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Designer Spotlight: @_ThePlanes tells us what ‘The Ave’ is all about



Nigel Jemott is a Virginia-based graphic artist and streetwear designer behind The Ave, a clothing brand that captures his creative spirit. Here’s his sitdown with 4ShoMag that covers the history of the brand, where it’s going, and more. 

When did you get into streetwear? 

I’ve always been into streetwear. I believe it’s a huge part of our culture. I had created designs for a couple of things back in 2013 while I was on active duty in Korea. I designed my units’ softball jerseys as well as the color scheme and style for the basketball jerseys. I stopped drawing and designing for a few years and got back into it when I moved back to Virginia in 2016.

What’s your history as a creative like? 

I’ve been creating and into art since I was a kid. My dad’s side of the family are all creatives in some fashion. My cousin is an art historian, my dad has been drawing and creating pinatas for as long as I can remember, my brother is an artist as well.  

Describe The Ave to me.

The best way I can put it…The Ave is my art brand, it’s not limited to clothing. It’s my work as a whole, drawings, designs, clothes, anything I can create.

What’s the history behind it? Where did the idea come from? 

I’ve had one name before I ended up with The Ave and that was “AndrettiArt”. I saw other artists have names for themselves and names for their art brand and I wanted something like that. The original name in my opinion was terrible, the representation was as well. I expected that because it was a one man show, it still is honestly but I do have some unofficial folks that I bounce ideas off of today. 

So I mentioned I picked back up in 2016, that’s when I started doing shirts and apparel. The idea for that came to mind one day while I was looking through my closet for something to wear just to run to the store. I pulled out the Jordan Taxi 12 shirt that was released in 2013 in conjunction with the sneakers. The shirt said “Hailed from the streets” and I thought “man this is CORNY I can create something better than this!”. From there I started thinking of things I could put on a shirt that’s simple and still looks good. The name “The Ave” comes from the street I grew up on, which actually isn’t an avenue at all. My childhood friends, many of whom I’m still close with today, coined the nickname and I decided to make it the name of my art brand.

What does The Ave represent to you?

The Ave represents family, the backstory behind the name has family written all over it. It’s a part of me and everyone else that hung with us out on the block or even outside of it. 

What brands inspire what you create for The Ave?

Jordan and Nike mainly. I wasn’t a fan of how some of their shirts became lazily designed. You’re just buying the name on the shirt and it doesn’t really look that great. I have a lot of inspiration outside of clothing brands. Janice Sung is a huge inspiration for me, her work is amazing and it keeps me motivated because creating anything takes a lot out of you especially when you have other obligations.

What’s your approach to creating for The Ave?

I go through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and whenever I find a concept I like I start putting stuff together, take notes, sketch etc. Music plays a huge role as well, that’s honestly the first thing I do. I have an entire playlist that basically helps me get into a creative space.

How do you see the brand evolving? 

I want to have a studio, like Ave Studios. Art, clothes, anything creative that I can get my hands on, I want to do. I’d love to see my brand in local stores, I’d love to possibly collab with some of my favorite artists to get an Ave shirt on them and expand.

What’s coming next for The Ave?

I have a big drop in the Spring/Summer: shirts, canvas, prints, and hoodies. I’m also open to collaboration as long as it makes sense. Please follow me on my socials (Twitter: @_ThePlanes, IG: JayAndretti24) to see all the updates that I post on them.

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Get To Know @Uknowflyboi Ahead Of The Release Of “Tokyo Drift”




Flyboi Rich is someone that we talk to frequently at 4ShoMag. He’s one of the best rising artists out of Detroit, and just a look at his consistency in releases over the last few years, plus his rising streams on platforms (he’s had millions of streams) shows that the world is realizing it too. 

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with what he’s doing, but, ahead of the release of his new single “Tokyo Drift,” we wanted to catch up with him quickly about where he’s been, what’s inspiring him, and what we can expect from “Tokyo Drift.” 

Check out our brief conversation below. 

Could you tell me a bit about where you’ve been since our last conversation?

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling studying planning buying real estate learning more about the business side of music and taking meetings with smaller labels. Ethika recently had me come in to talk. 

How has your career elevated? 

