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Music Videos You May Have Missed This Week (Jan. 28 – Feb. 3)



Another week, another amazing collection of videos uploaded to our YouTube channel. There are a lot of new faces as well as some returning ones, giving some fire visuals to break up the monotony of your daily viewing cycle. Take a couple of minutes to watch a video or two, then return again. You never know; you might find something that becomes your new obsession.

“Ashes” by Lil Kappy


“Cold Out” by AllStar JR”


“My Summer” by Sino


“4 Piece” by Profit


“Nightmare in Detroit” by Relly Tha Kidd


“Boof Blunt” by Sosa Wap


“6Mile Babies” by Cartier Cash


“Road Runner” by BullyGangDose


“White Castle” by Allstar Lee


“Gametime” by Coke


“Talkin Crazy” by Rello


“Love” by Bread Up Boy


“Phil Collins” by DannyAlwaysWin feat. Webbo


“My Hustle” by Fr8do feat. RonBody


“Get Money” by Goldmember Joz


“Pray” by Cash Kidd


“Sizzle” by Cuban Doll


“Reparations” by Chose Lyons


“The Invitation/Flu Game” by Trappinazz Sneed


“It’s That Simple” by Pros, TeamEast Dnice, and Pilot Life Ros


“The Field Real” by ODogg X Face


“Waiting” by Asianae


Music Videos

RiskTaker D-Boy goes hard in “Feeling Like Dex”



RiskTaker D-Boy has done it again. His new cut “Feeling Like Dex” moves fast like a train, the production being rapid and hard-hitting like heavyweight boxers. On the cut, D-Boy talks his talk and walks the walk. This is one track that’ll make you hype, no matter where you’re at.

The visual features D-Boy hanging on the block with his posse, holding cartoonishly large guns and kicking it, like real G’s do. The frantic camera cuts match the chaotic nature of the song, and, in short, the visual is fire. There’s no way around it.

Watch the video for “Feeling Like Dex” below.


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Music Videos

Derrty Dollaz and Lil Trev drop a summer anthem with “Gang With Me”



Derrty Dollaz’s refrain on “Gang With Me” has all of the makings of an earworm. I’ve listened to it three times straight so far and I can’t stop saying “Gang With Me” with the same vocal inflection and pitch that he did throughout the cut. Both Dollaz and Lil Trev have something serious on their hand, a hit with all of the makings of a viral anthem. The production is clean and solid whilst the verses are hard-hitting and spectacular. I don’t want to call it to early, but I think this may be the song of the summer.

Watch the video for “Gang With Me” below.


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Music Videos

Lil Pete pays respects to the dead in “Go Like That”



Lil Pete’s one of the Bay Area’s hottest rising artists. He has an air of youthful vitality around him, something that makes his music seem much more contemporary and authentic, then those who try to fake the funk. His new cut “Go Like That” is a serious affair, about the fallen and not wanting to head down that same path, but it also encapsulates that vitality that makes it sound somewhat uptempo. There’s nothing wrong with that – it works as a catchy tune that you’ll want to play back time and time again. But I can’t help but wonder if that was his intention.

Watch the video for “Go Like That” below.



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