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Lists: 5 of Eminem’s Biggest Cultural Smashes




The current state of Detroit rap scene is that it’s the most creative it’s ever been. With artists like Tee Grizzley, Babyface Ray, Molly Brazy, and All-Star JR all pushing the envelope in new and exciting ways, the scene will continue to grow and evolve in ways that we haven’t seen before. Mainstream artists like Big Sean and Dej Loaf hold it down on the world front as the artists in the city work to expand the love for the city that these artists make evident in their music.

As lucrative as the scene is, nothing would exist without the work of the previous generation of artists who made the world fall in love with the authenticity and raw emotion associated with The Motor City. Marshall Matters, also known by his stage name Eminem, was one of those acts who set the stage for years to come.

Marshall Matters went on to become not just one of the best rappers to come out of Detroit, but one of the best rappers in the game period. He’s technically not even from Detroit – he’s from Saint Joseph, Michigan which is over 191 miles away – but the city and artists within him embraced him to the point where he became one of our own. His signature darkly comedic rap style defined a generation, spawning the careers and styles of many of the biggest rap stars today.

He’s released some heaters over the years that define his groundbreaking rap style. Here are five of the best.


This dark tale of brushing off women is one of the best songs to come out in the last fifteen years. Eminem uses his signature style of raps to craft a loving ode to the gold diggers that exist in the hip-hop spectrum. The accompanying video is over-the-top cheesy, just like something you’d expect to see from the song’s title.

Without Me

This is the track that introduced most of mainstream America to Eminem’s comedic style. The song is adventurous and jam-packed with swagger, similarly reflected in the video. To note: the scene where the worker spits in the onion rings is perhaps the most disgusting scene hip-hop history.

Forgot About Dre

Dr. Dre’s sinister production provided Eminem with the backdrop to get really heavy, really fast. This was America’s true introduction to Slim Shady, and boy what an introduction it was. Eminem’s question of “What do you say to somebody you hate?” still rings true today.

Rap God

Newer Eminem releases don’t get the credit that they deserve. People often say that starting with Relapse, Eminem fell off somewhat. That’s entirely not true. “Rap God” is one of the best lyrical performances in hip-hop. Period. Don’t believe me? Try and recite the verse without taking a breath.


Eminem’sStan” was an ode to the obsessive and unhinged fans that rappers often have to deal with during the course of their careers. The song was told from two perspectives: the fan and Eminem himself, who didn’t respond to the fan’s letter before he did something terrible to himself and his significant other. The name “stan” is still used to describe these crazy people that creatives of all kinds deal with now.






The pandemic is officially over, and we’re back outside! Back by popular demand, G2 Presents The Millennium Tour: Turned Up!, presented by G-Squared Events and The Black Promoters Collective (BPC), kicked off last weekend with shows in Hampton, VA ( Friday, October 7th), Charlotte, NC (Saturday, October 8th) and Baltimore, MD (Sunday, October 9th). The tour will take over 24 cities, starting with Hampton and ending in Oakland, CA on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Headlined by none other than the ultimate fan favorite, Bow Wow, our undeniable Verzuz champ, Mario, and R&B songstress Keri Hilson, this year’s tour talent lineup is insane. The highly-anticipated brand return will additionally include performances by LloydBobby VPleasure PSammieYing Yang TwinsDem Franchize BoyzCrime MobTravis PorterLil Scrappy, TrillvilleChingy and the reunion of Day 26

Tickets are available now with prices varying by city; purchase here.

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CHIEF KEEF PERFORMING FINALLY RICH Added to The Smokers Club Fest 4/30




As if the lineup wasn’t stacked already, The Smokers Club Fest continues to give the people what they want by adding Chief Keef who will be performing his debut album “Finally Rich”. This festival already perfectly encapsulated the much lauded “Blog Era” of rap which took place from 2008-2014, but now has the final infinity stone inserted into the gauntlet in the form of Sosa. 

The Smoker’s Club Fest takes over Glen Helen Amphitheater on Saturday, April 30, 2022. Celebrating hip hop as one of the leading forces in paving the way for cannabis culture becoming mainstream, the festival lineup includes Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Schoolboy Q, Wiz Khalifa, A&AP Ferg, 2 Chainz, Dom Kennedy, Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, Yung Lean, Wale, Curren$y, Danny Brown, Rico Nasty, Earl Sweatshirt, Sofaygo, Pierre Bourne, Sahbabii, Cochise, Lucki, Yeat, AB-Soul, Jay Rock, Berner, Zack Fox, The Alchemist, Clams Casino, Mick Jenkins, Reason, Smoke DZA, Casey Veggies, Domo Genesis, The Underachievers, The Cool Kids, Kirko Bangz, Pac Div, Kreayshawn, Ken Car$on, Bktherula, Babyxsosa, Zeelooperz, Coco & Clair Clair, Tisakorean, Destroy Lonely, Sid, Shyne, Bad Neighbors, Sparoh Homicide, Meechie, Abby, Jasmine, Belis, Eryn, Yayo, Dacartune, Slayter, Nymlo, McFly, Lul Bob, and Stinje.

Follow the Smoker’s Club Fest on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Tickets For Sale at

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Best of Instagram: @cree.ikuko




Cree Ikuko is a biracial beauty who’s racy photoshoots have taken Instagram and Tumblr by storm. Her art, always tasteful – she refrains from shooting nude – has an elegant quality about it, making each release of hers something that people look forward to like sports games. In addition to being a rising model, she also is a poet, songwriter, and recently, gotten into vlogging. She’s a multi-threat with a high probability for continued success, so checking out her Instagram account for our Best of Instagram series is a must. Check out our pics below.

Perfection, Unbridled

At first glance, this picture is nothing but a simple selfie that’s both stunning and mysterious. But taking a closer look shows the many working parts that make this one of our favorite pictures on Instagram so far. From the curly hair to the smug look on her face, the reveal of just enough cleavage to intrigue viewers, and the color contrasts of the shirt that make it one of the most interesting tops currently out on the market, Cree knows how to make a statement.

Beach Body

When it comes to beach bodies, Cree might have the ultimate one. Her bathing suit is endlessly inviting, almost teasing us in what it hides. She knows that she fills it out to perfection – it’s up to us to refrain from salivating like hungry dogs.

Bathroom Stall Selfies

Since when has a bathroom selfie ever made it into our best of Instagram list? Cree provides an exception: her careless pose borders on perfect. Between her casual face and the way her dress clings to her body like a bodysuit, nothing can go wrong with this picture.

Car selfies

It’s become a thing now that we can’t deny: Cree breaks all selfie rules with her careless, yet elegant photos. A casual car trip turns into an aesthetically pleasing visual memory that we’re glad to have come across on Instagram.

String Chronicles

String bathing suits are her thing and we’re glad to see that she has more than one. The turquoise color acts as a delicate contrast from her bronze skin that makes it all the more intriguing to view. The fact that most of her face is covered in shadow goes a long way in making this photo mysterious.

Killer Nurse

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s only right that she’d find a costume to scare people into a heart attack. This costume will cause a heart attack, but not out of fright.

Halloween Preparations

Out of both Halloween costumes, this one would be scarier. It’s almost the more inviting of the two, with cleavage that looks dangerously close to popping out. The red hair also helps the picture to look scary. Be on the lookout on Halloween to see her in this.

Cree Lannister

There’s a very Game Of Thrones feel to this post in particular. Although she’s sitting in a white armchair that’s the stark opposite of the foreboding Iron Throne in Westeros, the self-confidence evident in the post along with the pose invoke Cersei Lannister comparisons. We bet that Cree’s much nicer and more approachable than the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

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