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We Made A List of Every Rapper That Eminem Attacks On ‘Kamikaze’



As we all know, it’s not an Eminem album without attacking nearly any and everything in his way. He’s got a list of rappers that he despises and he’s eager for you to know. We’ve compiled a list of everyone he attacks here:

Lil Pump

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Lil Yachty

thank you @quavohuncho

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Lil Xan


Machine Gun Kelly

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Tyler, The Creator

gq – matthieu venot

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Charlamagne tha God

DJ Akademiks

We need a Nicki Minaj appreciation day. It’s been a tough last week for sis

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Joe Budden

This is gonna be fun. #SOTC

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Music To Look Forward To Next Week



Thus far, there are only two huge releases to prep for this week. You never know in the age of the surprise album, but here’s what is on track to come out thus far.

Iridescence by Brockhampton – September 21

Brockhampton’s went through some shit lately because of Ameer Vann and the domestic abuse allegations placed against him. But besides the negative energy brought to them because of the debacle, the group’s been on the backburner for quite a while. Iridescence looks to change that, bringing the world something new since last year’s Saturation 3.

Tha Carter 5 by Lil Wayne – September 21

Yes, you read that headline right. Lil Wayne’s fifth installment of Tha Carter series finally comes out this Friday. The legal situation with Birdman has finally been wrapped up. Wayne can focus on the music that he’s been stowing away for years. If Swizz Beatz’s “P.O.M.S. (Pistol On My Side)” is any indicator, it looks like Wayne hasn’t missed a step either.

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Music To Look Forward To This Week



This upcoming week for music looks to be pretty barren, save for any suprises. Remember how, in August, and, to some degree, June as well, it felt like everyone was releasing on top of each other? This made for exciting times, seeming as if the listener never knew what to expect. But now, the summer’s winded down. And, with it, the surplus of fresh tunes. Here’s what’s coming out this week, thus far.

East Atlanta Love Letter by 6lack – Sept 14

6lack just unveiled the second wave of promotion for his upcoming album via customized postcards; lucky fans will get them and will be asked to answer a simple question – “what is your definition of love?” This level of detail and creativity shows that East Atlanta Love Letter will be something legendary. 6lack’s been pretty quiet, now we’re going to see just what he’s been working on. The 25-year-old musician’s mesmerizing vocals are some of R & B’s best.


Harverd Dropout by Lil Pump – Sept 14

From bullshitting on SoundCloud, to being Kanye West’s creative anchor for his new single. Lil Pump has come such a long way in a short period of time. It looks like this week will finally yield Harverd Dropout, the highly anticipated follow-up to his self-titled debut. Lets hope that its more of what he gave Kanye and less of the earwormy rap boilerplate found in “Gucci Gang” and “Esketit.”

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Why Kanye West Can Keep ‘Watch The Thrones 2’



When Kanye West and Jay Z released Watch The Throne in August of 2011, the star pair were in perfect sync. Their relationship had blossomed throughout years of working together. Now it was time for them to cash out creatively and financially with a joint project for the ages. What listeners got was a mesmerizing project that featured the pair battling for lyrical supremacy. Cuts like “Otis” and “What You Need” featured a legendary back-and-forth dynamic that spurned some of their best performances.

Since then, their relationship has reportedly soured. Kanye’s become the kind of megalomaniac that could do with a punch or two in the face. Jay Z was angry that Kayne brought up his family when he publicly wondered why their kids haven’t played together yet. Now they’re embroiled in a Cold War of epic proportions; one that looks to continue for the rest of their careers.


It makes Kanye’s sudden tweet about the album’s upcoming sequel so weird. Being that the two aren’t even on speaking terms, it wouldn’t be crazy to believe that the second iteration of the series won’t include Jay. Kanye could keep things to himself or enlist the help of others; maybe even Lil Pump who he recently collaborated with on “I Love It.”

The last few months have proven that Kanye’s creative well could be in the beginning stages of drying up. ye was an awful album; the video for “I Love It” was a creative disaster. With this Kanye at the helm, do we really want Watch The Throne II? Or is the ever present threat of nostalgia rearing its head?

If there’s no Jay Z, Kanye can keep Watch The Throne II. It’s only fair.

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