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Revisiting: Finally Famous Vol. 3 by Big Sean



Big Sean Finally Famous 3

In 2010, Big Sean’s star power was rising rapidly. He hadn’t yet released “My Last” so he wasn’t the household name that we know today, but he had a large core of fans who were deeply rooted in his handful of releases. A quick release of a mixtape trailer shortly before it dropped had fans amped for when it’d finally come out. Upon release, people eagerly devoured it. Critics praised it for its originality and lyrical content while fans were also happy to just have some new music from Sean. The tape had a large part in ushering in the Big Sean era of rap music, introducing his signature flow and rap style to a new audience, and inspired a generation of Detroit rappers to take up the mantle as the city’s savior when he passes the bar.

The project has withstood the test of time well with it still widely being considered his best work. Today, we revisit some of the standout tracks that made the mixtape amazing. Be prepared to head on over to LiveMixtapes and download it. You won’t regret it.

Final Hour

From the moment the beat drops, Big Sean declares himself a new figure in rap’s dangerous game. It’s an amazing intro that gives us a glimpse into Sean’s powerful personality.


Big Sean loves Detroit, and Detroit loves him back. This ode to the beauty of his Hometown appeared on FF3, before he blew up. He owes it all to the city and he knows it. By professing his love, he cemented himself in Detroit history.

Too Fake (feat. Chiddy Bang)

This might be one of the more underrated tracks on the whole project. The relatively easy-going nature set by the beat, Sean’s verse, and the featured artists, went against what rap music was at around the time. It made for a great listen that inspired some of the music following its release.

Supa Dupa Lemonade

Who could forget the infamous “Supa Dupa Lemonade” that inspired rappers with its signature rap style? Big Sean went in over Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” beat so hard that the song became his own. There were so many quotable lines spit here that just about every bar circulated on Twitter feeds for months after the project’s release.

Ambiguous (feat. Mike Posner and Clinton Sparks)

Big Sean collaborated with Mike Posner and Clinton Sparks for the soundtrack to 2010 and 2011 kickbacks. This slow and mellow jam introduced a new audience to Big Sean and Mike Posner, with the latter going on a brief run in relevancy before simmering down.


Bay Area Review: Lil B’s “Young Niggaz”



Lil B

Lil B’s odd journey from parody figure to Hip Hop influencer hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most versatile artists in the industry. To be frank, everyone loves him. If you love traditional rap, chances are you find Lil B funny enough to justify checking out his music on occasion. If you love listening to experimental rap, you love Lil B for his constant forays into odd musical territories. The point is, there’s something for everyone when checking out his extensive catalog. With this in mind, it makes it hard to recommend listening to one his latest releases, “Young N*ggaz.”

To be fair, we did just say that he always experiments. But to be honest, he took a long time off from rapping relevancy, only to reappear recently for the release of his Black Ken mixtape. Maybe he retooled his approach recently to focus on a more traditional demographic. Maybe he wanted to go after a classic Bay Area hyphy sound. Whatever the case, “Young N*ggaz” suffers from it.

It’s not necessarily the overly hyphy production or the subpar mixing of the beat and vocals that make it a mess, more so the quality of the verse from Lil B combined with, well, everything else. It sounds like a joke, and that’s even low by Lil B’s standards. The track relies on the nostalgia produced by the hyphy sound to carry the listener to the end. The problem with that is that the production is yawn-inducing so the nostalgia lasts for all of ten seconds before you realize that the track is pretty bad.

The only saving grace in the song is a verse from fellow Californian YG who brings a phoned-in but quality verse. But then again, every YG verse is fire. Could this be on the lower end? Does YG sound bored here? These type of questions pop up as the song goes along. Imagine listening to it multiple times for a review. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Hopefully, Lil B can recapture the creative spark that he had for years when he ran the backend of the rap game with his original sound and message. As a Lil B fan, I can only return to some of his best work and reminisce on the golden days. If “Young Niggaz” is an indicator of the direction that he will push his sound, it looks like his best days are behind him.

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Bay Area Spotlight: “Wring” by Lil Trev



Lil Trev

The Bay Area has churned out some of Hip Hop’s most influential rappers to date such as Tupac Shakur and E-40. There’s a wealth of untapped potential there in an area that mainstream America often adopts its sounds from and cast it back into the shadows. Every day, new artists search for that spotlight that Hip Hop’s greatest have inhibited in hopes of garnering fame and furthering their sound. It looks like Lil Trev, from East Sacramento, may be one of the next to break out of the area, possibly jumping into Hip Hop’s elite. With his release of the “Wring” it’ll be hard for anyone to deny his talent.

The visual for the song came out in August of this year and has been boiling slowly ever since, sitting at almost 57,000 views. Listen to the song and you’ll see why it’s growing at such a rapid pace. Trev’s a furious fucking spitter, to be frank. He’s frantic, sounds as if he’s avoiding taking breaths, and you can practically hear the spit falling from his mouth as he goes in over production that evokes the nostalgic sounds of the hyphy movement. The video is cool and all, but the song is fucking crazy.

There’s viral potential for Lil Trev similar to Tay K or YBN Nahmir. Let 4Sho Magazine be the first to say it: America’s going to see a lot more of Lil Trev very soon. It’s only a matter of time before he begins to put on for the Bay Area how Hip Hop’s elite have done in past years.

Check out the video for “Wring” below. You can follow him on twitter at @LilTrev_Wrg


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Tee Grizzley and Lil Durk’s new project will shut the internet down



Detroit’s own Tee Grizzley made headlines when he announced on Oct. 11 that he and Chicago-rapper Lil Durk have a joint project in the works to be released soon. There’s no timetable as to when it will be announced so we will have to stay vigilant to see if it will be a surprise release as we expect.

To say that the internet is anticipating the project is an understatement. Both Durk and Grizzley are premier artists who release some of the best music to come out of the Midwest, period. Durk’s Signed To The Streets installments further the Chicago drill sound by introducing Autotune in such a way that isn’t overbearing enough to be considered bothersome. Grizzley’s My Moment cemented him as one of the best rappers bar-for-bar in the game currently. Bringing both of these guys together for the entirety of a mixtape will produce some serious fire.

What do you think it’ll sound like?

Check out some of their hottest songs below.

Tee Grizzley




Lil Durk


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