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As multi-genre artist Tae Groove continues to rise to stardom, we had the opportunity to sit down with the 28-year-old artist from the Midwest. The Iowa-based artist is currently paving a way for himself, describing his style as “unique, personal, real and relatable,” and crediting himself for experimenting with new sounds constantly. He just released his album Level Up and the music video for Make It Out last Saturday. He has another music video, Talk My Shit coming out on June 24th! 

He began exploring his musical talents at the age of nine when he would use music as a way to express himself. It wasn’t until his late teens that he deepened his musical interest, and artistry and thus changed his major from sports fitness to audio engineering. Groove then recorded his first song around the age of 18.

“I would skip class to record in my dorm room – shortly after changing directions I decided to drop out of college to go back home and pursue music on a serious level.” Groove states. 

At the age of 19, Tae Groove traveled to Atlanta and met Producer E Smitty – aka Eric Finneraud, most known for “Choppas on Deck” by A$AP Ferg –  who then became his manager. Signing to his label, Sound Alive Records, Groove went by the name Ben iLLa. During this time, Groove often felt like he was being molded into what his manager wanted and not making music that truly displayed, wellhim. After a year and a half, he terminated his contract with them and decided to change his artist name to fit the new path he was going in. 

After many experiences, Tae Groove is now an independent artist. During his career, he’s encountered many challenges. Between being lied to by the wrong people and dealing with a less than ideal third-party situation, he had almost given up on music and life. “I don’t like to share it but do your homework.” He urges fellow up-and-coming music artists. 

His biggest inspirations are his family and friends, especially his mom and twin brother, who support and motivate him to pursue music as far as it will take him. One of his goals is to be able to support his family and acknowledges that part of this process and journey is not only for him but for his family. Another one of his goals is to be financially secure from his income from music, tour the world and leave behind his current 9-5 job. He aspires for his music to reach the charts, create his own label, use his experience and tools to have a positive impact on new artists, and acquire a legacy for fans to remember. 

Groove shared that his biggest show was during a Polo G show in Sioux Falls, North Dakota. There were 4,000 people attending and it was his biggest show to date. From the support and feedback he received, this put things into perspective for him and to not give up since each move can lead to larger shows. Although Groove hasn’t done any talking shows, they aren’t out of the question for him as he has also considered acting. 

By staying focused, staying on the grind, evolving, and networking, Groove also hopes to be able to make a positive impact on upcoming artists and youth. Showing that anything can be done with hard work and dedication is something that he aims to do. He even mentions how a kid sent a picture of him with his wrestling medal and said thanks for helping through his music. 

By blending more than one genre and bridging different styles of music, the multi-genre artist demonstrates the diversity of his sound and that he is not one to copy someone’s style. Music has almost always been an outlet and allows him to escape when dealing with negativity. By putting immense passion and drive into creating music that gives him peace and motivation, he not only creates rap but also pop and R&B. 

As of right now, Groove currently has five albums and EPs out, Level Up – 2022, Heating Up – 2021, Quattro – 2021, New Waves Old Ways – 2018, and Finding Direction – 2017. Sadly, his previous records were taken down after separating from Sound Alive Records. Groove has primarily been focusing on the first single on Make It Out which features Bridgeport, Connecticut-native, Jay Esco. “We met in NYC to record the song at Quad Recording Studios.” Groove retells. The video was filmed in numerous locations – including Times Square. Make It Out has a distinctive heavy sound, filled with both piano and bass which certainly fits the vibe of the song. Make It Out represents the pain and struggle of attempting to make it out while doing what you love and wrestling with feelings of self-doubt and the doubt of others trying to drag you down. More singles will also be released this year in addition to the visuals for Talk My Shit, which come soon on June 24th. 

Tae Groove leaves readers with heartwarming advice: “I’d like for anyone reading this article to know you can do anything you want. Make a plan, put in the work and you will find success as long as you don’t give up!” 

Tae Groove’s music is available on all streaming platforms. Make sure to keep up with him and his journey through social media linked below!

Make sure you follow him on social media @TaeGrooveOfficial

Tune in to Make It Out by Tae Groove ft. Jay Esco below!

