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Lists: 8 Reasons Why Lil B Is The Most Versatile Rapper In The Industry



8 Reasons Why Lil B Is The Most Versatile Rapper In The Industry

Lil B The Based God is an enigma of sorts: he’s widely worshipped, yet misunderstood by the masses. People who listen to his music either do it out of genuine interest or as a way of mocking one of the Bay Area’s most notable artists. He’s made a career out of playing against people’s expectations and releasing his own brand of off-kilter rap music. It’s no coincidence that even though he hasn’t sold as many albums as many of his peers, he’s considered to be one of the most influential artists of all time. His versatility and creativity have made him a staying force in the constantly evolving rap industry, making him remain relevant while many others grow stagnant and wither away. These ten tracks showcase something new that Lil B brings to his music as he constantly reinvents the wheel and pushes it into a groundbreaking new direction.

Reason 1: Ability To Embrace Meme Rap Culture

Song: “Fuck Me”

Perhaps one of Lil B’s crowning achievements in meme rap, “Fuck Me” is both hilarious and unorthodox. He plays around the production and uses it as a means to create something that sounds purposefully awful. The accompanying video shows B doing what he does best: acting a complete fool. As crazy as it sounds, it’s definitely worth a relisten. He brings an odd flow here that’s unlike a lot of his other releases.

Reason 2: Flexing A Propensity For Hard Punchlines

Song: “T Shirt and Buddens”

Who ever would have thought that the world would receive a diss track from Lil B? Aimed at Joe Budden of all people? What makes it so powerful is that on this track B is throwing punch after punch, flexing his lyrical dexterity at Budden. Over a gut-punching boom-bap beat, B spits what may be his best set of bars to date.

Reason 3: An assortment of fast paced flows

Song: “I Own Swag”

The many sides of B manifest themselves on one of his most versatile tracks. Here, the primary focus isn’t lyricism, but flow. He spits a fast paced verse, breathless, and hungry for more.

Reason 4: Jamaican Influence

Song: “Dutty Pop”

Realizing that he can only cover his limited spectrum of subject matter only so many times without becoming stagnant, B does what he does best: innovate. He decided to draw upon Jamaican influences to create “Dutty Pop,” a track that uses Jamaican cadence to compliment B’s creative direction. He pays homage too, saying “Shouts out to motherfucking Jamaica!” as the track starts.

Reason 5: Paying Homage to the Bay Area

Song: “Stick”

B brings the Bay Area influence to his track stick, using elements of the hyphy movement to craft a fast-pased party song to appease fan interest. The production style and flow that B exhibits on the track are startling departures from the type of choices he usually makes. But then again, he does like to switch things up often.

Reason 6: Mainstream Crossover/Singing

Song: “My House”

Lil B shot for the stars on this one, enlisting the talents of Metro Boomin to lace him with one of the producer’s best creations to date. B sings on this one, and surprisingly, it sounds good. It didn’t have the crossover appeal that he may have hoped, but it still shows his willingness to take his music in exciting new directions.

Reason 7: Choosing To Rap in Spanish Without Actually Being Fluent In It

Song: “Gato Gato”

In a startling departure from his English roots, Lil B decided to create a party song aimed at the Latino crowd. The entire song is spoken in Spanish, but it doesn’t amount to much more than “1,2,3, sexy movements.” While limited in scope, how many English rappers do you know taking a stab at conquering other markets?

Reason 8: Offering Social And Political Commentary

Song: “Unchain Me”

When Lil B released his album titled I’m Gay, he received a lot of threats centered around it. Although he wasn’t actually gay, he chose the title because it reflected his creative aspirations. Truth be told, he probably liked the attention it would get. People who thought they knew his rap style predicted how the album would turn out, and they were proven wrong. The album served as a soapbox for B to offer social and political commentary on a level that people didn’t think possible from him. On “Unchain Me” in particular, B flexes his versatility again with his intelligent comments on the way that society is pushing the media agenda.



