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Kayebands Takes Center Stage In “Benz Truck” Visual



Bay area rapper Kayebands is geared up in his latest track “Benz Truck,” featuring Avenue Swift. Inspired by a fast-money lifestyle and G63s, this song is the perfect kick-off for 2022. The accompanying music video brings the vision to life as the two artists are living lavishly, including mansion views, women in their arms, and, of course, Mercedes Benz trucks on full display. As Kayebands gets ready for his upcoming 12-track project dropping later this year, the rising talent plans to keep the momentum rolling with “Benz Truck” by using it as a song to motivate those who listen.

“This song is all about staying on your hustle and creating your own path,” explained Kayebands. “If you apply effort and consistency into your craft, it will reward you.” 

Kayebands is an artist with a remarkable sound. The rapper’s smooth flow and clever wordplay are infectious within his catchy hooks and head-bobbing rhymes. Kayebands’ experience with music engineering gave him the advantage of placing positive energy into the overall production of his music, distributing high frequencies within every project he creates.

“I am passionate about my music simply because I understand the impact music has on everyone and everything. Not only does music help individuals, but it heals and gives a source of comfort,” continued Kayebands. 

With inspiration from J Dilla, Mf Doom, D-Savage, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hustle, Lucki, and RBL Posse, there is no question that Kayebands is learning from his idols and creating his lane into the rap game.

“Being raised in the Bay Area surrounded by the “jerk movement” and “hyphy scene,” I realized I had a place in this industry. This surrounding is what ultimately inspired me as an artist to dedicate myself into a music career and create a different sound and lane.”

Fans are anticipating a fantastic year for Kayebands. As he is a forward thinker who possesses the creative talent to match, there is no doubt that his perseverance and consistency will take him far in music.

“The most important message I want my fans to take from this song is to believe in yourself! Do not believe in everything you hear and do your due diligence on the information fed to you and never give up.”

Music Videos

C Glizzy Bringing His Southern Flare To Rappa’s West Coast Production Is A Match Made In Heaven

C Glizzy and Rappa are putting on for Florida and California with “Bang Wit Me.”




Even though a 40-hour drive and well over 2,500 miles separates California from the state of Florida, C Glizzy and Rappa are locked in as if they were next-door neighbors.

Evidence of their transcontinental connection on their latest street bop “Bang Wit Me.” Comprised with equal parts of Coastal influence and Southern flare, the single is equipped with the type of thunderous 808s that are capable of rocking clubs from Los Angeles to Broward County with ease.

“The best part about ‘Bang Wit Me,’ was bringing The South to LA–I was focused on bringing LA to Florida and vice versa,” C Glizzy said.

“Rappa and I be recording like we just chilling in the house–but because of our personal relationship, we think about things outside of the box. We actually have a mixtape on the way. We don’t have a name yet but stay tuned!”

As 2023 comes to a close for C Glizzy, a quick glance at his output for the year shows how his staggering work ethic has catapulted him into an upper echelon of newcomers within the rap game. In addition to delivering his smoldering freestyle for the red-hot Fire in the Booth performance series, C Glizzy has been on a remarkable feature run.

Along with his new collab with Rappa, he has also recently connected with the producer Smash Hitz in addition to collaborating with BlocBoy Jah for their joint effort “With The Gang.”

On top of all of that, C Glizzy has delivered over nine new releases this year–among the impressive string of records is his fan-favorite single “Do You Wrong.” Not to mention C Glizzy is also still enjoying the high from his appearance as tour support for Lil Mosey along with comparisons to buzzing Florida artists such as Hotboii, Kodak Black and more. He’s also previously joined forces with the likes of Foolio, WizDaWizard, Mozzy and Tsu Surf, among others.

Check out the full video for “Bang Wit Me” below.

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Music Videos

“Somebody Call Ye” Was Released by Chicago’s Very Own Shye




“Somebody Call Ye” is inspired by Shye’s unwavering determination to make a lasting impact on music, culture, and younger generations. Self-produced, the song serves as both a call for collaboration with Kanye West and features heartfelt lyrics about moving on from heartbreak, old friends, and pure rap storytelling.

Check it out below!

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Gusto Leimert Is An Artist You Should Be On The Lookout For




Gusto Lemiert

Los Angeles native and rapper, Gusto Leimert (@gustoleimert), makes a bold statement with the release of his latest single, “Ms. Pretty.” This track features his label mate, Roadrunner TB, adding an extra layer of talent to the mix. Gusto’s signature smooth sound is a direct reflection of his roots. He describes it as a fusion of the gentle California breeze intertwined with the contemporary grind and hustle, infused with a new-age trap lingo. 

“I’d say my sound is the embodiment of the California lifestyle meeting the modern era of ambition and tenacity,” Gusto explains. Although he now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, he remains deeply connected to his LA origins, a connection clearly evident in his music’s sound and lyrical delivery. 

Even his name, Gusto Leimert, pays homage to his hometown. “My name originates from Leimert Park, where I spent my early life with my friends. ‘Gusto’ was a nickname I earned because I’ve always gone all out in everything I do,” he reveals. 

Gusto’s passion for music has been a lifelong journey. He started crafting beats and producing music at the age of ten, ultimately discovering his voice as an artist. Drawing inspiration from timeless classics, Gusto strives to provide his fans with a similar sense of nostalgia and timeless quality through his music. 

“I’m inspired by timeless music that does not expire with likes and or waves,” he says. “It has a message, it could be love or making money but it has to have a message. That to me is my inspiration.”

With his artistry, Gusto aspires to offer fans a relatable soundtrack for the various phases of life. Connect with Gusto on social media, where you can find him at @gustoleimert, and immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Ms. Pretty” through streaming platforms.

Check out the visual below:

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