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[Video] Don Trip Drops Live Performance For “Say Less”



In the mid-2000s, Don Trip was one of hip-hop’s most inferior lyricists of the era. Hailing from Memphis, he has created a career that spans decades with his soulful contemporary rap style. Today, while promoting his new album, Hell’s Kitchen, the veteran recording artist previews his latest body of work with a live performance for the album-cut called “Say Less.”

“Say Less” is a impactful track that compliments Don Trip’s signature style as he tells a story about paper chasing. Telling the haters to refocus their attention to wonder why he only talks about money, Don Trip keeps it short and sweet when conversations with the time wasters. From beginning to end, Don Trip is slick, charming, and confident on “Say Less,” and will have fans rushing to his new album eager to hear more.

Hell’s Kitchen is Don Trip’s third album of 2023. Following The Devil You Know and Long Live Pif, the latest album includes breakout singles “Kitchen On Fire,” “Return To Sender,” and “The Outsiders.” Don Trip’s latest release is the perfect origin point for the next generation of rap fans as he currently draws over 101,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Watch the live performance of “Say Less” below, and afterward, feel free to follow Don Trip on social media.

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Rising RnB Sensation Law Collaborates with 2KBABY on Catchy New Single ‘WAWA



Viral emerging RNB artist LAW, aka Ladies Always Win, is back with a compelling record that’s sure to catch the ears of RNB lovers. She gracefully releases her highly-anticipated single “Wawa” featuring 2KBaby, as the two show and prove what it looks like when New York and Louisville link up. This new single follows a summer filled with remarkable milestones for LAW, including her exclusive appearance via On The Radar, amassing over 1 million followers on TikTok, and a breathtaking live rendition of her single “Why Me”, that left her audience in awe.

This new record is the perfect finale to LAW’s “Summer of Law” campaign that began in July. Her previous hits, including “Switch It Up,” “Buss It Down,” and “Act Like You Know,” have garnered widespread attention and solidified her position as an artist on the rise.

“Wawa” takes its name from the iconic convenience chain and weaves a narrative of chance encounters and immediate attraction. The track’s lyrics beautifully capture the essence of a serendipitous meeting between two people that can merge their paths. The collaboration between LAW and 2KBaby isn’t just about two artists coming together; it’s about two regions, New York and Louisville, joining forces to create something magical. Each artist brings their unique perspective and influences to the table, resulting in a track that celebrates the best of both worlds.

For more information about LAW and updates on her music follow LAW on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.




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Kye Colors Drops New Visual For “Glide”



Just before he makes his debut performance at T-Mobile Center alongside Juicy J and That Mexican OT this weekend for the Major Cannabis Expo, Kye Colors‘ connects with in-house creative director Kendu for a small screen interpretation of the Shaq Gonzoe, Pierre Mathieu-Lanca, and Will Steller produced skate anthem “GLIDE.”

Serving as the first offering from the Missouri musician’s forthcoming ‘COLORMAN: GREEN’ project, the visual to the feel-good single was preceded by ‘COLORMAN: YELLOW’ and ‘COLORMAN: RED.’ “Going to the skating rink is one of my favorite pastimes. This is my first official skate song, but it’s also self-motivating for me to go out and show how much I want it,” says the LVRN (home to Summer Walker, 6lack, DSVN, Westside Boogie, etc.) managed recording artist.

J’Kye Slatton PKA Kye Colors is a rapper and producer from the south side of Kansas City. Showcasing his passion for music from an early age, Kye began writing songs as early as age 5, often using crayons as his instrument of choice. Today, Kye has evolved into a vibrant and innovative artist, weaving intricate stories and evocative melodies into each captivating cut. Following a sync on Peacock’s original series Bel-Air and his partnership alongside ATL music powerhouse Love Renaissance (@LVRN) in conjunction with Wasteland Records, the talented Hip-Hop act is poised to be your favorite artist’s favorite artist.

Watch the music video for “GLIDE” and stream the official audio on your DSP of choice via Wasteland Records/Venice Music below.

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