4 Songs Besides “First Day Out” That Prove Tee Grizzley Is Here To Stay



Tee Grizzley

“First Day Out” was a global smash that 4 Sho helped break to mainstream America. Everyone from Lebron James to Jay Z shows their love for the track one way or another, and the song continues to rule over radio airwaves. It established Tee Grizzley as a powerhouse lyricist and excellent song crafter. Though he’s released his debut project My Moment and collaborated with Meek Mill for the spectacular “Beef,” some people still aren’t convinced that he’s here to stay. Maybe it’s because he isn’t a cartoonish rap personality that only gets spins because of his outlandish style. It could also be because lyricism scares people, so he’s delegated to people believing he’s a one-trick pony.

That’s far from the case.

The thing is, people won’t listen to words alone. But then, they won’t give things a chance without a stamp of approval either. For that reason, we’ve put together a brief list of tracks to check out if you want to hear the best of what Tee Grizzley has to offer. Check these out and further your Tee Grizzley knowledge today. You will surely become a fan, if you aren’t already.

From The D To The A (feat. Lil Yachty)

This collaborative track with Lil Yachty is perhaps one of Grizzley’s best releases to date. A heavy piano presence in the background plays off of the pounding bass, giving both Grizzley and Yachty something to really spit to. The duo trade verses with Grizzley bringing the viciousness while Yachty brings his usual brand of bravado and claptrap elevated to eleven.

Standout lyrics:

He came with you, so if he steal it fall on you, we on your ass
Have your mans call his mans, make sure they ain’t movin’ fast

Real Niggas

Have you ever heard Grizzley harmonizing? Chances are, you haven’t checked this out. Grizzley switches it up here, bringing something new and showing his blossoming versatility. He lets you know the truth: if you’re real, you don’t have to say it. And that’s the truth, too many artists nowadays proudly proclaim their authenticity every other line. Grizzley prefers to sit back, play it cool, and let his resume speak for itself. That’s the right way to go.

Standout lyrics:

Fuck Curry I’ma rock with the Pistons
Fuck Peyton I’ma rock with the Lions


The movie Detroit, which came out earlier this year, recounts a racially charged incident involving black men and cops at the Algiers Motel in 1967. Grizzley decided to capture the raw authenticity and emotion around the incident and created a career standout track called “Teetroit.” The song is in a similar vein to “First Day Out” in speed and cadence, but that doesn’t stop it from climbing to new heights. It’s a lyrical masterpiece, heavy with fear and the confrontation of society’s injustices.

Standout lyrics:

I grew up on Joy Road it’s a lotta villains
How we gon’ put them choppers down, these people tryna kill us
Cause they puttin’ up prisons, stadium for the Pistons
Only thing niggas ain’t puttin’ up is the pistols

Straight To It (feat. Band Gang)

It should be common knowledge by now that anytime Grizzley hops on a fast-paced beat, it’s murder for the production. This latest case, “Straight To It,” is no exception. Grizzley hops on the track and kills it, easily, as expected. It features guest verses from Band Gang members Paid Will and Masoe who each hold their own with Grizzley, as hard as that may be. This track may have been from 2016, but it shows just how high the bar that Grizzley set himself was before the release of “First Day Out.”

Standout lyrics:

Jump out the whip get his mans, rip them niggas flesh
Free the real, keep the rest, choppa eat the vest

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Lists: 5 Texas Rappers You Need To Know



5 Texas Rappers You Need To Know

Texas is a world unto itself – it’s birthed a subset of rap culture that’s elements have come to be defining elements of hip hop itself. With legends like Pimp C, Bun B, Slim Thug, and Trae Tha Truth hailing from the Lone Star State there’s no doubt: something special flows in the Texas water. There’s an endless number of talented new artists coming out of the state, looking to enter the rap stratosphere and put on for the state in similar ways that their forebears have done. Coming up after the break are five artists who have been putting in the work and will no doubt become mainstream successes in the near future.

Diego Money (Dallas, TX)

Diego’s been traversing the underground rap circuit for years. His work with MexikoDro and Stoopidxool has given him a cult following on Soundcloud where he’s revered as an original. As a matter of fact, Playboi Carti’s style is rumored to be inspired by Diego, to which he says that it is indeed. His easy-going rap style paired with his outrageous fashion sense make him a sure-fire success in 2017.

