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Spotlight: Young Roc’s “Upp” is a refreshing, contemporary jam



Much has been said about the diverse array of talent that comprises the Detroit rap scene. There’s an abundance of flows that make finding similar artists very hard to do. One thing that does bring the city together is the overall dedication to providing quality bars that don’t really adventure outside of a traditional type of delivery. Young Roc, a Detroit native who focuses as much on mystique as he does on crafting an original project, is the antithesis to this; he combines rap with R & B in a way that feels culturally relevant in 2017. His last release “Gone Till November” was featured on our site because we loved the refined approach he took to a popular sound. Now he’s back, making older styles fresh with a new type of delivery with his single “Upp.”

“Upp” is a lot of things; atmospheric, silky smooth, and sensual. What it isn’t is a traditional rap song, so if sing-rap deters you than you may want to steer clear. But if you do, you’re missing out on a hell of a record. It’s been on repeat for the last hour because of how smooth it goes down, like ice cream on a summer day.

Check out “Upp” below:



Instagram Beauty Of The Week: @amirahdyme



Amirah Dyme is known as Cake Queen for a reason. She’s the world’s top wedding cake decorator, with more than 100,000 cakes sold. Her intricate designs have one her awards all over the planet, with political figures regularly ordering some of her luxurious delights.

Just kidding.

One look at any of her pictures and you’ll instantly notice her healthy, yet slender legs that compliment her amazing figure. She’s very blessed, has an amazing style, and takes some amazing pictures that highlight her beautiful assets. She’s definitely someone whose Instagram account is a gem. Lets see if you can figure out why she’s really called The Cake Queen. Check her out for our Instagram Beauty of The Week series.


Valentine’s Day Gift

A Beautiful Smile

That’s Why She’s Called “Cake Queen”

….Here’s More Proof

Model Shots

We Definitely Should Be Together

This Dress Is Out Of This World

Good Googly-Moogly

Slender Figure





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Music Videos You May Have Missed This Week (Feb 11 – Feb 16)



It’s been a relatively light week for music videos, but check out what we’ve uploaded this week.

Body Rocc x Interstate Jay – “On The Babies”


Manny Baby ft. Asian Doll – “Serena Williams”


Mdot Porter ft. 100 Proof – “Buried Alive”


Major Yoppa – “Out On Papers”

Cash Kidd ft x GMoney – “Am I Lying”


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Instagram Beauties You May Have Missed This Week (Feb 11 – Feb 16)



This Valentine’s edition of Instagram Beauties may be are favorite one so far. It’s as if the day of love celebration brought out some secret stash of beautiful women that need to be seen by the world. Keep on reading below to see some attractive new faces that you may not have seen before.

Lulu Simmons


Jazmyne King

Jodie Petite

Angie Ang

Jessica Burciaga

Solmaz Saberi

What we see depends on what we look for.

A post shared by Solmaz Saberi (@solmaz_saberi) on


Hatshepsut’s protégé

A post shared by Taleen A. (@itstaleen) on

Viandra Dunn

Jeseniae Cheverria


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