My streams have been going up and with that comes trouble. People have been hacking into my social media accounts so I’ve just been rebuilding them. I’m seeing streams go up over a million a month sometimes, so I appreciate whoever is listening to me and watching my videos.  

What’s the inspiration for your new music? 

My new releases are inspired by the drama that I’ve been going through, just life situations that I’ve been putting into the music. When you hear me, I’m putting my all so people who understand my struggles can identify with what I’m saying. I always make sure the punchlines and metaphors hit too, because that’s something I always focus on.  

What’s the message behind it?

The message behind it is to really talk crazy and speak your mind. Don’t let your voice get shut out. Open up and do whatever you want to do and take chances for what you want to become Don’t take shit from nobody. And to be honest, it’s also my story of coming from the trenches as an underdog.

What are you working on beyond this that your fans can wait on?

The next thing that I’m working on is definitely more music — starting with the release of “Tokyo Drift.” I’m also working on new ways to present my brand to people — whether it’s more clothes and fashion lines on the way, or being featured on bigger blogs and radios. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of me in the near future. 

Keep up with Flyboi Rich on Twitter and Instagram at @uknowflyboi.

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Artist To Watch

Yurissa’s “Spooky Szn” Is a Dark Jersey Club Anthem That Will Haunt You



Yurissa’s latest release, “Spooky Szn,” is a dark and atmospheric Jersey Club anthem that will haunt you long after you hit that last click of the play button. With its eerie beats, haunting melodies, and Yurissa’s fierce vocals, “Spooky Szn” is the perfect soundtrack for your next Halloween night or dark and stormy night.

From the moment the song begins, you’re transported to a world of darkness and mystery. The beats are hypnotic and the melodies are haunting, creating a sense of suspense and anticipation. And then there’s Yurissa’s vocals. She delivers her bars with a ferocity that’s both captivating and intimidating.

“Spooky Szn” is more than just a song; it’s a statement. It’s a declaration that Yurissa is a force to be reckoned with in the Jersey Club scene. She’s not afraid to take risks and experiment with new sounds, and “Spooky Szn” is the perfect example of that.

If you’re a fan of dark and atmospheric music, then Yurissa’s “Spooky Szn” is a must-listen. It’s a song that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.

Follow Yurissa:



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Lonny The Street Lawyer Is One Of A Kind



Smooth and a man of character, Lonny The Street Lawyer has took years of experiences helping people battle unfair charges head on with much vigor. It’s that same passion that inspired him to open well respected DMV based Cannabis dispensaries. Below is a few things to know about the star entrepreneur.

The Street Lawyer is still one of the most exciting personalities in the national Cannabis landscape. After enjoying a career as a criminal trial attorney in the DMV and fighting over 100 cannabis cases (including close to 20 jury trials defending alleged cannabis distributors, he witnessed the destruction caused by America’s war on drugs, and cannabis enforcement of cannabis prohibitions has been a massive part of that. So, when DC went legal, the street lawyer started a cannabis company- and changed the game’s landscape and city.

Lonny was known in the Courts as a flamboyant trial attorney, almost a throwback to the old-school mafia attorneys in NYC and Philadelphia. But, throughout his career, he never once had an ethical issue. He is known to aggressively and flamboyantly defend his clients without ever stepping over the ethics line. He became a prolific radio personality on DC101 for five years, educating, guiding, and entertaining the DMV on street crimes, police issues, and society. He gained international notoriety on Social media for various content, from legal and educational videos to dance videos to comedic content and now to motivational content. He is a character in every city he lands. He is all about positivity and self-growth.

Street Lawyer Services became the premier cannabis brand and gifting shop in the town. He decided he could make it a vibe. The city converged around SLS as it was the hub for the hottest budtenders and highest-quality cannabis and even turned into the underground Celebrity pit stop in DC. Street Lawyer services became about Unity, community, art, fashion, dance, performance, tolerance, acceptance, and fun in the DMV. You never know what you’ll get when you walk into Street Lawyer Services on H St. NE.

You may have a well-known DJ spinning. You could see a few DC K st lobbyists talking shop, you may see a few young men from the block kicking it, and you are sure to run into local DC artists just getting right. On top of all that vibe, SLS has been known to have the best flower selection in the region for the past five years.

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