Notable songs:

Maxo Kream (Houston, TX)

Perhaps Maxo’s style is a direct homage to Biggie’s cool, yet intimidating aesthetic. Maxo can spit with the best of them and can switch his flows at a moment’s notice. He has a loyal fanbase who even went as far as rescuing some of his family members during Hurricane Irma. The sky’s the limit for Maxo and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next.

Notable songs:

LE$ (Houston, TX)

There’s no other way to put it: LE$ is the embodiment of classic Houston culture. His smooth, chop-heavy music sounds great while rolling up, sipping pink, or drifting in your car, very slowly. He’s been putting in work for years, dropping one solid tape after another. He’s poised for his big break sooner than later. But the thing about him is that he keeps it so cool that it could never come and he’ll still be satisfied.

Notable songs:

Asian Doll (Dallas, TX)

Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Asian Doll is a killer on the microphone. She keeps it all the way real and her growing base of fans love it. With her Kill-Bill inspired style and persona, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes your go-to female rap presence.

Notable songs:

Tay K (Born in Long Beach, CA, raised in TX)

羅山鼻 You Wil Get Disassembled

A post shared by TAY-K (@tayk47shawty) on

We’ve all heard “The Race.” We’ve all seen the charges that he’s currently being tried on. Yet his star power continues to grow, immensely. If he gets out, he’ll be one of the biggest new faces in the rap world. His small body of work is nothing short of great. He packs a ton of lyrical prowess and panache into each song that he releases and he’s become one of our favorites. 

Notable songs:


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Best of Instagram: Dej Loaf



Best of Instagram: Dej Loaf

There’s something special about Dej Loaf – she’s immensely talented, bitingly original, and extremely attractive. She can rap her ass off wearing a Kangol bucket hat, ripped jeans, and sneakers or turn heads on the red carpet in a Vera Wang dress and matching heels. Versatility is the name of the game. She may not release as much music as fans would like due to her busy schedule, but she keeps the world watching on Instagram where she posts herself doing just about anything. Her 5.2 million followers can attest to the fact that she’s a thrill to watch.

With over 90 posts, sifting through them to find the best could be a daunting task. To save you the trouble, we decided to go through them and pick out the ones that you need to see. Take a seat, grab some popcorn and tune into the Best of Instagram: Dej Loaf. 

Mary J. Loaf

Dej channels her inner Mary J here and does it better than the original. If looking at this picture gave you an urge to go listen to “Real Love,” do yourself a favor and turn on “No Fear” instead.

New York Fashion Week Loaf

Smile DeJa it's Fashion Week! #NYFW

A post shared by DeJ Loaf (@dejloaf) on

Remember the days when she had the shorter hair cut? She looks great with the longer-do. Her jacket’s open enough at the top to have us guessing as to what lies underneath.

Nineteen Eighty Loaf

Is it the filter or the crazy assortment of colors that invokes a nostalgic feeling upon viewing this picture? Could it be the crouch or the confidence that make this photo not just one of Dej Loaf’s best, but one of Hip Hop’s best images of 2017? We’ll let you decide.

Just Loafing Around

Dejember 2.

A post shared by DeJ Loaf (@dejloaf) on

Untethered, unbothered, and unwavering – Dej Loaf in the flesh. She’s even barefoot for people who have a slight foot fetish. It’s a shame this only received Instagram attention – she should have used this for actor headshots.

Enter The Loaftrix

♈️ season means It's my season ✨ #WatchThisShit

A post shared by DeJ Loaf (@dejloaf) on

Look, we know that black is Loaf’s color. Her shirt and shades make her look at home in any of the movies in the Matrix Trilogy. What do you think she’s looking at?

Loaf Me Home

It looks like Dej turned up nicely for her birthday. Her sexy ensemble looks even better compared to the serious look plastered on her face.

Loafness Casual

Get uncomfortable!

A post shared by DeJ Loaf (@dejloaf) on

She wore a suit. She has on a tie. That means she isn’t playing any games. She also looks stunning in it, further making her case for being one of the most beautiful women to come out of Detroit.

Missy Loaf

This picture is clearly in homage to Missy Elliot’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).” With near identical outfits and hairstyles, the two artists resemble each other to a certain extent. The image is tastefully done and she looks amazing doing it.

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