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DJ Yemi is a successful DJ who’s come out of West Virginia, a state not known for its musical contributions to the hip-hop scene. He’s seen a lot in this industry, has worked with artists like Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, and more, and has a story to tell as well as offer advice to others who wish to learn the craft.

Check out our exclusive interview with him below.

What’s the music scene like in West Virginia? 
The music scene in West Virginia is very diverse. You have the country roots and then you have the hip hop and pop influence coming in by out of state talent. 

What made you want to break out of it?
Traveling to other states and seeing opportunities made me want to expand.

How would you describe your approach to DJing?
My approach is all about connecting with the crowd. If I can connect with the crowd by making them feel every song and beat I have done my job. 

Who are some inspirations that have helped you craft your performance aesthetic?
No one particular person has given me inspiration. I have just looked at live performances on YouTube and my experiences at my own gigs have helped me grow.

What was the moment that you knew that you could do this professionally?
There were lots of little moments that bubbled into knowing a DJ career was on the horizon. But one was years ago when I got an EDM gig and I was able to change my live set with that concert. I created a set made for the event and did so good they invited me back.

What’s the hardest thing about being a self-taught DJ?
Hardest thing I would say is keeping up with the different sounds of music! So many different genres of music to maintain. You always have to be tapped in what’s making people move on the dance floor.

How do you go about connecting with such big artists?
I often look for an unknown artist with good sound and lyrics. Then, I build a relationship with them regardless of how big they get. Some have gotten to Billboard. The connection always starts at the root. 

How has growing up in the church affected your approach to music?
When in church, the music hits the soul and has more meaning than just anything that you listen to on a daily basis. So when I look for music that strikes my interests, I look for the same feeling. Soulfulness and meaningful lyrics that stand for something.

What’s your favorite DJing story with an artist that you’ve worked with?
Not a story, but one thing I have learned about the great artists is that they put in the work. Late studio nights, perfecting everything from lyrics to the sound

What tips do you have for aspiring DJs?
The tip I always give is consistency! No matter what be consistent! On-time and ready to do a great job at any gig! 

What would be your dream gig?
Don’t have a dream gig but my dream is to be able to continue to work with music and provide for my family! 

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2021 was a hard year for the independent artist. Losing two of his closest friends and biggest supporters through his journey was tough, but added more fuel to his fire and desire. “I feel they driving me to a higher purpose with my talents to truly live out my dream not only for them but myself.” Through his strength and determination the Houston rapper looks to make his mark in 2022 after a rough 2021.


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Shown 1K Drops Off Highly-Anticipated Project ‘Stackaveli’




Shown 1K, a native of Alabama, has dropped off Stackaveli, a much awaited project. This ten-track album is chock-full of harmonic flows, metaphoric bars, and brilliant punch lines that will have listeners reaching for the repeat button. Stackaveli is Shown 1K’s method of commenting about actual events involving hustling, trapping, and expressing his rebirth as an artist, and is inspired by Tupac Shakur’s classic Makaveli album.

“I had never published any music before this project. By releasing Stackaveli, I felt like I was reborn,” Shown 1K said in a recent interview. “I understood I had a gift to support my family when I learned how much my music touched other people.”

“Damaged Healer (VooDo Lady),” the album’s lead track, has been generating a lot of talk since its release, and it’s accompanied with an exciting video that showcases Shown 1K’s ingenuity as a rapper:

Shown 1K tells Remixd Magazine that his favorite tracks on Stackaveli are “Intro” and “Outro,” despite “Damaged Healer (VooDo Lady)” being a lyrical masterpiece.

“I feel like it’s very important how you arrive and leave on albums,” Shown1k says. “I will always give everything in my body of work and leave on a good note.”

Shown 1K, who is now situated in Atlanta, Georgia, has huge aspirations for the future. The rapper also stated that he has four other albums in his music vault, indicating that he has no plans to cease creating music anytime soon. “The dates are TBA for my next four albums,” he remarked. “I’m hoping for a smooth release of these CDs since it’s past time for the world to learn who Shown 1K is. My major objective is to be noticed, to build a name for myself, and to assist other musicians in my situation.”

Shown 1K’s metaphorical lyricism and uniqueness in his work surely contribute to his objective of making a good impact in the business. This artist wishes to convey the following message to his fans:

“Keep down, stay focused, and never give up on your aspirations because tomorrow is a new day, and as an artist, never restrict your creativity,” says Shown 1K.

Follow Shown 1K on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date. Stackaveli is now available to stream on all platforms!

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Artist Kahlil Simplis Goes All Out On New Project ‘Safehouse, Vol. 1’




“I see how music makes people feel, I know music saves lives, saved mine at certain points in life, so I know its a way of healing and a way of true expression, which we all need because bottling up things only hurt us more in the long run. It’s good to really feel our emotions, which I feel music allows us as people to do.” – Kahlil Simplis

LA based musician Kahlil Simplis is the music industry’s latest catch. The singer-rapper and song-writer is a graceful melodic master flirting with ambient hip hop instrumentals to produce some of the tightest songs coming right now.

As a slew of artists gravitate towards the elastic, wavy under-water sonic side of hip hop R&B contemporarily, Kahlil Simplis has carved his own lane with carte-blanch a blend of catchy melodies and hard-hitting bars, driven by gruesome 808 drums and rattling hi-hats.

He’s back with a brand new project ‘Safehouse, Vol. 1’ and he proves he’s only getting better with every release. This project specifically has a few bangers on it, including standouts “Been Playing,” “Skin,” and “Making It Easy.” On top of that, he’s been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences.

His previous releases are also worth mentioning, as Kahlil Simplis has a work ethic that reflects in his music.

On songs like “Dreams” his candidness is on a high as he manifests what dedication to one’s dreams is all about branding unapologetic bars notably, “Always have something to prove with somebody’s daughter, I am not one for the altar, too focused on money to ever get altered”. On records like “Consistent” he’s raving with bravado reflecting on topics such as loyalty, staying true to self, business, and keeping external forces at bay when chasing one’s goals:”Ive never cashed a check with someone’s opinion, bitches will find out you got a little money damn now they consistent, whether you like me or not it don’t make a difference” he rhymes cynically on the hook as he subliminally gives us keys to the game.

Kahlil is definitely cut different – he is tunnel vision focused, brims with killer instinct, channels slickness to his vibe, is a record label boss, and easily has one of the most creatively compelling music video catalogs as he admits to REMIXD Magazine, “When I’m not doing music, I’m working on music video treatments”, the indie act from LA tells us. To attain this level of virtuoso and determination is something he picked up earlier on while he was pursuing a hooping career until an unforeseen career-ending injury forced him to hang his boots. Still, this may have been a blessing in disguise; he overcame the depression bug following the injury, chinned up, got into music and poetry as a result, and this meant zeroing in on music as an outlet to release his woes and perhaps gamble on it as a tangible profession. It’s safe to say, his fans are now eating good because he has been consistently putting out fire since 2019 and we got to meet the legend ourselves.

With his highly touted project finally here, the baller turned rapper sat down with us to share more details about his life, the exciting new project titled Safehouse, Vol 1 that dissects his seesaw tales with women, his unquestionable drive, and why we should be rocking with the Inglewood CA artist right about now as he goes for worldwide domination. Check it out below:

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