogg – “Big Facts”

Mufasa Major – “Score”

Mike Breze – “Irritating”

OG FatTae – “NOI”

OBHM Jew – “Heart Eyes”

Hood Ghandi Feat. Da Youngin – “From Da Bottom”

The Real Stackboiz [Big Brazy] – “No Heart Brazystyle”

Tae Lucci – “The Warm Up Intro”

Bruce Bandz – “Facts”

Triggaface – “Hell Of Year”

Kenzo Kari – “Feel Me First”

Jaiswan – “Roll In Peace”

D-Arsin – “Spend This Got That”

PGE Zip – “In The Cloud”

Music Videos

Derrty Dollaz and Lil Trev drop a summer anthem with “Gang With Me”



Derrty Dollaz’s refrain on “Gang With Me” has all of the makings of an earworm. I’ve listened to it three times straight so far and I can’t stop saying “Gang With Me” with the same vocal inflection and pitch that he did throughout the cut. Both Dollaz and Lil Trev have something serious on their hand, a hit with all of the makings of a viral anthem. The production is clean and solid whilst the verses are hard-hitting and spectacular. I don’t want to call it to early, but I think this may be the song of the summer.

Watch the video for “Gang With Me” below.


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Music Videos

Lil Pete pays respects to the dead in “Go Like That”



Lil Pete’s one of the Bay Area’s hottest rising artists. He has an air of youthful vitality around him, something that makes his music seem much more contemporary and authentic, then those who try to fake the funk. His new cut “Go Like That” is a serious affair, about the fallen and not wanting to head down that same path, but it also encapsulates that vitality that makes it sound somewhat uptempo. There’s nothing wrong with that – it works as a catchy tune that you’ll want to play back time and time again. But I can’t help but wonder if that was his intention.

Watch the video for “Go Like That” below.



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Music Videos

Cartel Dough drops the video of the year with “Hoes Everywhere”



Here’s another case of prioritizing a visual that makes the song itself more effective. Cartel Dough’s video for “Hoes Everywhere” is so cleanly shot, making it an instant contender for video of the year. The slow-mo cuts of bouncing ass, Ferraris and Rolls Royces riding down the street, along with the creative use of color in certain frames go a long way in increasing our opinion of the song. “Hoes Everywhere” is good as a tune itself, but the video is ultimately what sells it.

Watch the video for “Hoes Everywhere” below.


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