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Guest: Lil Blade (@LilBlade325)
Interview By: Martell Lane (@FastLifeTell)
Produced By: Mula Films (@MulaFilms)
Executive Produced By: Joseph McFashion (@JosephMcFashion
Production By: EJ Beats (@_EJBeats)
Photography By: Nate (@iHateUnate)
Shot & Edited By: Joseph McFashion

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250z Seamlessly Blends Trap and R&B in Latest Album ‘250z’





Up-and-coming artist 250z (@Official250z) is currently causing ripples throughout the music scene with his remarkable fusion of trap and R&B, coupled with an unyielding commitment to staying true to himself. Fuelled by a lifetime of musical immersion and driven by a desire to craft something novel and inventive, 250z is embarking on his own unique trajectory within the industry, crafting a sound that is unmistakably his own. The recently unveiled project, titled ‘Free Think,’ serves as a prime example of his musical prowess, spotlighting his creativity across the span of its captivating 10-track EP.

Characterizing his musical style as “exceedingly melodious with a twist of trap,” 250z is on a mission to usher in a fresh brand of trap and R&B to the forefront of the music scene. He attests that his influences, including luminaries like Chris Brown, Future, James Fauntleroy, and numerous others, have significantly shaped not only his sonic identity but also the sonic landscape of his latest album.

250z’s creative process showcases an intriguing duality. On certain occasions, he plunges into introspection, composing lyrics well into the night, which yields emotionally evocative tracks such as “Be With You?” Conversely, he readily embraces spontaneity, allowing the rhythm to steer his creative vision, resulting in infectious rhythms exemplified by tracks like “Big Smoove.” Irrespective of his approach, emotions and ideas synergize seamlessly, giving rise to compositions that eloquently capture the core of 250z’s artistic expression.

As a burgeoning artist, 250z grapples with the challenge of maintaining his focus both within and beyond the confines of the studio. To surmount this hurdle, he upholds an unwavering consistency, dedicating himself to his craft each and every day.

“I remain immersed in music without granting myself any days off, even when I’m not stationed in the studio,” he explains. “I engage in songwriting, peruse interviews, and draw inspiration from live performances.”

Looking ahead, 250z’s aspirations are unequivocal: foster a devoted fan base and cultivate a distinct brand name and auditory identity within the music industry. Eschewing the confines of a specific message, he allows his music to eloquently speak for itself, affording listeners the autonomy to decipher its meaning and establish their personal connection with each composition.

For those keen on tracking 250z’s journey to stardom, he can be easily followed on various social media platforms:

Follow Official250z across all social media channels.

Discover 250z’s music across all major streaming platforms.

Experience the melodic marvels by streaming the album through the following link:

Listen to ‘250z’ on Spotify

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R&B’s Nana Elan Debuts New EP ‘Escaping The West’




Nana Elan

Step into the vibrant realm of Nana Elan (@NaliyahElan), a dynamic artist born and raised in the heart of Long Beach, CA. Nana Elan’s much-anticipated EP, ‘Escaping The West,’ just dropped and graces our ears with its presence. This release signifies not just a project drop for the rising star, but a journey into a musical landscape that is bound to captivate and resonate.

Nana Elan’s unique artist name encapsulates her identity, with “Nana” derived from her real name, Naliyah, and “Elan” from her middle name, creating a harmonious blend that exudes an iconic aura. Her music resonates with a youthful richness, raw energy, and a mature undertone. Her vocal range spans from mezzo-soprano to bass, delivering fully belted cadences that effortlessly traverse the realms of R&B, Hip-hop, and Pop. Dynamic creativity is the cornerstone of her delivery.

At the heart of Nana Elan’s artistic pursuit is an unwavering passion for music. “Creating music allows me to exhibit my soul’s groove, spirit, emotion, and perspective,” she reveals. “It’s my personal flashlight guiding me through life’s tunnel, always inspiring me to keep moving forward.”

