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BandGang Lonnie Bands Channels His Inner Rick James, Announces ‘H2K: Reloaded’



A student of the culture with undeniable wit, BandGang Lonnie Bands has a way with punchlines that would make even Dave Chappelle proud. Drawing inspiration from the classic Chappelle’s Show episode with Charlie Murphy and Rick James in his latest music video, Lonnie returns to share visuals for “Bam Bam.” “Bam Bam” is the first glimpse of the upcoming H2K: Reloaded, the deluxe version of his 2021 album Hard 2 Kill, set to release in the coming weeks.

“Bam Bam” puts Lonnie’s hard-biting, soft-spoken bars over fast-paced piano and spitfire snares on full display, creating that sense of unsettling urgency that percolates throughout the original H2K. With his signature rasp and unfazed flow, Lonnie tries to make sense of the ups and downs of Detroit rap stardom, saying, “I don’t know why these h**s like me and my weird shape/I don’t know why these n****s don’t shout out my mixtape”

Red leather-clad and with mic in hand on an underground stage, the “Bam Bam” visuals see BandGang Lonnie Bands adopt a new persona, as he makes his introduction: “F*** this couch, b**** I’m Brick James.” The dark, intimate lounge which serves as the video’s setting feels like a microcosm of nightlife in its own little corner of Detroit, undisturbed by the outside world, freeing Lonnie to perform on stage, kick back by the bar, and go full-on “Brick James” on your favorite couch. 

“Bam Bam” is Lonnie’s first release of 2022, following a hard-hitting 2021 that mixed professional success and personal strife. The music video arrives ahead of the forthcoming H2K: Reloaded deluxe album, an expansion of H2K which reflects his state of mind since the project’s October release. With H2K: Reloaded, Lonnie looks to add to the energetic imperativeness of its predecessor, released just months after he survived a near-fatal shooting incident, which saw the rapper rhyme with a new level of fearlessness, discuss his exploits in the streets, demonstrate his rap supremacy, and dare the opps to take another shot at him. 

With over 100 million YouTube views in the bank, BandGang Lonnie Bands is ready to prove that he’s one of the best bar-for-bar rappers in the game today. He made his name as one of six members of BandGang, a Detroit collective that helped bring the piano-heavy sound that now dominates Detroit to the forefront. The 26-year-old rapper showed his bonafides as a solo act with his KOD project, acclaimed by Pitchfork, and expanded his audience with guest appearances on tracks by Shoreline MafiaDrego & Beno, and more. Though the last two years have been hard, punctuated by Lonnie’s near-death experience and the loss of several close friends including BandGang Paid Will, the rapper emerged from his trials stronger as a man and an artist, determined to support his family by doing what he loves most–making music.

Watch “Bam Bam” here today!

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Music N' Models

Nell Burna Teams Up With Artist Xanman In Their Newest Single “On The Low”



Nell Burna is an upcoming artist from the greater Washington D.C. area who is destined to make it in the music industry. Nell Burna likes to create Rap music and, in his music, he likes to cater specifically to the ladies. He is blessed to have friends in the industry from Quincy Combs, ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, Drake, and Lil Uzi’s producer, Supah Mario. He started making music at the age of 11 and with the talent that he has, he knows it is now his time to set the tone, work hard and everything will fall into place.

When asked if he has any other special talents, such as acting? Nell Burna responded “Yes I can act for real, a lot of my friends and others always call me to act in scenes, etc. I played like every sport growing up, I have championship rings and championship trophies all that! My other talent is dressing, fashion I love clothes, I can dress my ass off! Haha.

Nell Burna has been working hard in the studio. He has around 20 unreleased songs and is currently working on more. Right now, he has a song called “On the Low” feat buzzing Artist Xanman. That track alone has had much success and has received over 20k views on YouTube. A message that he would like to leave the audience with is “Just believe in yourself even if others don’t. Don’t ever short yourself and be willing to listen. If you don’t do for yourself, no one else will.” Nell Burna has some new music on the way so be sure to stay tuned. In the meantime, you can listen to his music below!

Instagram: nellburna1                                                     

YouTube: NEllBURNA

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Artist To Watch

Cocanina releases personal manifesto with “Do My Best,” showcasing her authentic, vulnerable, and cathartic sound




Cocanina is a singer from Toronto, Canada, on the brink of motherhood and stardom.

Cocanina is a songstress from Toronto, Canada, that is blooming with potential, as she just released her new track, “Do My Best.” The song is cathartic as it is about her journey into motherhood, a journey into the unknown, so Cocanina leaves it all out on the track, claiming that no matter what, she will “Do Her Best.” 

She talks about her trials and tribulations as someone who was not expecting to be pregnant yet still feels blessed with the opportunity.

“I did my first ultrasound thinking I had an ulcer, and they told me I was pregnant,” Cocanina. “I went straight to the studio and tracked the song. When I heard the heartbeat and realized I was going to be a mom, I never felt so alive.” 

The track is introspective yet has this mesmerizing flow and electrifying tune that makes the track pure anthem! Cocanina keeps it real, even admitting she might slip up and not be the perfect mom, but she will always love and do everything for her kid. And that is all that matters. On the track, Cocanina serenades how she and her kid are “meant to be together, like the Earth around the Sun.”

Cocanina’s song is a vulnerable proclamation, as she talks about her future, her relationship with her future kid, and just feelings of concern, as she explains, “no longer being single, forever an attachment. Being a mom and accepting the fact that life is going to change in a major way. Finding the light in the situation and being excited and terrified at the same time.” 

Cocanina’s “Do My Best” hits in all the right ways as she reflects on not pursuing music in the song to being scared she won’t be a good mother. Cocanina leaves her listeners with this relatable fear of being a good parent, portraying that authentically and realistically, making her stand out even more as an artist and a lyricist. 

Be sure to stay in touch with Cocanina via social media Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok @Cocanina5, her website Website:, and on Facebook: cocaninaslimnina to see any forthcoming music is coming your way! As Cocanina is working on a follow-up to her “401 West” single. As well as a “Caribbean EP for [her] Trinidad people in December, and then a full-length album in February.” 

In the meantime, check out Cocanina’s latest release, “Do My Best,” below! 

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In The Kut

BrokeTilFriday Is Just Getting Started



BrokeTilFriday is an upcoming artist from Los Angles who showcases his West Coast talent with the world. The 26-year-old is just getting started in his career but already has a few songs under his belt. Music has always been a passion of his but it wasn’t until August of last year where he really took his career to the next level.

When asked where does his musical inspiration derive from, BrokeTilFriday responded “real-life experiences, where I grew up, the environment I grew in, how I was raised & who raised me”

BrokeTilFriday is definitely an artist to watch. His EP “In My Feelings” is out now you can check out his music on all streaming services!

Instagram: BrokeTilFriday4

YouTube: BrokeTilFriday4

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