The EP’s influence is grounded in deeply personal connections. Nana Elan attributes her love for singing to her grandpa, a mentor who nurtured her vocal talents. Rihanna, with her fusion of fashion and music, ignited Nana Elan’s passion at an early age, cementing her path toward artistic greatness.

Escaping The West,’ released on August 22, 2023, is more than just a collection of songs—it’s a sonic voyage. The EP masterfully combines Nana Elan’s sexy tomboy style with her elegant, nonchalant personality, crafting a musical narrative that symbolizes growth, ambition, and a departure from the confines of the West-Coast sound.

In Nana Elan’s words, “The 7-song piece encapsulates my journey through amusement, poverty, sanity, and pleasure. Each track flows melodically from one destination to the next, urging listeners to groove, party, and experience love. Each record exudes dominance, high standards, and a mix of irresistible appeal and raw energy.”

With ‘Escaping The West,’ Nana Elan sends a powerful message to her fans, encouraging them to embrace every facet of themselves and to dare to expand beyond their wildest imagination.

To experience the magnetic allure of Nana Elan and her latest masterpiece, ‘Escaping The West,’ follow and connect with her on various social media platforms:




As ‘Escaping The West‘ takes the music scene by storm, Nana Elan’s artistry promises to be an inspiring, empowering, and exhilarating force that resonates with audiences around the globe.

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Rising Star 98Priest Releases Soul-Stirring EP ‘Let Love: In’ – A Tale of Love and Redemption”





Introducing “Let Love: In,” the latest project from 98Priest, an emerging music sensation hailing from San Antonio, TX. In the vast and diverse landscape of music, some artists shine not only for their talent but also for their unapologetic vulnerability and raw storytelling. 98Priest, also known as Nijewl Priest, is one such rising star, seamlessly blending the soulful vibes of the ’70s with modern storytelling, making his music transcend eras and genres.

The significance of 98Priest’s name lies in its origin – “Born in ’98, and Priest is my mother’s last name,” he shares. This fusion of birth year and family name holds deep meaning for 98Priest, anchoring him to his roots while embarking on a distinctive musical journey.

“Let Love: In” is an emotive three-track EP, serving as the first chapter in a compelling three-part love story. Scheduled for release on August 4, 2023, this project authentically reflects the artist’s personal life experiences. “Every piece of music I create is directly inspired by the current events unfolding in my everyday life,” he reveals.

The EP delves into the quest for love and self-discovery, with 98Priest baring his soul in each track, taking listeners on a profound journey of realization and redemption. “It’s about recognizing my past mistakes in love and making a desperate attempt to come back and right all wrongs,” he explains.

Describing his sound as a fusion of ’70s groove and contemporary storytelling, 98Priest’s music effortlessly spans RnB/Soul to Rap, captivating audiences with its deep emotional depth from the very first note.

For those new to his music, 98Priest recommends starting with “ENERGY,” a powerful track that encapsulates the essence of his artistry, laying bare emotions with an honest authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners.

Inspired by musical legends such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, OutKast, and Isaiah Rashad, 98Priest aspires to create timeless music that transcends boundaries, connecting with people from all walks of life.

One of the proudest moments in 98Priest’s music career has been finding the confidence to step out of his comfort zone and wholeheartedly pursue his musical passion. As a naturally shy person, embracing vulnerability through music marked a significant turning point for him, leading to profound personal and artistic growth.

Looking to the future, 98Priest plans to collaborate with his brother NEM6 (NEMO) on an exciting project following the completion of “Let Love: In.” In terms of broader music career goals, his focus remains on creating music that resonates deeply and touches hearts across the globe.

Through “Let Love: In” and his music as a whole, 98Priest invites fans to join him on a journey of self-discovery, showcasing his genuine and heartfelt expression as an invitation for listeners to embark on their own transformative experiences.

Listen to “Let Love: In” via the link below:

To connect with 98Priest and immerse yourself in his soul-stirring music, you can find him on various social media platforms:

Twitter: Instagram: TikTok:

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